Merry meet fellow bloggers.
I was reading some of my posts and i noticed the diferrence of energy between them. It is no mystery that when we are feeling happy, content and grateful for our lives, we are more creative. I saw that in my own posts. Some of them, even though they were n't long or about important issues, had a certain, distinguishable, positive vibe. While others that i worked harder on and were about things i love(like magic) did n't have that as much. This proved to me something i already knew. Every second of every day we spread into the world energies. The things we touch(literally or not) carry our emotional imprints. This is why we cleanse our crystalls,cards and all our tools in general. Witches can not afford to skip that step with our tools(especially when we have just bought them) and ourselves. The most important of all things in magic is the energy we manage to release into the Universe. Hence we learn to be careful about those who see our Books Of Shadows, we learn to use pure ingredients, we cast circles and protective shields, we cleanse our houses and auras. So, cleansing is crucial!
There are so many different ways of cleansing written in books and in the net. I am going to talk about self cleansing. As anything other in magic, it is about the way you feel. If you like elaborate and complex rituals a simple shower would n't be the way to go. But as we evolve as witches and people we try to leave out our tools, as much as we can . I am not going to lie to you. I need my tools. So there are many times that i can, indeed, make a simple shower into a cleansing ritual, but there are also times i need something more. I have talked in the past about my love for magical baths. Their intent could be many things(sexual magnetism, physical and emotional health, healing, love, letting go etc) but most of the times we use them for cleansing. Salt, rosemary and lavender are helpful with the process. You can light white, grey and silver candles(they represent the Moon). You can burn an incense of rosemary and lavender. Of course, the most usual way of all is meditation. You concentrate on your inner voice, unblock your chakras and visualise. You see your aura getting pure again, brighter, stronger and thicker. I always combine bath and meditation.
Some witches in order to prepare for a ritual starve themselves(either completely or they jut do not eat meat and dairy) and they find this very purifying. Every time i have tried this i found myself lacking of energy and will to cast magic. Others do not have sex, because of the energy exchange, but i, myself, always feel more powerful. Of course, all those things are totally subjective. You have to find out for yourselves what things work for you and what do n't.
Here this post ends, go on and weave your magic! Merry part blogfriends....


The pentagram and some weird information about my sleeping patterns!

Greetings blogland. I am not in my best shape. Lately i sleep early in the morning and i wake up noon. Yesterday i wanted to break that pattern and i tried not to sleep until tonight so i can wake up normal hours. But then the sleepiness got to me around ten am and i slept until five this afternoon. I have messed up my biological clock completely! I can't stop laughing with the whole situation. Since high school i have n't grown up the way people usually do. I do not have that kind of seriousness and organising in my life. The way i approach some things is the way Major Arcana's Fool approaches every situation. I guess if i ever have kids this will have to change and i will not have a choice but to be completely organised. If i don't i can easily picture myself waking up afternoons during my golden years...
Enough about all my craziness. It is time for our witchy stuff. The subject today will be, you guessed it, the pentagram. The pentagram is a represantation of the elements. It is unicursal(written with one movement) which symbolises the connection of the elements and that they are balanced and united. The top point represents the Spirit and the rest respresent Water, Fire, Earth and Air if you see them clockwise. You can invoke an element (start from the opposite side of the star and draw towards the element) or banish an element (start from that element and draw towards the opposite one).
Pentacles are not necessarily pentagrams but can be any kind of charms or talismans. In Tarot pentacles stand for the element of Earth. These days pentacles are usually considered as a pentagram with a circle around it(the circle enhances the sense of unity and balance). A pentagram without a circle is called open.
The pentagram is a very powerful protective symbol and this is the reason many witches, including myself, wear it on their necks(next to their hearts). Usually is used with one point up while the inverted pentagram is abhored as the dark side's symbol. But its inverted form is also used as a second degree initiation symbol in many magical traditions.
You can make pentacle talismans to hang above your door from clay(of course you can also buy them), so no evil can enter your home. You can have one on your altar for protection while in ritual, or inscribed on your BOS and if you are out of the broom closet you can wear it as jewellery.
It is an ancient symbol that many cultures used to represent the divine power, the truth and the heaven, including Sumers, Greeks and it can also be found in Taoism, Judaism and Christianism. Until 19th century christians did n't consider it evil. Up until medievil times it represented Christ and his five wounds on the cross.
. So next time some idiot tries to "save your soul" if you have the courage explain it,but if you do n't, you can always close your eyes and mummble abracatabra a few times and he will run like the wind!
Until next time, be blessed, be strong and be magical.


Casting a circle

Dear bloggers,
I missed you and i hope you feel the same way too. I decided i will do a series of posts about practical magick. A "how to" guide for beginners if you'd like. As you probably understand from the title this one will be about casting a circle.
You might wonder why is it important in a ritual to cast a circle. Well, if you have the slightest experience in the metaphysical world you would have sensed energies both good and bad. We are bombarded every second with them and our auras, energy fields, souls are unprotected. When we are in the middle of a ritual, we are more vulnerable than ever. We concentrate and we function in a mostly subconscious level. On the other hand we invoke the Goddess and God there so we have to make sure the place is "clean"(that is why you use the besom) and safe.
There are many ways to cast a circle, some are more elaborate than others. Some practitioners dance in a circular move deosil(which means clockwise, like the Sun)at least at the Nothern Hemisphere. When it comes to the other half of the world there are some contradictive theories. Some practitioners mark their circle by dragging their athame on the floor three times(again deosil and circular). Some use salt, some rose pedals, herbs etc and some just call the Quarters(East, South,West and North) or light a candle in each Quarter. And last but not least there are those that just visualise(of course in every case you must use visualising the way the circle protects and it is the most important part).
I, myself, have used them all. I have danced, sprinkled roses, used my athame and called the Quarters. But the way i find most effective is bringing my hands in prayer position and when i feel ready open them in a quick motion in a Goddess position and my circle is there. If you do not feel comfortable visualising use the other ways because they help you imagine it.
An other important thing about the circle is that its shape should not be a circle but a sphere all around you sacred place. A protective bubble that can have any thickness, colour and size you want to give it.
Try out the ways and find out which one fits you best. Know that there might be times that you will feel the need your circle to be more obvious and clear. In those cases use the salt(especially if you are using a quija board).This is an ancient practice and a truly powerful one.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Be blessed, be happy and be loved.


Second chances and spell casting

Dear bloggers, i recently realised that as a person i am quite difficult to be understood. Sometimes i am considered as too mellow and others as hard and unforgiving. There is a truth in both of them, i guess. On the one hand i don't judge anyone and i instantly give huge waves of love(i am talking tsunami here) to everyone i encounter. On the other hand when someone continuously tries to hurt me and manages to break my heart, i am done. You see, it is difficult to make me reach that point, but when that line is crossed, i do not give second chances, nor in love, neither in friends and family. I do not believe in second chances, because i do not believe people can change. I forgive when a mistake was made by accident, or by stupidity, but never out of spike. And when that moment comes i am not in pain anymore, because i have already mourned.
I know that some of you will think that i am too unyielding, but whenever i have cut off a person from my life or my emotions there is an excellent reason. It saddens me that one of those people is my own father, but for 18 years i have tried to create a relationship with him and i realised it could n't be done. I am 26 now and getting married as most of you already know and he is trying to patch things up. I can't. Weirdly enough my father was n't who i had in mind while making this post.
On a witchier note, lately i have used the Law of Attraction a lot while spell casting. Which means always writing spells in the present tense and not banishing the negative, but attracting the positive. It is pretty hard because i am not used to doing that, but it is working pretty well. I definitely reccomend it. Especially now that the moon is waxing. I do not know how this will work in the waning period. I will tell you how it goes.
Until then be blessed be happy and live fully.


The Law Of Attraction

Hello blogfriends! Blessed be!
I have a small difficulty to put my train of thoughts in order and into this post, but i will give it a shot. A few moments ago, i felt like i was standing in front of a crossroad and the only desicion i needed to make was one of the way of perception. Perception of life, perception of myself and others. I was just standing there in my kitchen making coffee, alone with one of my cats and my dog, feeling what a key moment in my own history that was.
The law of attraction is something i am betting it is not a novelty for none of those reading this. We bring everything into our lives. We construct our presents and futures as well as we had our pasts. Our thoughts are powerful. They transform our feelings which transform ourselves who transform our lives. But the Law of Attraction does n't stop there. When we focus on the bad, when we stress over things we bring them to us. And when we finally look back and stop accusing our mothers, fathers, daughters, strangers for everything that went wrong in our lives, we are not ready for new beginnnings, we just made one.
So, whoever in the past told you daydreaming is useless, could n't be more wrong. You should visualise the way you want to see your future, while you are having fun in the present. Don't try to get thinner, richer, happier, more beautiful or successful. Be. Right here, right now and this feeling, this confidence is not going to prove you wrong. What you want is happening. Taste, smell, touch, hear, see life. It is yours for the taking.
Brightest blessings blogland! Do n't forget to make your dreams come true!


Magical Saturday.

Brightest blessings blogfriends. The last couple of weeks i rediscovered my passion for blogging.It never felt boring or uninteresting, but the beautiful feeling of excitement you usually have at the beginning returned. I even consider of starting to vlog. I never stopped appreciating the fact that this activity allowed me to express myself, to ground myself, to learn and communicate with wonderful people around the globe, but the warm, fuzzy feeling of butterflies in my stomach is back. I can't pinpoint the reason yet, but i 'll take it for what it is.
It is raining outside my window and yet another time my feelings match the weather. The moon is waxing again and my heart is captured by Her circular dance. I follow Her and let Her fill me. I need Her tonight, i need Her comfort and unconditional love. It is Saturday the darkest of all days, ruled by Saturn, so the best time to work on our Shadows, all we need is a clear mind and a black candle or two. I recently started using black candles and they surprised me in a very positive way. Saturday is a great day also for meditation, change of self, banishing, energy shields etc. I need to calm and heal so i am going to make an incense of frankicense, valerian root, lavender, rosemary, rosepetals and some benzoin gum. I' ll have all of them ground(in a blender i have just for that) separately and then mixed together. I love making incences. I love drying herbs, making candles, writing new spells. I love all the magic in my life. I hope you all love the magic in your lives too.
Have a wonderful night and a great weekend.
P.s how do you make your incenses?


New Year Blessings And Balance Resolution

Greetings to all the blogland! I am sorry i dropped of the face of the Earth like that! I have been crazy busy and on my free time i focused on myself, trying to figure out some things, let some of them go and some of them come. Kinda like spring cleaning but for the soul(i have seen the term in some of your blogs, but it is the first time i actually got it). I hope you all had great holidays and that you rested and recharged during the holiday season.
I have been thinking a lot lately about balance. Balance in your life and in yourself. These days there so many things you have to keep in balance. Work life, personal life, love life. Soul and body. Spirituality and money. I came to the conclusion that prioritising is crucial and that above all it's yourself that has to come first. You have to be emotionally grounded if you even want to try to obtain balance in your life. This is a good start if your goal is to make your life more balanced. The first step is self awareness, because you can not fix something if you do not know it is broken. Do some soul searching and point out the things that bother you. Ask yourself "Am i too stressed and always on edge?" and "Why is that?". Getting rid off the negativity in your life is a great goal by itself, but it is also an important part of reaching the ultimate goal, balance. Because with a clear head you can easily decide the changes you can and have to make.
So, as you can probably understand there is some meditating and grounding in order. Fill your homes with music, fill your bathtubs with hot water, fill your lungs with air and fill your bellies with good and nutricious food. Just by writing about it, i feel so much better.
I have to leave you now, to clean up a little, because my home is a mess right now.
Love and light.