Yule greetings!

I hope you all had a blessed Yule. Right here is wonderful! It is not rainy or too cold, so it feels amazing to fill your lungs with fresh air in the morning. But the nights...Oh, the nights! Little twinkling lights and beautiful decorations are making the city look so glamorous. This is a fun time! But it is the first time i notice that because in the past around Christmas i was usually focused on myself, spiralling inwards towards a truth never captured. Of course i am not completely outgoing, the season still affects me, Midwinter holds my heart hostage, but i am trying hard to let myself reconnect with friends and family.
Since money is kind of tight, i am not buying expensive gifts. I am making gift baskets for everyone. I will fill them with apples and pies and small gifts and decorations of evergreens. I hope people will enjoy them, i will sure enjoy making them. In every basket i am adding a special magical gift either for love or prosperity. I look forward in giving them! I take such great pleasure in making gifts.
But i do not support the obligatory nature of christmas gifts. I prefer giving them when i feel like it, and i totally disagree with the consumerism that drives people into overcharging their credit cards and making their depths ever bigger! Hence, gift baskets filled with things that show love and caring!
How do you feel about Christmas gifts?


Some divinational tools.

Greetings to all my blogfriends. I hope everyone is in tune with the holiday season and that you are having lots of fun. I have n't posted for a while because i was working like a maniac.
But to be honest i had a lot of fun working. I brought out all my cards(tarot cards, gypsy cards,Carl Jung cards, Great Leaders cards...) and it was interesting to see how some cards "click" better with some people than others even though i was always performing the readings. With the Winter Solstice and the blue moon around the corner i think it is a great opportunity to give you a few divinational tools.
I am sure you have all heard of tea leaves readings, but how about coffee readings? You use the same techniques and you need greek coffee or turkish which is basically the same. You drink the coffee while concetrating on the issues that bother you and you leave just a sip or two. On the bottom there will be left some coffee residue. With the liquid left, you twist and shake the cup, so that the mix is united again. Then you turn it over the sink and let it dry for a minute on a paper napkin. Your cup is ready for reading. Concentrate on the images that you see and let them flow in your mind. Take advantage of the power of the Solstice and the blue moon to see what the New Year has instored for you. Also do not forget to charge your crystalls and meditate. These days that are coming are going to be so powerful, that it would be a shame to not take advantage of them.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


Ramblings about the blue moon and my upcoming handfasting!

Greetings blogfriends. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I have been a little off physically, but i guess it is normal for this time of the year. Since December 1st it seems like the great Mother is trying to prove it is really Winter. It is raining all the time and we had many cloudy days.
At the end of the month we are going to have an awesome opportunity. There will be a blue moon(the second full moon of the month) which also falls on the New Year's Eve. Blue Moons hold great power. So we should take advantage of it. We will be able to make our new year's resolutions into goals of rituals. Instead of a plain list we will be spell binding. I am very excited about that.
I might have mentioned before that my asc. sign is Libra which is also Petro's sign. So, astrologically speaking it would be a really bad idea for us to get married now that Saturn is in Libra. But from April 29 until June 5 will be retrogade on Virgo. This is our window of opportunity. I was hoping to marry on Midsummer, but Beltane will do. Lets all hope that the weather will be nice, because it will be an outdoors handfasting.
I was thinking a lot about it. I decided it would be wrong to invite people who will be unsupporting(even if they are our parents). For all of them, there will be our political wedding to go to. I do not want to force my beliefs on people and i definitely do not want to explain things on my wedding day. This means that the guests will be much fewer than originally planned. I know that some people will not like the idea, but i have made my mind.
I would love to hear from you ideas about the ritual, the food and basically anything about handfastings.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


I am under the moon 's spell!

Today the moon is magnificent. She is surrounded by a huge glowing ring, that took my breath away when i saw Her. She is not even full yet and She makes promises of true potential and powerful magic. I was feeling a little down before seeing Her, but now i am excited in the most optimistic of all ways and inspired.
I had a beautiful glass bottle with silver binding i did n't know what to do with it, since August. I knew that when the time was right the ideas would come. I felt i had to use this bottle for myself, but not sure for what reason. I now know that it is for soul healing and cleansing. I was n't sure whether to make a herb potion or an oil potion, but i decided to do the oil one because it lasts longer. Yule is just around the corner and i want to be able to celebrate the arrival of light into the world and our lives again, properly. I want to be able to wear this oil but also annoint candles with it too. I would prefer a jojoba oil base , but i do not have any, so i will be using olive oil. The essential oils i will be using is lavender for cleansing, eucalyptus for healing and rosemary for power. I will add a pintch of a herb mix. I have a ring that has small rose quartz crystalls, that i will break into pieces to put them in too, if i can find it. You see i was going to purchase a bunch of crystalls from Hibiscus Moon, but i have n't been able to convience Petros to go to the bank and put money into our paypal account. I hate those chores and they make me lose half a day's work. But i quess since he is not going i have to.
So, tommorrow i will be celebrating the Esbat by mixing potions and decorationg for Yule. Today i made big paper snowflakes with white glitter for the walls.
Have a great month and a beautiful Esbat.Brightest blessings.


Prosperity spell and intent in magic

Greetings to all my my beautiful blogfriends. So, is Mercury in retrograde? I am asking because my day has been surreal. I 'll just tell you that. I am wearing one lense and it is making me dizzy. But without it i would be helpless.
Anyway, a couple of months ago,on an Esbat, i cast a prosperity spell on Petros. Before all Wiccans out there "jump" me, i 'd like to inform you that he asked for it. So, in the mean time he has closed a bunch of new jobs, and gigs, and a contract with a company. This particular prosperity spell, i have cast it in the past, a million times to other people and to myself of course. Without wanting to sound ungrateful at all, i thank the Goddess every day for my well being and everything She offers me, i have noticed that the spell works better on others.
I always wondered why that happens. But now with Petros 's amazing accomplishments, i gave it some extra thought. We know that in magic intent is everything, and maybe our intent is purer and hence more sacred when we try to help others than ourselves. Again, i want to point out that magic has never failed me. It has even given me a place i can call home, it helped me through the most difficult of times, it provided me with job and it has brought me the love of my life. I know how this sounds, but although i had to fight through pain and confront my greatest fears to accomplish all those things, i would n't have even half of them without magic. But i have to pay attention to what message the divine is sending to me.
The fact that the same spell on others is followed by more extaordinary events than on me, has to mean the intent is crucial and powerful. Also, without wanting to be judgemental on myself, i believe it shows i have to be a little less selfish. But not in the common meaning of the word. Helping others is my call. And although i do that, i have to do that more often. Besides, it makes me feel great(you can't totally extract the ego, can you?And why would you?).
So i want to give you the spell, just a little modified to rhyme in English. Feel free to make changes(you know my English are n't the best).
In this night and in this hour
I ask the Goddess to give me power
to light my way and in my path
to bring prosperity and luck.
Hey, i told you my English suckeds did n't i? For my beautiful greek readers, here is the original.
Αυτή τη νύχτα κι αυτή την ώρα
ζητώ απ'τη Θεά να μ' ακούσει τωρα
με τύχη το δρόμο μου να φωτίσει
και χρήματα πολλά να μου χαρίσει.
I always instead of calling the quarters, i mark them with four candles. In this case, as in any prosperity spell, green, yellow, and gold candles are the way to go. Incense to burn is rosemary,thyme,and chamomile(although it works better in water potions, especially in a bowl with water at the East side of the house on waxing moon). And if you can find candio i told you about(the pink sugary thing made of sugar canes) that really works. I love this insence.
Brightest blessings of luck and prosperity to all of you.


An update and some meditation exercises.

Pfff! I understand that it is just some people's job but for the past hour a woman was trying to convience me that i need a water filter. She was surprised i did n;t want that. But it was "free"(122e to install it and after six months another couple of hundred).And then she could n't believe i did n't have any friends that would like it. She said i should open my cellphone and ideas would come. I tried to be polite but after three quarters of an hour ,i am never getting back, my patience was over.
But was i sure? My mother already agreed to pay it for me. I had to raise my voice to make her stop! I swear that woman-my mother- sometimes is unbelievable. Once she has bought a set of pots, that i am stuck with and they are not convenient at all, for 2000e and she was happy.
This was n't the topic i was going to blog about but i got a little worked up. The last couple of weeks whenever i try to be nice it blows up into my face. What is the universe trying to tell me, that i should n't be polite?(okay now,you know i do not mean that right?)
Anyhoo,i am addicted again to diet coke. Has anybody else noticed that coca cola is more addictive than pepsi max? I am in denial too. I am not that sure that it is bad for me. I am telling you, so that you can bring be back to my senses. So, be ruthless! I have exchanged all my wonderful teas with coffee and coke and i am not sure it s bad. The mind works in mysterious ways. Like the chocolate thing. I am telling myself it is good for me. There are studies that prove it. Of course i eat the monthly ammount the studies are talking about on daily basis. So, it is super good for me! lol
Anyway, after my breakdown last week i came down with a bug. My immune system was n't at its best with me crying every moment of every hour. So i have n't worked at all. First it was psychological, then physical, so now i have to work like crazy to pay my bills. But i really could n't do anything about it. Other times i am just lazy, but this time i was in a really bad shape. Beside all the obstacles, i am feeling much better. I have n't meditated yet, although i really need it, but now i am finally ready.
So, this must be the time for some basic meditational techniques.
First of all, you have to make sure of two things. That you will be comfortable and that noone will interrupt you. Close the lights, put a blanket over your legs(our body temperature falls when we meditate),stay in a comfortable position and then close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Try to use your diaphragm. Let you thoughts come but do not pay attention to them. Then start focusing on body parts(you might feel them tingling). Begin from your toes and slowly work your way up to your third eye. A great exercise to help you descend the levels of consciousness is to visualise a ladder of some sort(or a beautiful and elegant staircase if you prefer) and climb down stair after stair until you reach the bottom. I always count seven stairs, but if you feel you need more, count more. When you are at the last step, jump to the floor. Whether the leap is big or small you will not feel fear or pain. Now you have reached a big hall with doors. Open the first one. In my first door there is a dragon. In the second door there is a magical natural place. Visualise what you want. Maybe you want to talk to a totem animal, maybe to a spirit quide. When you are done, get out, close the door behind you and climb up the same amount of stairs you counted at the beginning. Before you open your eyes give yourself a treat. Say positive affirmations that you need to hear. "I am beautiful. I love myself. I have everything i need." Then visualise yourself the way you want to be. Whenever you are ready take a deep breath and open your eyes.
Insences that help are jasmin,rosemary,cinnamon. A tea of valerian root right before your meditation would help also. You can burn white, silver and purple candles. And clear quartz and amethyst are the crystalls to use.
Brightest blessings, love and light to everyone.


Do you work on your prayers?

Good afternoon. Thank you so much for your comments, support, and wonderful energies. I am much better now. Much more positive, but still constantly thinking and trying to work things out. I am ready to use magic again, this time to heal. The moon is waxing and the stronger it gets the more powerful i feel.
Aromatherapy can work wonders so i am going to "dress" some candles with eucalyptus essential oil and burn them. I will be drinking herbal teas of lemon verbena and camomile because i really need to relax and i will smudge the negativity off with rosemary. All this time i felt the presence of the Lady right next to me, caressing me, holding me, giving me strenth and leading me to light with Her wisdom. This made me realise that i have so many spells ready for use, recipes for potions and incenses but i do not pray. Well i do but my prayers are more like heart felt conversations with the divine rather than actual prayers. So i am working on my prayers. Those of you new at the blog might think i am a complete lune, but that is okay. You learn to love me, even though i 'm crazy. Praying is a beautiful way of meditating while acknowledging, respecting and asking for quidance from the divine. And i believe we should make it as beautiful as possible. My friend Greenwheel from greenwitchways.blogspot.com gave me a couple of truly beautiful prayers that spoke directly to my soul. If you have n't yet visited her blog go right now, you are going to love it. I am leaving you now to prepare for work and make myself presentable,if possible(right now i look like a drug addict and there are n't any words for my hair).
Have a beautiful day and night wherever you are, be blessed and love as much as possible.


Do wounds close?

I have written and erased this post a million times. It comes out wrong. I am trying to make it seem less pesimistic but it is n't real. This is n't where i stand. It has to match my tears on my cheeks. Life is n't just our grand moments and some grand moments are n't actually happy. Saddness quides towards healing. This is why the last four days i have n't tried to pick myself up. I have to get through this. I do not need to protect myself from the pain anymore. And although i am tired of crying ,even physically, i am proud about the way i handle it. I could fake a smile, i could put up pretences, i could even convience myself i am ok.
There are some things i can't share with anyone in my life. Some things that it is easier to just keep silent. Maybe this is wrong. Maybe i misjudge the people close to me and i underestimate their level of understanding. But i know love is n't enough some times. Love is n't enough many times. Even in relationships, you can see life pertners, married couples loving and caring and still not able to "get" each other. I am not trying to make excuses for not opening up to the people in my life. But this is one leap of faith i am not ready to make. This way i risk missing out on the ultimate bonding and healing, but otherwise i risk losing someone while leaving myself completely naked. It is much easier to be the one always helping, the strong one.
Four days ago i showed love and kindness to a complete stranger and recieved back hatred. I know that these kinds of people are n't worth bothering. But this lady made me realise it only takes a couple of words to return to the pain of the past, a past i thought i conquered. Other times i would move past it, ignore my overwhelming feelings and not cry for four days straight. But now i am not hiding from my shadows. I embrasse them along with the pain they cause. Even though i am more vulnerable to some ugly memories this way, i keep doing it.
Wounds close, it just takes proper care. So, i just have to find the way. If you do n't mind send healing thoughts this way. They are needed and highly appreciated.
Brightest blessings.


I hate hospitals!

Greetings to all you beautiful blogfriends. I can not believe that my followers are now 101. Welcome friends, i hope you will have a great time over here.
Today it has been a very intense day. First of all i went to visit my mom to the hospital and we found out she is perfectly fine besides her recent discomfort. I only stayed with her for four hours but it seemed like a week! I hate hospitals. Okay i know that everybody hates hospitals but i really hate them. I once did n't fix a broken toe because of these emotions.
As you all know i am a psychic and amongst psychics it is very common to dislike hospitals and clinics. Those places are filled with pain(not to mention death), stress and fear. I can feel it even when i am passing by a hospital. This is why i deeply respect nurses, doctors and hospital staff. They deal with those energies every single day. Whenever i have to visit someone in a hospital i buy huge,beautiful bouqeuts that i keep close to me for as long as i stay there and i focus on them. Despite my best efforts to stay positive and ground myself, i am a wreck. I have a headache and i feel like someone has drained my life force out of me. But i am here, with my love and everything will be okay once i get some food in me. I have n't really taken care of myself today.
I am going now to stay by the fire and recharge. Brightest blessings with love and light to all of you.


I have to admit that there are times i am afraid you are getting tired of my blogging about spirituality. But today i had a wonderful time reading your blogs about the divine, the ways of the Goddess and love. And i understood that no matter how much we think about those things, no matter how much we talk about them, and although they are ancient they never get old. Because they are not just random topics, things we chit chat about. This is not just an attempt to spend our time. This is our way to understand those things that are meant only to be felt. This is a way to embrasse the divine and squizze it into our every day life.
I recently read(in another great blog) that most withes do not live in the forests, isolated, stirring potions in huge caulrons anymore. Most witches live in big or small cities, trying to deal with traffic jams and tax rates. Most witches try to touch the divine while dealing with a flawed society that worships the meaningless and laughs at the meaningful. Unfortunately this is true. It is true for me and if you are reading this, it is true for you also.
Is it wrong to have a quick ritual in the living room before picking up groceries? Being Wiccan should be close to being Amish? Is it that our times are just not spiritual friendly? Are we doomed?
I believe not. Everything is a matter of perception. There are people that in the calmness of pure nature feel lonesome and the lack of the divine. They look upon the stars and fear that there is nothing out there. And there are also people who feel their homes are sacred places, their own individual temples. I am not saying that it does n't take a lot of work. Staying positive always does. But when you become able to transform your apartment into a huge pendant that wards off negativity, happiness is yours for the taking. It is a matter of half full-half empty glass. You either choose to focus on what you do n't have or see the abundance into your life.
Now i am not saying that there is n't a picture stuck into my head from the Mists of Avalon,where a young girl is raising her hands in a wooden boat in the middle of a foggy and peaceful lake. I want to be that girl and feel the connection with the Great Mother in a beautiful place like this. And i will try it many times. I will enjoy my time between the trees, the birds and the ancient Gods. But i will also enjoy the great pleasures of our times, wireless internet connection, hot coffee and blow dryers!
And at this point i have a confession to make. Last week i made rose petal powder using a blender. And it was great. Although there is something deeply magical with a wooden hand press.
Brightest blessings to all.



Greetings to all the blogland! The pc is back so i can finally blog again. I know it has n't been that long since the last time i posted but i really felt lonely without reading your blogs! You have become a big part of my life and i feel very lucky to have you guys. At this point i want to welcome all my new readers and followers. Thank you for your nice words, i am glad that i can share my thoughts with all of you.
Two days ago was mine and Petros 's 6th anniversary and we went shopping instead of buying each other presents or going out. We bought a new tv furniture, and a new chair for my office along with many mainly useless things but we had a lot of fun and that is what matters! I made a blessing bottle(like the ones i wrote about in a previous post) for the both of us for protection. Instead of sea salt i used sugar because this bottle was about love, and it also had layers of rose petals powder, cardamum seeds and rosemary. The piece of paper that i put in the bottle asked the Goddess for protection of our love, abundance and lust(you can't have too much of it can you?). I read it to Petros and he liked the spell a lot. Before i put the cork on the bottle to seal it, i dropped inside sandalwood essential oil(which is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love). So i think the bottle was very harmonic and in tune with the loving vibes i wanted it to bless us with.
Tommorow begins a new week that seems like it is going to be pretty hectic, full of mundane chores, dentist appointments and a visit to my school that i have ignored for a long time. I hope i will find a way to not just have spiritual breaks of self awareness but make every moment more spiritual. I will tell you how it goes.
I have to make a sad announcement at this point. Charmed spin off is not going to air. They were just rumours and my wishful thinking fell for them. So i took down the post. I am sorry i have misinformed you. To make it up to you i found a charmed spin off site that you can read. The url is www.lexicharmed.proboards.com (lame me, still can't insert a link!). I think you will find it pretty satisfying!
Although i thought i d hate it, i ended up loving the new tv series "eastwick". And i also found out that the vampire diaries have enough magic in them to satisfy my needs. If you have n't yet watched them give them a shot!
Now i have to leave you to go to my bff's birthday party! She is the last of us to turn twenty five! We grow up so fast. I would like to pause for a while! It feels like everything is spinning(no, i haven't started drinking on my own!). It feels like we all dance in the ways of the spiral and back out, only to end up where we first started(i swear i am not smoking anything illegal!).
Brightest blessings to all. Have a wonderful week and a great Monday tomorrow. Let your life be as magical as possible!


Magical rose petals are not a reason for immediate hospitalisation!

Magical rose pedals are the first magical thing i ever made. I was alone in my home, so my mother's magical cabinet was mine to break into. I found rose petals, essential oils, red candles and plenty other amazing things. Amongst them there was also an ingredient that is used a lot in our family's magical recipes. It is called candio and is made of sugar cane. It is pink and smells wonderful. When burnt, it releases thick white fumes. So i started mixing things and burning things and suddenly i came up with the idea of making instant incenses that i could carry around. You see at that age i was n't aloud to use magic unsupervised, so when i wanted to cast a spell i went out! I mixed rosemary needles and candio with white musk oil. I dropped the rose petals in hot wax and before they became solid i run them through the candio mix. Then i let each rose petal dry separately so they do not stick together.
As years went by i made the wax petals a lot. Some times as charms, some times as amulets and others as incense. I used different oils, different herbs, different colours of wax but the basic ingredients stayed the same: wax, rose petals, candio.
Today i was sorting some things out and i found some burnt down gold candles that i had left out since Mabon. I melted them in a pot and thought it would be great to make some wax petals for money. I used the money dust i made during the full moon, candio and red glitter(gold would be better but i was out). I made a whole bunch of them and used them as decorations around some candles and oranges. I will burn them when the time is right after the new moon.
When i was making them it felt good. It felt natural. I was happy. Shadow, who has turned into a great familiar that enjoys everything magical(just like me), was purring into my lap. Not even the pain of my burnt fingertips spoiled the fun. I was glowing with glitter all over, my hair had wax on them but i was full of absolute contentment and satisfaction.
Later this afternoon a friend came over and she tried to explain to me that my life has become too metaphysical and that i did n't spend much time to the physical world. Of course she was saying it as a bad thing, she is a therapist and very worried about me. But it did n't sound to me that bad. I feel i am where i belong. I prefer having a tarot reading in my home or a walk in the woods rather than drinking coffee in a noisy place full of strangers, So what? Every now and then i will go to the local cafe to see my friends. But i will do it, because i want to hang out with them, not because i like the place. There is nothing wrong with it. It is quieter than the usual coffee places and it has lovely decorations and a wide variety of herbal teas. But there are things i enjoy more. Like making wax petals... My friends do not get it. Petros is amused by the ways i enjoy myself, but he does n't get it either(today he kissed me and said ohh like i was a toddler playing with clay, when he saw how happy i was with my pot of wax). But i bet you get it. Do n't you? Do n't you think magic brightens our lives in ways that are often beyond the conceptions of non practitoners? Has n't Wicca(or paganism in general) brought joy in various occasions in your life, that other people don't get?
In any case, have a marvelous Saturday and a beautiful Sunday! Brightest blessings to all the blog world!


I am back!

Greetings to all the blogland! How is everybody? I missed you. Due to technical difficulties and lack of internet connection i missed your blogs the last couple of days. Since i am following a loooot of blogs and most of you are very busy bees it will take me some time to catch up, but i am on a mission. I will read them all!
Just a quick update on my life, my cell phone is down(broken,can't be fixed), P bought a new battery for my car but it was n't the right one and then lost the reciept(!), as i mentioned already the internet was also down, so it is safe to say that the demon of technology is screwing with me. I shall conquer him!
No, i have n't lost it...yet! Although i am getting closer by the moment as all those minor disasters are pilling up. But, to be honest, despite everything, i am not overwhelmed by the problems of the mundane, everyday life. Since we are healthy and happy and loved nothing else matters. I know it is just a fase and that i have n't grown up that much, but i 'll take what i get! If for a brief moment a get to be care free and relaxed then so be it. Even my money problems do not seem to affect me! It will sort itself out, like it always does and now i get to be more aware of my financial situation and responsibilities. I know i have to work harder and make my job my first priority, if i want to be care-free and not care-less!
Lately i have been spending lots of time with my beautiful pets. Shadow is growing up really fast. If he keeps up at this pace in the next four months i will have to feed him with live chicken! Sorry for the visual!
The last week the weather was very cold and the wind was actually screaming winter, but today we were blessed with a beautiful day, full of light. The sun was invigorating and gave me a sense of strenth and spiritual power. We are are heading towards Yule and the Great Mother is preparing Herself for the process of death and rebirth. And in the mean time she is generously showing to us Her beauty.
I hope you will have the opportunity to take a long walk and see for yourselves.
Be blessed.


Happy Samhain!

Blessed All Hallow 's Eve to all the blogland. It is finally here, the most sacred of all days. Time for us to remember and honour the past, so we can embrasse it and move on. And is also time for us to throw in our bonfires our sumbolic obstacles to happiness and free ourselves. Have fun today and let the magick fill your hearts.



Greetings to all the blogland.
As the nights grow longer, this is the time of the year we all enjoy sleep more than usual. I love everything about sleep.
I love the bed, the sheets, the covers, layers and layers of them, the fluffy pillows. I love warming my feet on P. and hugging him in the brief moments i wake up during the night. I love our bodies searching one another as pieces of a puzzle. I love all three of our pets on the bed, laying on our feet, leaving us no room to move. I love looking outside my window the yellow lights on the street, especially on a rainy night, before i close my eyes. I love looking at the big pine tree outside my window, especially on a foggy day, when i wake up. I love my dream catcher above my head rescuing me from the evil nightmares, but allowing all the beautiful dreams to fall through the feathers. And of course i love staying in bed as late as i want.
I believe we have great power in our sleeping state. Except for the obvious relaxation and recharging, we embrasse our unconscious and solve problems without even being aware of it. We work through our issues and heal. We travel between the worlds and around them. We have visits from spirits that once loved us. We are warned of dangers of the future so we can prepare ourselves. We are free of moral,social and physical constrains.
So it is only natural that i like every possible spell and ritual that has to do with sleep. I have done them all. Dream pillows, dream potions, love crystalls, sleep insences. But today i am just going to give you a herbal sleep remedy in case you suffer from insomnia or you just want to relax. For a cup of tea, you will just need one teaspoon valerian root, one teaspoon chamomile and one teaspoon of honey. If you like milk in your tea feel free to add some because it also helps induce sleep. If you drink this around half an hour before bed time you will enjoy a better and deeper sleep. Valerian root especially can provide you with vivid dreams, help with anxiety and -thankfully for me- menstrual cramps also.
So have a nice sleep dear bloggers because Halloween is only a breath away and we will need all our strength to celebrate.
Blessings and nighty night.


I won!

So today i am having a bit of trouble dealing with menstrual cramps and this day would normally suck but i won a giveaway at MrsB! I could not believe it! It was the first i ever participated! I am so lucky and i am extremely excited! The price i won is a blog makeover by Tara. You should go and check out the cool designs at http://blogmakeoversbytara.blogspot.com/
As usual you have to copy paste the url because i am so lame and i can not insert a link! But trust me it is worth the trouble.
Today when i woke up the first thing i did was to check out if i won! I knew it was a bit far fetched since so many people have participated but i felt lucky and i was! I want to thank both MrsB and Tara for this. You guys made my day! I am not wallowing in self pity anymore. Okay maybe i am a little but i would be a lot worse without you! I only say i am in pain every half an hour instead of constantly repeating it in a high pitched voice!
So fellow bloggers, prepare yourselves because i will own from now on, a very fancy and cute blog that i will be bragging about in a very irritating way!
On a witcy note, yesterday i casted a money spell although it was a Tuesday, not a very good day for prosperity spells, but i was desperate. Lately i had to pay some bills, which was normal and expected. But car troubles came up which also cost. Then my tooth is aching and it is time for a dentist appointment. And as you know i have some gynaecological issues to check out and i do not have insurance. It is also time for my pets annual vaccination. And the list is never ending. All those things are normal but they all came up spontaneously and now i am sort of broke! I am proud of myself for not freaking out. In the past in a similar situation i would have panic attacks and be afraid of jail time.
I know that all these things happen for a reason. Valuable lessons are to be taught(i have to manage my financial state in a better way and anticipate things like that, be prepared and maybe save some money?). Of course now that Saturn has moved on from Virgo to Libra we should all expect better days economically speaking. Virgo as an earth sign is all about organising and handling money(it is no coincidence that we lived a world wide economic crisis when Saturn was in Virgo). Now financially we are going to be a lot better but our love lives might go through a rough patch(since Libra is the sign of relationships and soulmates).
I have to leave you now, because my electrical warmer on my belly is making me sleepy. But i promise to be back soon before Halloween.
Blessed be.


Wicca and Samhein

Greetings to all the blogland!
I hope everyone is doing well and preparing for Samhein that is only a week away. Samhein is the witch's New Year so it is resolutions time. I love Wicca because it allows us to incorporate modern traditions to our practices and to marry the new with the old. Which brings up the ultimate question. Is Wicca new or old?
Many Wiccans out there are trying to prove and make arguements about the antiquity of our religion, as if the integrity of their spititual beliefs depends on it. I am not one of them. I believe Wicca is as new as it is old. It unites ancient traditions and beliefs from all over the world with new ones. That does not make it less valuable, it makes it more. Scientific discoveries,techological achievements alter our way of life and the basis of our thinking. But we still appreciate meditating and praying(actually now we have scientific proof that it has many health benefits). Our religion walks side by side with our times. It grows as we grow.
It is only natural that we combine different practices in this world of infinite information. I believe Wiccans are eclectic in their core even if they are not eclectic pagans. We choose things that feel right and that does not mean we "do only the easy stuff" as many accuse us of. Which makes no sense because Wicca is a religion based on freedom of spirit and not on restrain. We are not believing because of quilt or because of the fear of damnation. We believe out of love and out of the desire to move into higher spiritual realms. We do not hide from the darkness while searching for light. We embrasse it. At least we try to. We are not perfect but we believe in perfect love and perfect trust.
The fact that Samhein is arriving in seven days just reminds me of how fast this year went by and how small and valuable our lives are. Samhein is the time to honour the past and the loved ones that have crossed over. The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest which makes it perfect time for getting in touch with the spiritual realm. It is time to bring out our quija boards and to cast invocation spells. This is the time when our altars may carry the photos of our deceased as well as black, white and grey candles and a plate of food for the spirits of those who will visit us in this magickal night.
Our altars will be different. Some of them will be simple, some of them will be more elaborate but they will all have something in common. They will be blessed with love, memories and hopes for the future. And as we teach our future generations of honouring the past we embrasse our humanity. Samhein is the night when we celebrate death as a part of life.
I will love to hear of all your preparations, special foods and oils, candles and incenses,rituals or walks to the park, meditation and prays.
Be blessed, be well and have a wonderful weekend.


Psychic's ramble!

Being special like every other thing has two sides. One that makes you feel good and one that scares you and causes you pain.
Growing up as a psychic in a family of psychics was fun. I remember small things like buying a hotdog becoming extraordinary with a vision that made me see exactly how much it would cost. Or after a break in school going to a math class and knowing that we are going to have a test. I told my best friend we are going to have a test and she said"no way, we had one last week". I told her that our math teacher will first teach us the next chapter and then test us on the previous one. And she did n't believe mostly because it was crazy. Apptitude tests come before teaching a new subject so this was making no sense. As the rest of the class listened to the teacher i was studying the previous chapter. And then suddenly he says :"Take out a piece of paper". My best friend looked at me with her eyes wide open. She kept asking how did i know. So that was fun. Acing that test was also fun. I felt unique and talented and proud. Once i saved my family from a fire and that felt also nice and relieving of course.
Then my teens came along and i could practice it every now and then in my mom's office. My accurate readings and the reactions of the clients made me feel like a star. Vanity comes with youth. I saw difficult things like sicknesses and death and i had no problem saying those things. It was a piece of cake. It was n't my fault those bad things would happen. I learned that very early.

People seem to remember a cute little girl in her pj's with a doll under her arm, suddenly saying weird, intimate things that were going to happen. One lady said:"it was so scary". Meaning, i was so scary.

I saw things i could n't understand, like death. How was i to know that those bad things would not happen to my mom and dad. And how was i supposed to know that i was n't causing those bad things. I said so and it happened. Would n't that make me bad? So night terrors came along. My mom had a hard time explaining to me what i was going through. Why i knew things about people i had never met. And everything calmed down a bit.

Then my mom and i played games like "what is this man thinking about"? and "do not try to think it. Feel it". "No logic just feelings". Card readings,tea leaves, hypnosis and magick. But of course all should be kept quiet. No one could ever know. It was a secret. Which was confusing. If it was n't something bad why could n't i talk about it with my friends.

The response was the same every time. Other people will not understand. Other people are not like us. So, all these explain the arrogance of my teen years. I was special.
If someone asked for a reading, they should be prepared. It was n't my fault if anything bad would appear. Everything was clear. Everything made sense. What i did made sense.

Then i moved out. I had my own practice now. And i knew what i was doing. I would just have to keep doing what i did. But then person, after person came.. They were n't strangers anymore. And what i said matter. But most of the times i had to convience that i was for real and that i was not a crook. Then i had to explain that my job was n't to sooth people's minds or tell them what they want to hear.The beauty is still there but sometimes i get so caught up doing those two things that it frustrates me.

I guess now it is more real. I am attached to people and care about them and what is going to happen to them. I just have to accept that it is human nature to not want to hear the "bad stuff". But it would be nice for once to feel like i am indestuctible again. Feeling makes you vulnerable. My old self would say weak. But strenght comes from feeling not the lack of it. I should keep that in mind.

So this was pretty much my life story. I hope i did n't bore you. Be Blessed, be happy and love.


What is wrong with the world?

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are and when you are reading this. I am sorry yesterday i messed up with the comments while changing the template. I am much better now, able to enjoy the beautiful Sunday. This day is megnificent. I should be out breathing in some sunlight but i have an appointment in half an hour. My usual problem with my period is back, so i feel a lack of energy since this time is lasting more than two weeks and keeps going. I know i have to check it out in a medical way and fix it, but i can not deny that there is something spiritual behind it.
Our period is the core of our womanhood, even the severity of premenstrual syndrome is sometimes a warning bell. It means it is time to ask ourselves "am i taking good care of myself?", "Do i supress my female side?". Most of us have to, so we can stay on top of things. And most of us are made to because we are bombarded with insane, unnatural information of the way we should be and we should act.
Yesterday i watched an episode of "Who 's the most smartest top model". They had a challenge. If the model answered a question wrong he or she had to eat something with a lot of calories like a piece of chocolate cake or a twinkie. The reactions of the models were similar with the guys in Fear Factor when they had to eat worms or scorpions. They were gagging. A girl denied to do it. Another one kept saying it is too sweet. And a guy afterwards said he was feeling lightheaded and nautious. I swear! After a piece of chocolate cake (that looked yammy by the way). One of the guys there, had a bit of a belly(meaning he was n't as skinny as the others) and he cried! For Pit's shake it is a cake!!! One girl was told she is too thin and she worries the judges and she seemed as thin(as ready to collapse) to me as the rest of them!
We all know that the Media do not promote a healthy body image, but when a piece of cake raises similar reactions with worms, i think there is a bigger problem there. Anorexia and bulimia are tearing apart the youth of the world and every single one of us gets scared in the process. Even if we put logic first, and analyse it as a social phenomenon we are still affected. Those images are being imprinted in our subconscious. I had a weird dream-nightmare that i had to eat a candy last night for the love of Goddess.
With food we nurture ourselves. We learn food is bad. We learn to hate ourselves for needing it. As simple as that. The economy is fueled by low self estim. Pharmaceutical companies, weight loss centers, gyms it is a list never ending. They benefit from this while we lose ourselves, our identities until we are all made to look alike. There is no room for being different. And in the meanwhile the western civilisation grows fatter and fatter. The guilt and shame force us to overeat. The controversies become stronger and more obvious. People do not feel fit enough to go to the gym or to order healthy food as if they are judged!
Men go through that too but women are more affected by this situation.
Feel good in your skin. Love yourself the way you are.


I am sad!As simple as that.

Today i am trying to stay on top of things. Not freaking out is a major task along with not hyperventilating! My dad did some tests and he has some serious kindey problems. His kidneys are failing and there is not a medicine for reversing that. He is also diabetic and has heart problems. So to help the kidneys they are cutting him off his heart medication. Right now i am searching the web for herbs that could help out. I know everything is going to be okay. And everything happens for a reason. But i am still sad and worried.
This is not the day i thought i was waking up into. I thought i had the day for myself. I have a massage scheduled and i was going to meditate, drink herbal teas and detox. Maybe hit the gym. And in a split second everything changed. My dad is sick. He is really sick. How do you cope with that? And why in Goddess's name i feel guilty for crying? Earlier in the phone i was trying to sound cheeper(it was kinda scary!). It is okay to be sad. It is okay to be scared. I do not want it to be true but it is. It is not a matter of perception. Which ever way i choose to see it he is still sick.
If you know any herbs that could help please tell me.
Love and blessings to all.


100th post

Today it has been raining all morning. Since i did n't have to work until three pm i could sleep as late as i wanted. So around 9 am i decided to sleep some more and finally woke up at 12 o' clock. It was still raining and i spent some time in bed watching the rain through the window and listening to the sounds of the storm. Beautiful feelings. Now almost three hours later, the sun is out and the street, the leaves, the trees, everything is glowing under the light. Everything is more beautiful after the rain.
This is my centennial post. When i started blogging i never thought it would come that far. And now with a coffee on my hand(one of those that have more calories than your lunch and smell like hazelnut) i feel like celebrating. I am so thankful for blogging. I really am. Although i do not hide my spiritual practices in real life and i am definitely out of the broom closet i do not have people around i can share experiences, thoughts and feelings.
A new moon is coming this Sunday, so it is time to get rid off some unwanted energies and cleanse our homes from negativity. So you could use the salt water potion i posted or smudge the house around. Of course most of you know that you begin at the East and end North so you can cast a protective circle, but i just mention it anyway. The most usual smudges are sage and rosemary. But these are n't the only herbs you can makes smudges of. You can use lavender for serenity and peace if there have been fights lately in your family. You can use eucalyptus for healing physical or emotional wounds or damiana that induces euphoria(it is said that it has a similar but milder effect with cannabis if smoked) and is also an afrodisiac as a tea. You can use lemon verbena smudges for health, beauty and lust, which is a great herb. The tea of lemon verbena helps you release the toxins and helps you to manage your weight by enhancing and stimulating your metabolism. I had drunk a cup a day for a week and i went down half a size without changing anything in my diet(although i should!). Plus it tastes great! I will start drinking it again. Other herbs that help with weight loss are flaxseed and anise.
I am considering of writing the physical information of herbs and plants in my BOS as well as their magickal attributes. Sometimes the natural and magickal attributes of a plant are alike. This happens in the case of eucalyptus. Breathing the steams of eucalyptus helps with asthma and colds. In magick eucalyptus has healing powers.
I think i have collected all the herbs i need for the section in my Book so i should begin writing them down.
Blessings to all...


A bit of happy rambling and a protection spell

This is an extremely peculiar time for me, peculiar but in a good way. I realised yesterday that some of my darkest thoughts no longer dwel in my consciousness. Some of my greatest fears seem to no longer affect me. And although the pain of the past is not to be forgotten so this tiny victory is not to be misinterpreted or ignored.
There were times that i thought i could n't make it, that i was neither strong nor patient enough to prevail. I am so thankful for the magick in my life,for those who love me and whom i love, for the Goddess and those who guided me through what seemed as an endless night. I know the fight is not over yet. There are still obstacles ahead. But now i know i can do it. Now i can have faith again, faith to myself and to my future.
Tears are burning my eyes. Happy tears, tears of relief. All these overwhelming emotions are welcome. Such power those emotions have, that i feel i should put it in good use. As a thank you to all my wonderful readers and followers here goes one of my favourite protection spells for the home. You will only need a glass, a spoon, water and some salt.
Mix the water and the salt in the glass until the water seems clear.
Go to the room in the East side of your home and say this chant over the glass.
Water and Earth wherever you are,
no curse could ever be held,
in the home where i reside,
i have the Goddess(or God) 's blessings
Νερο και χωμα οπου βρεθει
καμια καταρα δεν κρατα,
στο σπιτι οπου ζω εγω
εχω την ευλογια απο τη Θεα.
Make sure to cast the spell in every single room of your house as you move clockwise. When you are finished a proctective circle is casted. Leave the glass outside, either to a balcony, or to your garden, but hide it from the evil eye. It is not to be seen by anyone but your family. It will protect your home for as long as there is water in the glass. When it is gone you can do it again. Works better on a New or a Full moon.
Be blessed and love yourselves for who you are.


Book of Shadows and herbs.

Merry meet to all the ladies and lords of Blogland. Today i am in a much better physical shape. I can walk. I do n't cough so much anymore, i do not feel tired all the time, but the best thing of all is i sang today. My voice was gone for so long and i missed it so bad. I sang two arias, not very good, but still i can sing again. I do not think i appreciate my voice enough. It brings me so much pleasure, it alters my state of consciousness, it helps me cope when i have to and it relaxes me.I have to remember that, and cherish it.
On a more witchy kind of note, there is something i have been postponing for way too long, writing down on my BOS the most important herbs in my craft. I have been avoiding it mostly because it is time consuming but also because i am afraid i will forget something.I will not keep them in an alphabetical order so i can work on this "chapter" for a while and add whatever i want to in the process.
Although, i strongly believe in having real books as BOS, it is difficult to add or change something on them. But they worth it. Every time i see my BOS i feel a rush of power, just like my box of ashes. The rest of my tools are n't as important. My athame, my bell they can all be replaced. But my BOS and my box of ashes are staying in the family, hopefully long after i am gone! So i have to do it properly without mistakes. Of course, the book is growing as i am growing but i still feel i should be really careful. Have you written down your most important herbs and their correspondences on your BOS? Have you categorised them?



Since i am the non smoker of the family, everybody seem to take from me my lighters(steal is kinda harsh word hah?) and i can not have my ritual. This is the second time this week.For the love of Goddess, what 's a girl to do? Bang rocks together? It is a shame too, because i have picked up like a million pine needles to burn!
By the way we have a new government. Lets hope to some big changes in every single thing, and less corruption. Crossed fingers for this wish!
I sprung my ankle. You can say this is not my week! I knew that my box of ashes on the floor was a bad omen! In our whole garden there is a teeny tiny hole and of course, i stepped into it! If I was n't in pain i would kick myself in the a..! How clumplsy can a person be?
Petros has my lighter-s and i can not have my ritual(i wish i have figured it out before decorating the whole frigging living room with a limp!). So instead i will write my wish on a leaf and let it fly to the wind, because by the time he is back i will be sleeping! Do you have any idea of how i could celebrate without fire? I have done the leaf spell in the past and it was beautiful, but still, there were candles burning. I can not operate ike that people! Woooo! I am pissed off! Inhaling happy thoughts exhaling negativity, anger, frustration, need to swear, need to yell. Oh the list is big.
Happy Esbat to all of you who have a lighter around!

The Esbat and some protection tools..

Good morning. Happy Esbat to all. I hope that we will all have tonight the opportunity to celebrate and admire Her beauty. Here we have elections and the whole country is hoping for better days to come. I am optimistic. The election day falls on a full moon. It must mean something.
Today i woke up with a horrible headache. Aspirin's effect has n't kicked in yet. So celebrating will start as soon as i stop seeing dots. I am probably not doing the best possible thing by "inhaling" coffee since i woke up, but i can't help it, i need my coffee. Maybe on the new moon i will wish for the end of this addiction, but screw it! It is too good!
As i already told you we have elections here. What i have n't told you is that because i keep postponing to bring my papers closer to home i have to do a road trip today. I am trying so hard to see the bright side here, but the roads today will be crazy full and traffic jams with headaches don't mix very well. Although, i have n't left the house since i came down with the cold, so hopefully i will have a good time.
The weirdest thing has happened yesterday. When i walked into my office i saw my box of ashes lying on the floor face down. It creeped me out since my fur babies did not have access to it(door was closed) and even if they did they could not reach it(my altar is a shelf on my bookcase, and the box was behind the other items, but the only thing down on the floor was the box.If up there, which is pretty hard, he would have to drop everything else first) . I am trying to find a reasonable explanation, but i can't. No matter what happened my family heritage on the floor could not be a good sign. So although tonight i was planning for a prosperity spell, i will dedicate my ritual to protection. For incense i will use rosemary, thyme and sage. Instead of gold candles that i was originally going to use, i will burn red ones. And a great spell that translates something like
We are light, our love is stronger than you, you can not hurt us, darkness go away from our home, not even shadows can live here.
For those of you who can read greek here it is:
"Ειμαστε φως
ΕΙμαστε πολυ δυνατοι για εσενα
Δεν εχεις πως
να μας κανεις κακο κανενα
Γυρνα πισω αναμεσα στις σκιες που ανηκεις
Εδω ειναι αγαπη δεν εχεις ελπιδα νικης"
In greek sounds so much better. For starters it rhymes.
Anyhooo, if you want to protect your home the best tools are rosemary and sage for smudges or incense. Plant common rue in a pot and keep it on a balcony of your home. It drains all the negative energy from a house and the intense smell is supposed to keep away malevolant spirits. On the other hand, bay leaves are great for protection, but also enhances the power of your other herbs, like mandric root does. Mandric root and ginger make great protection potions if you boil them with water. But do not ever drink it, cause mandric root is toxic! Just keep it in a small bottle on a window, or bury it in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one. Last but not least red candles are very powerful, but they are ruled by Mars, so be extra careful what you wish for. If you have not mastered yet your visualising skills prefer white candles.
Have a blessed Esbat.


Still down..

Greetings to all the blogoworld. I am still sick but i have my voice back and i do not sound anymore like i recently had a sex change operation. Fever is down, i breathe through my nose(yeeiih)and the antibiotics seem to be working just fine. But i hate missing out on Autumn especially because the weather this week has been great. I feel the forests inviting me to walk them. But i can't! I am stuck here. So i tried crafting again. I cut paper(lots of it) into leaves and i painted some of them in a soft golden brown colour and some of them in a soft red colour. Then i scotchtaped them to a light pink wall in the living room. Originally i wanted to put them on the wall above the fireplace but it is painted in a dark colour and they did not look good.
Until recently i only thought seasonal decorating is something you do before Christmas but i have been following jaz 's blog for a while, and well, she inspired me..a lot. I love the way my house is changing like the season does. Petros says if i keep on doing it, that it will end up looking like a cafe. But what is wrong with that?
Anyway, an Esbat is arriving. I plan on celebrating Her beauty with some cleansing both body and house, some meditating, incense burning, chanting and spending time wih Petros. I will make a pop roast and a pie. And i am going to have a ritual Autumn bath,with a mix of herbs like lemon Verbena, rosemary, lavender. I will prepare some lavender sea salts as well. I can't wait for the Esbat to arrive. It is going to be so much fun.
I was thinking of adding some new practices to my craft. I do not use many shamanic tools so i will give them a shot. I am thinking of drums and humming. Maybe i will record something for meditation. Does any of you have any shamanic potions that i could make?


Blessing bottles and a misunderstanding..

How can a girl oocupy herself? I am still sick, fighting with coughing, nose dripping, soar throat, and high temperature. I can not speak so i can not work. I can not have visitors 'cause i 'm infectious. I can not watch a lot of tv or sit in front of the laptop for too long 'cause my eyes water.
So i did some crafting. I made a blessing bottle for P. This is the first magickal thing that he actually liked and asked me to make him one. I have been giving them as gifts lately. They are beautiful and pretty easy to make. I found in a store some beautiful, little, round, glass bottles in red and orange and bought a lot of them. I fill them with sea salt, a good luck dust i made that is black and some herbs. I place them in layers and the result is pretty good. I write a spell in a piece of paper, then put it in there and cover it with the layers. At the end i add a few drops of almond essential oil and finally put the cork on and it is done. I decorated most of them with some ribbons and dried herbs. In one i added a tiny rosemary besom i made. For Petros 's blessing bottle i made a Goddess out of fabric and filled her with cardamum seeds. Since i can not sew, neither have a sewing mashine it kept me busy for hours. At this point i have to say that none of the things above are my ideas. The blessing bottle, the fabric Goddess, the rosemary besom, i saw them all in your blogs, but i still can not believe i made them myself.
I have a confession to make. Although i have been pagan my whole life and Wiccan for years i just found that Halloween is Samhein. I should have made the connection between All Hallow 's Eve and Halloween, but i thought Halloween was a different holiday. It surprises me because usually pagan practices that are still common are parts of christian celebrations and festivities. I am so glad that at least one holiday is not labeled as something it is not. This also explains why although it is celebrated in many parts of Europe and US, here in Greece(where we are mostly Christian Orthodox) has not survived as a tradition.
I am tired again. I ll go lie down.
Blessed be.


Second post of the day. Punishment and reward!

I was at docwitch's blog and she has written a very interesting post about children. Not just about educating them, raising them but about living and interacting with them. How this society, with all it's psychological theories and break throughs is still not children friendly.
This made me remember of a conversation i had recently. I was saying that spanking is barbaric waiting and realised that my friend, who by the way is a psychologist and an abuse victim as a child, thought it is a much needed disciplinary method. That otherwise you can not make your children understand you, respect you and listen to you. That came to me as a shock! I never expected such a reaction from her. But the surprising thing was that the rest of our friends were agreeing with her. I am talking about a well educated European group of people in the year 2009, not some Middle Easterns whose only education has been the process of memorising the Koran. How is that possible? How can we believe that treating children like that is a correct approach? And how is the irony not obvious to everyone?
I am not a mother yet and i have not yet felt the pressures of motherhood. But i still think that something is terribly wrong with our society when hiting children is acceptable. When behavioral techniques for training dogs(still barbaric, but i do understand this is debatable!) are used to educate children. Punishment and reward.
This is the way to transform your children into "what" you want.

Making hard decisions...

Today i had to let the cleaning lady go. Actually my mom did it. I was busy trying not to cry. Her name is Camelia. She is not very good in what she does. She used to come three times a week for 25 euro per time. She is the same lady that threw my crystalls away, washed the straws(not the reusable kind) and talked to herself...a lot! Every time after she left i always had to do some clean up myself. The last drop was when i figured out that she did not wash properly the dishes and kitchen counter. I know it was the right thing to do but she was crying while leaving and looking at me with obvious hope that i will stop her and take it back. She is having a rough month. Her boyfriend hit her and threw her out of her home. And now she lost the only job she had. She was not working for anyone else.Well, for a good reason.
I could deal with my crystalls thrown away, house messed up and clean straws... but unsanitary dishes is too much. I feel so horrible, but this had to be done. She spent huge amounts of water, and chlorine. She did not understand recycling, she used way to much cleaning products, so you can say she was not enviromentally friendly. On the other hand i was giving her 300 euros per month(which is a lot to me) to do the job myself. I need help with the house, so it can look decent and have appointments with clients at any time. All those are valid and good reasons but my heart breaks for her. I hope she will be okay. I have to stop crying. It is getting ridiculous! This had to be done! That's it!


An award, 7 new things about me and the flu.

Hello everybody! Today is was a bit melancholic mostly because i came down with something and i can not enjoy the beautiful day and the vibrant Sun out of my window. But when i came into Blogger there was a great surprise for me. I won an award. D.Suplici of "the whimsical cottage" nominated me. You cam find her here:
http://thewhimsicalcottage.blogspot.com .
The rules are simple:
1. Thank the person who gave you this. Done
2.Copy the logo and pplace it in your blog.I will try(i am filled with pride for my technological skills!)
3.Link the person who nominated you.I think i did it. If not please copy paste the url adress and visit her, because her blog is great.(still,soo proud of me!)
4.Name 7 things about me no one would really know(hmm tough one)
5.Nominate 7 creative bloggers. Okay
6.Post links to their blogs.I "ll try!(it is starting to get embarassing!)
7.Leave a comment on their blogs.Okay
So 7 things you do not know about me.
1.I am eating pomegranade with sugar right now
2.I have downloaded the first episode of "fringe" and "eastwick". I can not wait to watch them.
3.I do not like pjs. I usually wear sweatpants and t shirts to sleep.
4.I love walking barefoot around the house. Sometimes my clients see me like that.You do not want to see my feet by the end of the day!
5.I have hard time not losing small pieces of jewellery and accesories.Not only because my house is a mess but also because i tend to take them off and leave them in strange places. For example i buy 2-3 umbrellas per year and i have none in my home.
6.I drink a lot of coffee and although i do not go out much when i do i drink a lot of alcohol.(Freud would have a blast with me!)
7.I am a poet, a singer, a psychic, a witch, a daughter, a best friend and a soulmate. I believe these are the most important attributes of myself.
The seven people i nominate are(drumroll!!):
1.Bridgett of http://booplustwo.blogspot.com/
2.Shadow of http://gsp-shadow.blogspot.com/
3.Seethroughgreen of http://seethroughgreen.blogspot.com/
4.Soraya of http://dancingsoraya.blogspot.com/
5.Jupiter greenmoone of http://jupitergreenmoone.blogspot.com/
6.Doc witch of http://darksideofthebroom.blogspot.com/
7.And last but not least Autumnforest of http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com/
I think i have done everything i should. Please check out the blogs above. They are wonderful!
I had my tattoo. I have not yet taken a picture but when i do i will post it. It is great. I love it. I hoped the process would be a bit more spiritual but that is okay. It was fun. I had a great Autumn Equinox. And now i will remember it for the rest of my life.
Does anyone have any flu remedies except for chicken soup and camomile tea?
Be blessed and have a beautiful day!


Mabon is almost here!

Autumn equinox is arriving. I can feel it down to my soul. My heart is filled with anticipation of the magickal time when day equals night. To mark this magickal day and time of my life, i am going to have a triquetra tattoo tommorrow. A symbol of the Lady(which appeals to my witch side) and of the bond of the past the present and the future(which appeals to my psychic side).
I can not wait to celebrate. I have an urge to hug people i do not know. To dance(although i can't). To sing(that one, i can do!). To live(i am still learning how to..).
So my plans for tommorow are pretty simple and fun. My goal is to bring Autumn inside. So i am thinking of apple, cinnamon and rosemary smells. And i will be making some beautiful luminarias and decorate them with bay leaves. I will not be working(like every other Sabbat). The house will be filled with music and i will make Fall decorations! I am going to have a very simple ritual and bake a pie(of what sort i am not so sure!)And of course as i already said i am going to have my first tattoo!
Blessed be my beautiful, loving, pagan friends. Have a blessed Mabon and lots of fun.


Please forgive me for another Autumn post!

The window is open in front of me. The rain has stopped a couple of hours ago but the smell of the wet ground is so intense, that it makes me close my eyes just to have the full effect. Something truly amazing happened to me the day before yesterday. In the face of total disaster i did not freeze in panic, i did not collapse under the pain. I trusted that everything is going to work out and i did not try to hide away from the pain but to embrasse it. After a while the situation resolved itself by its own. And now i am free to soak into the beauty of the early fall and allow my senses to reach out to it. It seems like everything is getting cleansed along with Nature. Even my thoughts. It used to upset me that i had no pagan friends in Athens. Now i understand that when the time is right the opportunity will present itself. I was so afraid of my dark side. Today, after i realised Phoebe has peed all over my freshly cleaned sofa i let the anger flow through me. I realised that surpressing it did not do me much good so i let go. I am still not talking to Phoebe(even though she looks at me with her puppy eyes-do dogs ever lose that ability?- and she puts her face under her paws), but it is just because she has to learn not to pee on the fricking furniture! See? My dark side is free to have as many outbursts as needed.
What is it that makes Fall so special? Is it geological? Does it have to do with temperature? Whatever it is it fills me with a sensation that i can only imagine is similar to taking drugs, although i have never felt this good after consuming alcohol...This time of the year i am always like that, peaceful, calm but at the same time alert. Thank the Goddess and the God for the amazing gift that Autumn is, that humanity is, that life is.
Brightest blessings to all of you my blog friends. Have a beautiful and magickal week and do not forget to notice Her Beauty.


It is getting crazier by the moment..

Greetings blogfriends,
Shadow is growing up so fast. He is now flirting with my coffee. A few minutes earlier he was trying to catch the mouse point on the screen and when it was not visible anymore he checked behind the screen to find it. I laughed so hard. I am trying not to overfeed him but it is a pretty hard task. When he is done with his food he steals from the others. The first couple of days i got so scared, he ate twice his body weight. He is beginning to trust me and to know that there will always be food and he does not have to eat like a maniac. He is already a part of our small family. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. I believe you contributed in his staying.
Yesterday i had my first class of the year in the conservatory. It was fun. I missed singing. I told them i will take a break from my harmony classes. I was kind of dissapointed when i did that but it also has been a relief. I wanted for so much time to prioritise my life and i finally did it.
I have some great news. I will buy some crystalls from Hibiscus moon. I am thrilled. I now can see that me losing my crystalls was for the best. It made me motivated enough to go through with the whole internet purchase that i was so afraid of.
On a magickal note, the Friday full moon was so beautiful. The sky was clear and She was magnificent. I was in my summer house and i had a ritual outdoors. This gave me the freedom to use as much incense as i wanted. The result was thick clouds of smoke, that on some points mada my eyes water a little. The flame of the candle surrounded by the smoke was mystical. I introduced Shadow to the Goddess. He is a very magickal kitten. He is contantly rubbing against magickal items, my bell, my box of ashes, my incense burner, my tarot cards.. I can tell he is going to be a great familiar.
Autumn is definitely here. The wind is colder, there have been a couple of storms, the sky has this grey colour painted all over it. And i have butterflies in my stomach, as always.. The only downside is that i have to bring out some warmer clothes,and buy some wood for the fireplace before it soaks in water and i am lazy!
Brightest blessings.


full moon

Merry meet my blogfriends. I am sorry for my absence these days. I have been a little lost in the crazyness of my life. As it seems we will probably keep the kitten which now has a name. He is Shadow. I talked to P and explained to him that i feel he was brought into our lives for a reason and i knew it since the moment i saw him. That is here to help us heal. And although P does not believe me, the last couple of days some well hidden emotions found their way out of me and transformed into words and tears. And P wants to quit smoking. He still thinks that the cat has nothing to do with it but he understood how important this is to me. Have i mentioned i love this man? Tsitsini is still upset but she is getting used to Shadow.
I named him Shadow because of his colour but also because that is where the fears hide and he is here to help me fight my fears. Fight through darkness to embrasse my shadow. And although now that everything is out in the open i feel i am standing on the edge of a cliff i am not afraid anymore. All it takes is a leap of faith and my wings will spread. Just one deep breath and i can let go. Tonight is a full moon and so the perfect time to go forward. Tonight i will use rosemary as an insence. I will be outdoors. I will connect with Her.
Whar are your plans for tonight?


Blog award

First of all i would like to thank a new blogger friend Aewynne Redwolf for an award she gave me. You should check out her blog "Asomatous transformation" at http://geekstress.blogspot.com/ . I will pass it on to Autumn Forest Of "Ghost hunting theories" because she is the hell of a crafter and she is making a bunch of halloween crazy stuff by herself.
Now i want to thank you all for your positive thoughts and your great advice. Although, i do not keep the cats separate during the day, i keep them in different rooms at night. I am still trying to find a home for it but if i can't i am keeping it. The baby kitten scratched Tsitsini on the ear because she hissed him, but i think they are actually getting along much better.
I am sorry i missed your posts yesterday but it has been hectic over here with all these. I am about to start my day early for once(it is 8.30) and i have done a million things already. Blessings to all of you.


Oh dear Goddess help me!

How can you tell if magick brought something to your life? How can you deny the call that comes from inside your heart? Here is how the situation is as objectively as i can describe it. We live in a small apartment with 3 bedrooms but it fits us well. We have a dog and a lazy cat already that like the things exactly how they are. But as i was driving today i saw a black kitten sitting by the road. I stopped the car, walked towards it, Phoebe ran towards it and then i took it in my arms. He is so sweet. He is loving and purrs all the time. He stands on my arms as a pirot for hours. But here are the bad news. Petros does not want another animal but he would be easily persuaded if Tsitsini was n't acting as if someone is electrocuting her. She hates him. She made sounds i have never heard before. She did n't attack him, but she is really depressed. I do not want to make her sad so if she won't get used to him the next couple of days we will have to give him away. And if i can't find him a home we will have to let him where we found him. At a pavement by the road.
My eyes water just thinkin about it. It is a black kitten and i am a witch. It is fate. Right? Things have to work out. They just have to. So i am asking from all of you to send me positive thoughts. I wish there will be serenity in my home with all my pets.
Ps. if you have any tips about how i could make two cats make friends i am all eyes!
Blessings to all.


Boo-hoo my crystalls!

Merry meet my friends! Today is the end of the work week and most of you will be spending time with friends and family . The weekend approaches and it is the perfect time to make a nice food. Something more complex than pasta. But i am thinking of making some fresh raviolli filled with mascarpone cheese. I will ask P. to bring me some freh mushrooms and i will make a tomato sause with basil and garlic. I know it is simple but is soo yummy. And maybe just maybe a chocolate cake.
On a sad note something weird has happened. Camelia is the lady that cleans our house. She never throws anything away. But this has changed. I have left my crystalls to dry on the kitchen counter after their seven day cleanse and she threw them all away! At the beginning i thought she stole them. But there is always money around and she never takes them. Plus she is very weird and kinda mentally unstable. She is sweet but not very sane. The bottom line is that all my crystals are gone along with my amethyst pendulum that i used in my work. They are just things and there is no point in crying over spilled milk, but most of you pagans out there can understand my disappointment. I view the whole thing in a positive way. Those crystalls helped me and now it was time for me to move on. On the other hand Petros just made a Pay Pal account so maybe it is time for me to make my first internet purchase. Hibiscus moon Etsy store is about to empty. Well, i wish i could do it but i have to start with two or three crystalls, because we are a little tight these days. There are times i wish she has stolen them because it just hearts me to think them in the garbage. Why, oh why? Exhale bad thoughts, inhale happy ones. But whyyyyy? Okay i am done. I will stick to the positive. Yes, i will!
Anyway, Phoebe has left with my mom to our summer house. She will stay there for the weekend and play on the big yard with her mom and sister. She is one lucky dog, no pun intended! So Tsitsini will have some time to relax without being constantly annoyed by her.
Oh! I have to go. I have an appointment in half an hour and my office looks like a bomb went off! Blessings to all!


Have a beautiful day!

Last night i stepped on a piece of glass! Petros took it out of my foot and wiped clean the small lake of blood on the floor. The pain was intense and to top it all now i have a headache. I swear pharmaceutical companies would have gone under without me. I am clumpsy and i am a magnet for accidents. I just realised i should never post if i have n't first drunk my coffee. I bitch a lot!
Just to thank you for reading all this nagging i will post pictures of my fur babies today. Phoebe is the doggy and Tsitsini the kitten. Have a great day.


Learning from a fighter.

I just returned home. I took the dove to the vet and it was in a very bad shape so he could not do anything and he send me to anima(wild life protection service) and they said that she was going to live but she will not be able to fly. But that is okay because they have a place for handycap birds apparently. But i told them that i do not have a problem taking it back home when she is healthy again and they will call me. I am so calmer right now. I left home bright and early and i did not even drink a cup of coffee. I am releaved that she is going to be fine, but i will miss her. I only kept her home for less than a day but she has a quality that stuck with me. She is a fighter, proud and fearless. Whenever i tried picking her up she bit me. She did not surrender either to me or to that cat that was attacking her despite her broken wing and multible wounds. I feel that she entered my life for a reason. This was a sign not to be ignored. Her power inspired me. Yesterday i have been thinking of how animals come into my life and heart when i need them and they help me get through difficulties. Usually it is a cat that approaches me but this time it was a dove.
I have a strong connection to animals for as long as i can remember myself. I do not "have" totem animals, but in every significant beginning or end a cat has come into my home(and once one came into my bed. I woke up and he was sleeping with his head on my pillow. He was white and he had the attitude of a king. So i named him Prince.) Of course there have been turtles, many birds(other doves,ducks, unidentified species etc)and dogs but cats always had an obvious message for me. This is the first time i feel a significance of that sort for a bird.
Lately i have been thinking of writing a book. My inner demons were holding me back but i think i am ready. Thanks to her.
Brightest blessings.


Do you know anything about birds?

I have found a dove. A cat was tormented it, i scared the cat away and took the dove home. She is in a very bad shape but she is also a fighter. I used betadin on her wounds(i feel it is a she!) and then rapped her broken wing with toilet paper and scotch tape. I made her a nest in a beautiful wooden chest with some pine needles and some dried leaves that i had for my craft. And i put her a small cup of water infront of her and some whole grain bread and a few grapes. I have shut the light so she can sleep and used a drum stick of Petros to hold the chest half open. She is resting now. Tsitsini and Phoebe saw her and Tsitsini(the cat) smelled her for some time and then lost interest. Tommorow morning i will take her to the vet. But made i could do something more. Do you know anything about birds? Is there anything i should be doing?

The flames are burning my soul!

How can someone deal with so much saddness? The few green areas left in my city are destroyed and for what? So that someone can built houses there. What is amazing is how bad this thing is handled by the greek government. If someone authorised me to handle the situation, an ignorant citizen non the less, i would be more successful. It is frustrating to believe your government is corrupted enough to let monsters destroy the country for money. Two years ago 77 people have lost their lives in a similar situation. A woman found burnt holding in her arms her four children. By the posture they were found, it seemed as she was trying to protect them with her body. The most horrific thing is that this happened because this part of the land was not evacuated in time. People tried to escape from the flames, but they did n't know which way to go, because no one told them. And now it seems that they gave their lives in vain. There is no planning what so ever which only shows disrespect to human life. After all that the same government got reelected the September of 2007, only days after the disaster. So now history is repeating itself... None of the arsonists is caught, so nothing stops them from keep doing that.
How can they chose riches over our country, over people's lives, over the environment, over the oxygen left for us to breath,over beautiful forests filled with endangered species? Why is this keep happening? What will it take for us people to get a grip?


Candles, intention, faith and spellcasting

Today is Sunday. Traditionally it is ruled by the Sun and so the colour yellow is moslty used along with gold. I love gold candles for issues like health and well being and of course money and silver for emotional spells(and all things Moon represents). It is hard to find those candles this time of the year. But i usually "stock up" during Christmas when you see them everywhere you look. I have a gold candle with some beautiful patterns carved on it that i use when i am not very energetic or down with something and a very simple silver one that i use when i am seeking for answers and enlightment. Although during Candlemas i make my own candles that are also blessed by the Sabbat and made for specific reasons i can not make gold and silver ones. Do you know what i can use? I was thinking maybe glitter, but i am not sure about the result!
Tools in magick are helpful but not necessary. But although there have been times that i spontaniously casted a spell or had a ritual without tools they are very helpful. For others it is their athame, for others it is a cauldron for me it is the candles that are very important to me. When i look into the flame of a burning candle something deeply into my subsconcious makes me instantly connect with a higher power. Red is associated with Mars and so passion. Green with Aphrodite and so love. But there are times that i just take a small white candle infront of me and i focus on what i want. From my experience those two things that are essential in magick are the intention and the faith. The desire is the power and the faith is the way.
This is linked to the Law of attraction(although the law works in more general terms, like karma does). I have a very good example of how this works. A couple of years ago there was a play i wanted to see very much but it was sold out. A friend of mine was also bumped because it was a beautiful opera with a great cast and i told him:"Come with me and you ll see. We will find tickets." He came despite his disbelief. We waited and waited in a huge line with people like us that hoped for a cancellation. It was beyond hope and i drove him crazy by saying that we will definitelly get two tickets. Abut five minutes before it begins a nice man came towards us and said. Hey, kids are you waiting for tickets? He was very well dressed and we had about 50 euro each and there were seats that cost around 100. So we asked(very embarassed) how much the tickets worthed. And he said:"No. Take them. Our friends won't be coming and we do not need them." I was shocked. I mean i expected to find tickets one way or another but that was...surreal!And the seats turned out to be great too. My friend could n't believe our luck and he still calls me a witch although he does n't know i am. I think... I strongly believe that it was not just the desire that made it happen. I had faith as well. This is important. In Greek magick the spells not always rhyme. But they are always written in a present tense(although you are working on a future event). They go something like this : "As the moon is growing my strenth grows", or "Like the flame of the candle the negative energy is burnt", or "Every man wants me". They are based in the strong belief that they are true and happening in the very moment you chan. Of course the visualisation gets more intense that way.
When i write a spell it almost always rhymes. It may include the elements, the cardinal points, the herbs i am using and of course what i want. How do you write your spells?



I go through your blogs and you are all one way or another gathering items for your fall decorations and some of you even for Halloween! The change of the season is evident even in your words. Some of you are so filled with enthusiasm that the fall is coming that you are actually worried about not living in the moment. But i strongly believe this is living in the moment. Because the change is everywhere. This is the best part of summer. It is full of contradictions. While you are enjoying every single ray of sunshine you can not wait to see the autumn colours in nature.
Autumn is my favourite season. I love the air, the smell of rain, the colours of the sky, all the visible signs that the fall is here, and the nostalgic feeling it gives me. The fall is a reminder of simplier times, when all we cared about was that we will see our classmates again and wanting to buy new fancy pencils. And even those times are far behind us and never coming back there is still this distinct sensation deep down your stomach that can only be described as longing for something unknown and because of that unattainable.
My soul, my body, my spirit they are all affected. The intensity busts my creativity and an urgent desire to write occurs. As i listen to the wind feelings are transformed into words. As i watch the leaves dance under the touch of the autumn breeze i have to sing.
Now i know there are not many skepticals following my blog and reading this, but if that is not magick what is it? With those who might claim this is a chemical reaction, a natural phenomenon i will not disagree. Magick is an aspect of nature. It is ot the mechanics that matter to me, it is the result. If this distinguished experience is susceptible to scientific description or explanation is the least of my concern. I sense the Goddess in every sound of my wind chimes. I feel the God in my regained strenth. And i worship them and thank them for it.


Coming back to reality and a few more pictures...

In Ioannina the energies were wonderful. It is a city with a big university and so the majority of the people who live there are very young. Although it is a city it is pretty small. The time slows down there. People seem and are calmer. There are landscapes that are so perfect you can hardly believe they are natural. Old trees and great food. Really great food. Even a simple tomato tastes like heaven. There is a castle with small houses in it that people actually live in there. How cool would it be to live in a castle? And also i have a stong metaphysical connection to that place. It is where i was firstly accepted in college, it is where Petros's dad is from and i have loved it before i even saw it. You see when i was in highschool i had an imaginary boyfriend. His name was Petros, he had two brothers, he played basketball, he was great with computers and his dad was from Ioannina(all those things are true for the real one). The creepy thing is that i have never met the real Petros by then. I thought i was imagining all those stuff, but what a coincidence! The thing is that when i was telling the story of the fake boyfriend i have never been to Ioannina. The connection was alive. So naturally the desire of leaving Athens grew inside of me. Every second i were there i though how much i want to just pick up and go live there. Knowing that i can not do that, i thought that returning to the mundane reality would be a bit frustrating. But i was so wrong.
Since i came back it is like a big fiesta.I cook all the time(trying to recreate some of the delicious things we ate there) friends are always here, my clients are happy to have me back and of course Phoebe(the dog) and Tsitsini(the cat) are as always a delight. I have made two small herbal pillows for me and P for beautiful dreams, i have redecorated my office and P and I spend the evenings watching "Friends". It has been three very creative days. Although the vacations were short and actually pretty full and tiring i feel so much more relaxed and energetic. I guess i needed a break more than i knew. I should keep that in mind. The last time i took a vacation was three years ago. I did n't feel i was missing out on something but i understand now that it is more important than i thought.


Hello everybody! I am back from my beautiful vacations in Ioannina. I will try to post some pictures. It was only for four days but they were so full. Although the nature was breathtaking i did n't even meditate. I tried but Petros was check this and that so... I thought my time there would be much more spiritual but it was fun anyway. Now i will give it a shot to post the pictures. Wish me luck!


The smell of magick

When magick happens it has a certain smell. One that won't go away for days. In my rituals i pretty much use the same herbs every time. But when magick happens the smell is different.
When i was 19 i wanted so much to fall in love. So i casted a spell to find the love of my life. Two weeks later Petros came into my life. I used a small glass then to burn what i wanted. This small glass after six years still has the smell. Yesterday i casted a spell and the same smell is all over my house. It is sweet and beautiful and when i smell it i have butterflies in my stomach.
I am not saying that when the smell is n't there the spells do n't work. But when something really powerful happens the smell occurs. Has this ever happened to you?
I feel like this thing gave me a piece of my self back. Magick fills my life, guides and protects me. I am so grateful for it. Magick is music and love. Magick is powerful words and beautiful energies, magick is colors and friends. It is the sun and the moon. The Goddess and the God. Magick is the divine inside us. Magick is my premonitions but also a great food i managed to make from scratch. Magick is candles and cauldrons but also the forest and the clouds. Magick is the smile of a child,the kiss of a teenage couple. Magick is me and you.
I hope wherever you are you will have a magickal day. Brightest blessings and love to you all.


Ramblings about blogging and stuff..

So i have been reading your blogs as usualsand found a new blog i wanted to follow. Then i pushed the dashboard button and it said: You are currently not following any blogs. I fricked out! I refreshed the page and everything came back to normal. But those ten seconds were really scary. Which showed me how attached i have become to you my blogger family.
I just want to inform Sue from the ramblings of me that i can't leave her any comments for quite some time now. And i would like to welcome you all to check out Hibiscus Moon 's new Etsy store. She has some beautiful crystalls there. I am sure you will love it. But also visit Sage's Moonstone blog "Enchanted garden studio" to vote for her so she can win this contest in Etsy. I am not sure what she will win but it will make her really happy. I hope Soraya is okay because she has n't posted for a couple of the days and this is n't like her. I also want to thank Autumn forest for the great information. She told me that what i have had experienced was sleep paralysis and i read a lot about it. It is very common. But what is very weird is that most people who experience dream paralysis, see these evil figures that try to heart them. I hope everyone will enjoy the full moon tonight and have a beautiful Esbat. Blessings .