On an Esbat

In my darkest of hours, i call Her for guidance. In my greatest of joies, i thank Her for providing. In my scariest of nightmares, i summon Her for protection. Whether my prayer is a howl, a scream, a whisper or a laughter, it is always there, on the edge of my lips, waiting for my breath, so it can exist.
Tonight she will be at Her peak, for all of us to watch her mesmerising beauty. I invite you all to celebrate with me, each at your own time and sacred space. Write your wish in rhyme on a leaf, let it fly away from your hand and watch the wind carry it on its immortal,invisible shoulders. It will find Her, i promise you that, and She will make it come true.
Brightest blessings wiccans, pagans, people.


Shadow said...

thank you. i will...

Bitsa Lit said...

hey, glad to see ya back! Happy Worm Moon! Spring is well on the way... well to most of us lol! I cant wait for the heat to hit, and hit HARD!
Blessings to you!

Mother Moon said...

there is nothing more beautiful than the moon in all its fullness. such a beautiful sight