Just a day around the house.

Greetings bogfriends! Today, i swept the house with the broom! Then i vaccuumed it. Then i mopped it(is that even a word?). Then i steam cleaned the floors(yes, they were n't clean enough yet), baby's big rug, baby's small rug, baby 's fur toys, baby's crib and everything in it, baby's stroller, baby's chair, our shoes, one of my client's shoes(i had just cleaned) and every surface i could think of. Then i did 4 loads of laundry and picked up three dry ones. I changed the sheet. I changed some pots. Fed all animals and baby(me and the husband are still hungry). Cleaned the water of the fish's bowl. I saw a couple of clients. Can you believe the house is a mess again only after half a day?
 And then i let the baby explore the house for 3 hours, which translates into me following the baby around for 3 hours. Then i bathed her and we played some more. She went for her first time out(her first 3 time outs actually) because she would n't stop eating some cables,  then a pine cone and because no matter what i did she had to throw down a cup of coffee(i do n't think she understood the concept, she would n't stop laughing). Then i cleaned the spilled coffee from the walls.  We sang and played the piano(she  shrieked while pressing random keys).Fed her a couple more times. Put her to bed. She was exhausted!
My back is hurting, but who cares? She took her first step today! She was standing without holding on to anything, took a step, standed a bit more and then fell down! Her legs are so bruised lately because she is standing and falling all the time. Have i mentioned that she only takes one small nap during the day and is  constantly in motion?
I used to hate cleaning up. The house was always a dirty mess. Now, it is still a mess, but a clean one. I can't believe how much Melina Nefeli changed our lives. I am still eating pop corn and watching Friends every night. But, now i do it in a clean house.
Be blessed, be loved and be lucky enough to have a live-in maid!



Greetings blogfriends! How are you? We went this Saturday to our first children party and we were given a pet goldfish in a tiny bowl. Do n't get me started on how inconsiderate gift i think this is. Because we could n't find a proper home for her we are making her an aquarium.We would never keep a fish in a bowl, since it is really bad for them, so we spent a lot of money on a pet we did n't really want. But i have grown fond of her in this two days and i am really excited about creating the best conditions for her. 

Also, we decided to also give her a roomate, a tiny pink water frog! How exciting is that? I am going to actually have a pet frog. I love frogs! I think frog is one of the most magical creatures! When the whole thing is set up, and ready for them( it takes some time for the water to get ready), i am going to post some pictures of them! 
The thing is that although in most cultures fish are considered good luck, in Greece it is the opposite. But i let my insticts guide me and i felt really good about it. Nonetheless, it always is kind of difficult to incorporate the water element in  a home. So, i think it will take some time till i find the right place for the tank. I can already picture Petro getting really annoyed to carry the tank from one place to the other!
Have a blessed week my darlings!!!


Dreamwork, sociopaths and instincts(you got to love my titles, right?)

Last night was the first night for a long time that i slept without my dreamcatcher over the bed. Of course i saw a nightmare. My nightmares always come to protect and guide me, as you fairy creatures must know from yourselves. As dreams they always come to show a hidden truth either from the present, past or if you are magickal the future.
Nightmares are the most violent of dreams, sometimes in a way that  lingers at the corner of our psyche all day long. They are  not to be taken lightly. When i do dreamwork i take my dreamcatcher off. I also make pouches, drink teas and meditate. This leads to a very unsettling sleep and it can not oand should not be done for a long period of time. But it is a great practice and it opens up our consciousness in ways that are n't possible in any other way.
Wonderful tool for self acceptance, growth and healing and ideal practice for enhancement of our psychic abilities. Learning to decode and unblock the subconcious is a life long effort that is worth the work.
When you want to do dreamwork make a tea of valerian, lavender, chamomile, damiana and linden. Also cannabis is supposed to work well if you are into this sort of thing. If you want to make a pouch use lavender, lemon verbena and chamomile, purple cloth and lace.
When you are done or you need a break put your dreamcatcher on that you have blessed under the New Moon. To bless it, lay it on a salt, say a spell that best focuses your intent and leave under the black sky till the morning comes.
My dream was a great reminder to protect myself and my family from sociopaths. Do you know any? For psychics any encounter with such a person is very draining. Always remember to trust your gut. If you sense something is wrong with someone keep your distance. Your instincts are there to protect you. Always believe in yourself!
Be blessed, be well and be safe!


Cell phone blogging, errors and pregnant ladies

How much blogging from your phone pisses you off? It is so convenient so you can't resist doing it, but then your autocorrect keeps changing the comments you leave and you don't realise it till it is too late. And then you go and check your comments and instead of publish, delete is pressed! How annoying is that?
So, if all of you wonderful people who left a comment that i accidentally deleted could be kind enough to come back and leave the exact same comment you originally left, i would be eternally grateful! No? You are not up for that? How rude!
I just want to give many blessings to two blogfriends that are walking down the most magickal path of their lives. They are about to become mommies and if you do not know them already it would be great if you went by to say hi. So, make a happy thought for them and wish them well.
Blogmommytobe number one:hindustanka
Blogmommytobe number two:Lola.
Have a blessed day my loves!


Bringing home a bit of Spring!

Greetings blogfriends! Now be honest! Is n't this the most amazing bouquet of flowers you 've ever seen in your entire lives? And with the exception of the rose in the middle that I stole from our building's garden it is made entirely of wild flowers! I just finished it and I am so proud of it!

 It turns out my blue mood has passed with the help of a strawberry chocolate cake I made. It was wonderful! We are about to mourn its loss because we devoured it! Only a sliver is left! In this family we have no restraint when it comes to desserts! I never understand people that have cookies laying around on their kitchen table! How do they do it?
What do you think of my triskelion? It is n't perfect but it turns out it is really hard to make a stencil from scratch!I love it though. At first I was going to make it over the wall that is behind me in my office. But then I decided I much prefered to be able to see it while I am working..The way you feel when you enter the room is truly beautiful! It is more than ever my sanctuary and I feel truly blessed to have such a witchy room and such a witchy line of work!
 I am off to pick more flowers! Spring is springing and I have to bring some of it home!



Do you feel sometimes like you are floating in between realities? Like you do n't really have a place in the world, an uneasiness of not belonging? A need to constantly varify your very existence, that takes a strenuous effort, because all you really want is to be washed away? Has your heart ever betray you? Maybe all this sounds like nonsense to you. I am pretty sure it is just that.
Today the sky is mirroring my soul. Thank the Goddess he forgot it was spring and painted the whole world grey. In days like that magick is the only thing that makes me whole again, but it only lasts for a little while and then my mind turns into a dangerous place again. Remembering...Going where it shouldn't, even though i know better than that..
But some days i can't help it! Memory is a tricky thing..