More dentist stuff..

So, as you well know I went to the dentist yesterday. What you probably could not tell was that i have developed a certain phobia. I was not always like this but i had a few painful mishaps and here I am. He put some sort of drug inside my tooth and a temporary filling on top and if the pain subsides and does not build up I have an appointment on Monday to replace the temporary filling with a real one. So, as you can imagine I have taken it a step further with ginger and chamomile teas for their anti-inflammatory properties and I do not even work out in case the excess blood flow work against the healing process. No, not obsessive at all! I have a very healthy approach towards dental hygiene. You can say I put on the extra mile. Flossing is my best friend as is clove essential oil.
The Witch inside me prayed yesterday to wake up painfree. I drank some wonderful tinctures I have cooked up in the past. I put a few drops of my echinacea tincture in my chamomile tea and I drank a whole teaspoon of a very potent tincture I have made for my sleeping problems and back pain. The latter has passiflora, valerian root, chamomile and lemon verbena that where steeping in vodka for several months. It works well, but I can only take it at nights. Today, the throbbing in my tooth has stopped and a dull light pain is left and when I woke up I was completely pain free. So, my prayers(and all my spells) were answered. Now, it just has to be like that for the next 48 hours and I will be ecstatically grateful.
Be loved, be blessed and ...floss with all your might.



I am outside the dentist's office. Wish me luck!! I am brave! Hardly scared at all!!! Outside the Moon was amazingly beautiful!  I chanted a spell a few times, rewritten for healthy teeth and stepped in! I will be fine!


Death rites and remembrances - Witches in fiction

This is the first time I participate in any blog party. This is mostly because I  am always afraid I will forget,  but this year MagalyMagaly (I am not sure how I added the second Magaly,  but I kinda like it) really inspired me. So, here is my contribution into the party.
 I breath your name into the air inside a circle white. Where there is salt can be no fault the witch's song I rhyme.

I breath my name Into the air, your soul a piece of mine. I miss you so, through burning tears I see the candle's light.
 I feel your presence you are in my room. I smell you on my right. I turn to see,  there's nothing there the veil I can not fight.
Where were you, it's been so long, you, only friend of mine.
 I breath your name into the air,  I breath it times nine.
 A drop of blood my finger leaves, the burning mandrake to embrace

The fumes engulf you in your black you stare me back with grace

It's just a picture of your youth to me my best keepsake

Your heart, your soul, your loving hands I never will forsake.

I release you now times three,

Forever grandma blessed be!


Openly pagan and proud of it

Greetings blogfriends!  How are you?  I am feeling great because today I woke up relatively pain free and I feel like I can conquer the world! I feel strong again and energetic.  It turns out I was fighting off a bug because many people around me had the same thing.  Which was a great relief because I didn't want to give up my current nutrition plan, since it is working so good for me. I am doing a variation of the warrior diet with a bigger emphasis on protein. Although intermittent fasting doesn't always work great for everyone,  especially women, I gave it a try because I read it might have a positive effect on nodules.  I haven't checked out my thyroid yet,  but it gave me a boost on energy and my metabolism and I really got to enjoy food(you get to feast at nights). I found myself working out every day with vigor and my back was doing better(until I cleaned out the closets like there was no tomorrow).  So, after doing it for months it took me by surprise to have any issues and when my husband,  my mom and a friend showed the same symptoms with me I was so relieved it wasn't the diet. Fortunately,  everything is back to normal, or at least what is normal for us.
Lately, I have been practicing a lot of magic with my little witchling. She loves grinding herbs in the mortar and pestle and throwing things in the fire. Sometimes,  she chants along with me the spells she knows. There is a Greek version of twinkle twinkle little star that in the end says" God's things " and our version of course says "Goddess's things" and today in the playground somebody looked at us a little funny when she was singing it. The more time passes the more firmly I stand behind my decision to be open about our spirituality. Yes, there might be a few looks and even discrimination on occasions because this is the world we live in. But, I don't believe in living in fear and this is not what I will be teaching her. We embrace who we are, all that we are.
 Now I have to go, because Mary Poppins is beginning and we have to sing along. So,  chim chimney to all of you!


Kinda under the weather...

How are you my friends??  I have had a difficult couple of weeks pain wise. Not only my back was killing me,  which meant really bad quality of sleep if any,  but I have had nausea, dizziness,  fatigue for days.   Today at some point I caught myself sweating and it was really hard to focus and then it hit me. Hypoglycemia!  I thought I was cured from it, so the thought didn't cross my mind. Ever since I gave birth for some reason,  I didn't have any problems till now. I did a test it showed 65 and then I ate some carbs and was good as new. I guess this meants intermittent fasting is over for me,  which is a shame because I had some great results.  Everyone is telling me to let this plan go, but I want to make some tweaks and try if I can both fast and keep my blood sugar levels normal.  Like the lemonades with stevia I used to drink and maybe a salad at lunch, instead of the 24 hour fasting I was currently doing. I still think that there has to be a specific reason for the sudden intolerance of fasting, but now I will be extremely cautious. My back feels better, I am not immobilized anymore,  I do my daily trampoline (very lightly) and my daily yoga trying to loosen up all the stiff places and sore muscles again. But other than that I am resting on my heating pad for most of the day. But we are still getting ready for Samhein.  Here is some proof.