New moon.

A beautiful night awaits us blogfriends. Tonight we will celebrate the new moon. A perfect opportunity to connect with our Mother. A time to blow two kisses to the Moon so She can bring us good luck. A time to heal and grow.
We should take this opportunity to come in touch with our darkest aspects, acknowledge them and heal. We can get rid of bad thoughts, feelings, habits and energies. We burn black candles to do that, but since it is Moon magic we also burn silver, white and grey ones. It can be something as simple as my goal(to eliminate the usage of aspartame, i eat massive amounts of that horrible thing) or as complicated as depression. We acknowledge the thing that bothers us and take the power from our Mother to get rid of it. We can burn herbs associated with Moon(jasmine,willow,eucalyptus, ivy, lemon balm, poppy, myrrh,mugwort) or bath in them, since Moon rules the Waters. We can also use them to make sachets.
I, myself, no longer need aspartame in my life. The last time i tried to do that i have put my hopes up for stevia. When i took home this really expensive natural sweetener i found out it has a horrible taste that urges you to scrub your mouth with soap and chlorine! I gave up too easy. But today i was ready to try again. So in my coffee i put half a teaspoon of sugar. It was bitter at first but now i am starting to get used to it. I am also ready to use other natural sweeteners as agave nectar. I can not get it completely out of my life, since they put that thing in everything(even my vitamin C supplements have aspartame) but i will not use it in cooking, coffee and of course i won't drink the litres per day of diet coke i used to drink. A while ago this felt like such a huge step. But this powerful new moon made it easy for me. Let Her make your goals easy as well.
I will keep you update with my progress. I am wishing good luck to all of you. Have a happy new moon.
Brightest blessings,


Diandra said...

A good sdtep to take! Artificial sweetener has no advantages, apart from "no calories". And I really don't like the taste! Stevia, on the other hand... if you use the right product, it's a good replacement. My sister uses it frequently because her husband is diabetic.

Tonight, I am going to celebrate a simple Samhain - watch a horror flic at the cinema with the BF and light grave candles on the balcony as well as in front of the door (I wonder what the other inhabitants will think?).

mxtodis123 said...

We've a beautiful clear day here so I should be able to have a great view tonight. Wish I had the willpower to stay away from the soda. And I cannot stand diet stuff so I drink the real thing...adds far too much weight, but I'm addicted. Time to set some new goals for myself and I will be following your progress.

Anonymous said...

I use Truvia and it is not bitter I get it from walmart, and for cooking I use a bag of spenda & sugar half and half which works great I use half cup of it in place of a cup of sugar when I cook.

Soraya said...

Heh, You know me with my long long long updates :-p I think I'll give the Sunday Blessing a try. I'm hurting for money, so that sounds good. :)
Building the house was pretty cool. I'm going to volunteer again for next month... I'm hoping for a house that is almost done and just needs like... painting or landscaping. I LOVE doing that stuff. :)
In regards to your post... I've been bathing in Jasmine oil since Thursday. Lol I had a really strong urge to do so. :) Not to mention it smells amazing :)
Good luck with getting rid of Aspartame. :)