I might never be Hulk..

I threw my back out again.  It happened in training, in the most idiotic of manners. I was fine the whole hour, training hard and there was one last exercise that was sort of a red flag. A deep squat with a weight on the shoulders.  And this very fit, very big, very tall, black belt guy said he wouldn't do it because he had back issues.  But then there was this tiny not  very fit lady under 50 kilos pulling it off easily.  And I just had to try it. Which led to me realizing that indeed my back issues are treatable my head isn't.
Why did I do it? If I just skipped that last exercise I would have practiced there all week. Instead I am sitting in my heating pad waiting for my next muscle relaxant and my physical therapy appointment tomorrow. Sometimes the depths of my denial are kind of ridiculous.
So, I am here to admit it.  My name is Georgina and I have a serious back problem. Although,  I have covered great distance I am not Wonderwoman, nor Lara Croft as I often fancy myself. My enthusiastic impulses will not keep getting the better of me. As a sort of punishment - prudent way of action I will not be training for the rest of the week.
Other than that, everything is going smoothly here in our witchy house.  Child, husband, pets and flowers are thriving,  patiently awaiting for me to get better to take care of them and feed them proper meals. Hopefully,  by tomorrow I will be back on my feet. I am very optimistic because this time my back spasm feels to be getting better a bit quicker.  Probably because I took a day off from work yesterday which I never do because of my back, took pills which I also never do and arranged a chiropractic alignment for tomorrow.  Look at me acting like a grown up...
Now I just have to remember I might never get to be hulk...


Like a therapist's couch

Greetings blogfriends. I hadn't written anything here in such a long time.  Sadly,  the reason of my hiatus was that Nefeli was sick for almost three months. She caught one cold after another, and because of all the cuddling I got them all too. It was so frustrating seeing her suffering like that. But we finally came out of it. In the meantime,  I injured myself while cleaning the house and I went through two months of back pain and I also injured a leg muscle. So, I was grounded I could not run, I went for physical therapy and got   some X rays and an mri.  I finally found out what I had. It turned out to be two different stenosis(-es?)and straightening of the lower back because of the pain, but the thing I dreaded and was the reason I was not checking my back out, my dad's autoimmune spinal disease which is hereditary, had nothing to do with my back pain.  It was such a relief to find out I didn't have that. But,  I got all better.  I am on my feet again I even went back to my kick box team. And because I missed the Sun I go up to the roof of our apartment building every day the Sun is out and I do my yoga. I lost a bit more weight which makes a total of 70 kilos(154 pounds) of loss. I tend to get surprised when I catch my glimpse on mirrors. I am almost the half of what I have been. I can't say I am used to the new me. And the weirdest thing is that there are instances I don't enjoy my slimmed face although I am still a little bit overweight.  I guess I am not entirely used to the new me.  Once again this cyber place acts for me as a therapist's couch.
As for our magical lives, I feel more connected than ever. I meditate daily. And sometimes my little witchling helps me in weaving our spells. Every night we cast a fresh spell to her dream catcher to be more effective.  Every time someone bangs a knee or a toe on a corner she casts a spell to make the pain go away.  And everytime there is a storm we go out on our balcony to cast a protective spell for our home utilising the extra energy.  On our magical celebrations we make wreaths. Almost daily we conjure Goddess's energy, we burn incense, chant and ring our bells. She takes most of her baths with essential oils and flower petals. And most of them are teas of lavender and chamomile.  We talk to the fairies and ask them to protect our flowers, animals and plants. To think of it there aren't many mundane moments in our lives.
Now I have to close this post and go take care of her!!

Sending you lots and lots of love!!