Boo-hoo my crystalls!

Merry meet my friends! Today is the end of the work week and most of you will be spending time with friends and family . The weekend approaches and it is the perfect time to make a nice food. Something more complex than pasta. But i am thinking of making some fresh raviolli filled with mascarpone cheese. I will ask P. to bring me some freh mushrooms and i will make a tomato sause with basil and garlic. I know it is simple but is soo yummy. And maybe just maybe a chocolate cake.
On a sad note something weird has happened. Camelia is the lady that cleans our house. She never throws anything away. But this has changed. I have left my crystalls to dry on the kitchen counter after their seven day cleanse and she threw them all away! At the beginning i thought she stole them. But there is always money around and she never takes them. Plus she is very weird and kinda mentally unstable. She is sweet but not very sane. The bottom line is that all my crystals are gone along with my amethyst pendulum that i used in my work. They are just things and there is no point in crying over spilled milk, but most of you pagans out there can understand my disappointment. I view the whole thing in a positive way. Those crystalls helped me and now it was time for me to move on. On the other hand Petros just made a Pay Pal account so maybe it is time for me to make my first internet purchase. Hibiscus moon Etsy store is about to empty. Well, i wish i could do it but i have to start with two or three crystalls, because we are a little tight these days. There are times i wish she has stolen them because it just hearts me to think them in the garbage. Why, oh why? Exhale bad thoughts, inhale happy ones. But whyyyyy? Okay i am done. I will stick to the positive. Yes, i will!
Anyway, Phoebe has left with my mom to our summer house. She will stay there for the weekend and play on the big yard with her mom and sister. She is one lucky dog, no pun intended! So Tsitsini will have some time to relax without being constantly annoyed by her.
Oh! I have to go. I have an appointment in half an hour and my office looks like a bomb went off! Blessings to all!


Have a beautiful day!

Last night i stepped on a piece of glass! Petros took it out of my foot and wiped clean the small lake of blood on the floor. The pain was intense and to top it all now i have a headache. I swear pharmaceutical companies would have gone under without me. I am clumpsy and i am a magnet for accidents. I just realised i should never post if i have n't first drunk my coffee. I bitch a lot!
Just to thank you for reading all this nagging i will post pictures of my fur babies today. Phoebe is the doggy and Tsitsini the kitten. Have a great day.


Learning from a fighter.

I just returned home. I took the dove to the vet and it was in a very bad shape so he could not do anything and he send me to anima(wild life protection service) and they said that she was going to live but she will not be able to fly. But that is okay because they have a place for handycap birds apparently. But i told them that i do not have a problem taking it back home when she is healthy again and they will call me. I am so calmer right now. I left home bright and early and i did not even drink a cup of coffee. I am releaved that she is going to be fine, but i will miss her. I only kept her home for less than a day but she has a quality that stuck with me. She is a fighter, proud and fearless. Whenever i tried picking her up she bit me. She did not surrender either to me or to that cat that was attacking her despite her broken wing and multible wounds. I feel that she entered my life for a reason. This was a sign not to be ignored. Her power inspired me. Yesterday i have been thinking of how animals come into my life and heart when i need them and they help me get through difficulties. Usually it is a cat that approaches me but this time it was a dove.
I have a strong connection to animals for as long as i can remember myself. I do not "have" totem animals, but in every significant beginning or end a cat has come into my home(and once one came into my bed. I woke up and he was sleeping with his head on my pillow. He was white and he had the attitude of a king. So i named him Prince.) Of course there have been turtles, many birds(other doves,ducks, unidentified species etc)and dogs but cats always had an obvious message for me. This is the first time i feel a significance of that sort for a bird.
Lately i have been thinking of writing a book. My inner demons were holding me back but i think i am ready. Thanks to her.
Brightest blessings.


Do you know anything about birds?

I have found a dove. A cat was tormented it, i scared the cat away and took the dove home. She is in a very bad shape but she is also a fighter. I used betadin on her wounds(i feel it is a she!) and then rapped her broken wing with toilet paper and scotch tape. I made her a nest in a beautiful wooden chest with some pine needles and some dried leaves that i had for my craft. And i put her a small cup of water infront of her and some whole grain bread and a few grapes. I have shut the light so she can sleep and used a drum stick of Petros to hold the chest half open. She is resting now. Tsitsini and Phoebe saw her and Tsitsini(the cat) smelled her for some time and then lost interest. Tommorow morning i will take her to the vet. But made i could do something more. Do you know anything about birds? Is there anything i should be doing?

The flames are burning my soul!

How can someone deal with so much saddness? The few green areas left in my city are destroyed and for what? So that someone can built houses there. What is amazing is how bad this thing is handled by the greek government. If someone authorised me to handle the situation, an ignorant citizen non the less, i would be more successful. It is frustrating to believe your government is corrupted enough to let monsters destroy the country for money. Two years ago 77 people have lost their lives in a similar situation. A woman found burnt holding in her arms her four children. By the posture they were found, it seemed as she was trying to protect them with her body. The most horrific thing is that this happened because this part of the land was not evacuated in time. People tried to escape from the flames, but they did n't know which way to go, because no one told them. And now it seems that they gave their lives in vain. There is no planning what so ever which only shows disrespect to human life. After all that the same government got reelected the September of 2007, only days after the disaster. So now history is repeating itself... None of the arsonists is caught, so nothing stops them from keep doing that.
How can they chose riches over our country, over people's lives, over the environment, over the oxygen left for us to breath,over beautiful forests filled with endangered species? Why is this keep happening? What will it take for us people to get a grip?


Candles, intention, faith and spellcasting

Today is Sunday. Traditionally it is ruled by the Sun and so the colour yellow is moslty used along with gold. I love gold candles for issues like health and well being and of course money and silver for emotional spells(and all things Moon represents). It is hard to find those candles this time of the year. But i usually "stock up" during Christmas when you see them everywhere you look. I have a gold candle with some beautiful patterns carved on it that i use when i am not very energetic or down with something and a very simple silver one that i use when i am seeking for answers and enlightment. Although during Candlemas i make my own candles that are also blessed by the Sabbat and made for specific reasons i can not make gold and silver ones. Do you know what i can use? I was thinking maybe glitter, but i am not sure about the result!
Tools in magick are helpful but not necessary. But although there have been times that i spontaniously casted a spell or had a ritual without tools they are very helpful. For others it is their athame, for others it is a cauldron for me it is the candles that are very important to me. When i look into the flame of a burning candle something deeply into my subsconcious makes me instantly connect with a higher power. Red is associated with Mars and so passion. Green with Aphrodite and so love. But there are times that i just take a small white candle infront of me and i focus on what i want. From my experience those two things that are essential in magick are the intention and the faith. The desire is the power and the faith is the way.
This is linked to the Law of attraction(although the law works in more general terms, like karma does). I have a very good example of how this works. A couple of years ago there was a play i wanted to see very much but it was sold out. A friend of mine was also bumped because it was a beautiful opera with a great cast and i told him:"Come with me and you ll see. We will find tickets." He came despite his disbelief. We waited and waited in a huge line with people like us that hoped for a cancellation. It was beyond hope and i drove him crazy by saying that we will definitelly get two tickets. Abut five minutes before it begins a nice man came towards us and said. Hey, kids are you waiting for tickets? He was very well dressed and we had about 50 euro each and there were seats that cost around 100. So we asked(very embarassed) how much the tickets worthed. And he said:"No. Take them. Our friends won't be coming and we do not need them." I was shocked. I mean i expected to find tickets one way or another but that was...surreal!And the seats turned out to be great too. My friend could n't believe our luck and he still calls me a witch although he does n't know i am. I think... I strongly believe that it was not just the desire that made it happen. I had faith as well. This is important. In Greek magick the spells not always rhyme. But they are always written in a present tense(although you are working on a future event). They go something like this : "As the moon is growing my strenth grows", or "Like the flame of the candle the negative energy is burnt", or "Every man wants me". They are based in the strong belief that they are true and happening in the very moment you chan. Of course the visualisation gets more intense that way.
When i write a spell it almost always rhymes. It may include the elements, the cardinal points, the herbs i am using and of course what i want. How do you write your spells?



I go through your blogs and you are all one way or another gathering items for your fall decorations and some of you even for Halloween! The change of the season is evident even in your words. Some of you are so filled with enthusiasm that the fall is coming that you are actually worried about not living in the moment. But i strongly believe this is living in the moment. Because the change is everywhere. This is the best part of summer. It is full of contradictions. While you are enjoying every single ray of sunshine you can not wait to see the autumn colours in nature.
Autumn is my favourite season. I love the air, the smell of rain, the colours of the sky, all the visible signs that the fall is here, and the nostalgic feeling it gives me. The fall is a reminder of simplier times, when all we cared about was that we will see our classmates again and wanting to buy new fancy pencils. And even those times are far behind us and never coming back there is still this distinct sensation deep down your stomach that can only be described as longing for something unknown and because of that unattainable.
My soul, my body, my spirit they are all affected. The intensity busts my creativity and an urgent desire to write occurs. As i listen to the wind feelings are transformed into words. As i watch the leaves dance under the touch of the autumn breeze i have to sing.
Now i know there are not many skepticals following my blog and reading this, but if that is not magick what is it? With those who might claim this is a chemical reaction, a natural phenomenon i will not disagree. Magick is an aspect of nature. It is ot the mechanics that matter to me, it is the result. If this distinguished experience is susceptible to scientific description or explanation is the least of my concern. I sense the Goddess in every sound of my wind chimes. I feel the God in my regained strenth. And i worship them and thank them for it.


Coming back to reality and a few more pictures...

In Ioannina the energies were wonderful. It is a city with a big university and so the majority of the people who live there are very young. Although it is a city it is pretty small. The time slows down there. People seem and are calmer. There are landscapes that are so perfect you can hardly believe they are natural. Old trees and great food. Really great food. Even a simple tomato tastes like heaven. There is a castle with small houses in it that people actually live in there. How cool would it be to live in a castle? And also i have a stong metaphysical connection to that place. It is where i was firstly accepted in college, it is where Petros's dad is from and i have loved it before i even saw it. You see when i was in highschool i had an imaginary boyfriend. His name was Petros, he had two brothers, he played basketball, he was great with computers and his dad was from Ioannina(all those things are true for the real one). The creepy thing is that i have never met the real Petros by then. I thought i was imagining all those stuff, but what a coincidence! The thing is that when i was telling the story of the fake boyfriend i have never been to Ioannina. The connection was alive. So naturally the desire of leaving Athens grew inside of me. Every second i were there i though how much i want to just pick up and go live there. Knowing that i can not do that, i thought that returning to the mundane reality would be a bit frustrating. But i was so wrong.
Since i came back it is like a big fiesta.I cook all the time(trying to recreate some of the delicious things we ate there) friends are always here, my clients are happy to have me back and of course Phoebe(the dog) and Tsitsini(the cat) are as always a delight. I have made two small herbal pillows for me and P for beautiful dreams, i have redecorated my office and P and I spend the evenings watching "Friends". It has been three very creative days. Although the vacations were short and actually pretty full and tiring i feel so much more relaxed and energetic. I guess i needed a break more than i knew. I should keep that in mind. The last time i took a vacation was three years ago. I did n't feel i was missing out on something but i understand now that it is more important than i thought.


Hello everybody! I am back from my beautiful vacations in Ioannina. I will try to post some pictures. It was only for four days but they were so full. Although the nature was breathtaking i did n't even meditate. I tried but Petros was check this and that so... I thought my time there would be much more spiritual but it was fun anyway. Now i will give it a shot to post the pictures. Wish me luck!


The smell of magick

When magick happens it has a certain smell. One that won't go away for days. In my rituals i pretty much use the same herbs every time. But when magick happens the smell is different.
When i was 19 i wanted so much to fall in love. So i casted a spell to find the love of my life. Two weeks later Petros came into my life. I used a small glass then to burn what i wanted. This small glass after six years still has the smell. Yesterday i casted a spell and the same smell is all over my house. It is sweet and beautiful and when i smell it i have butterflies in my stomach.
I am not saying that when the smell is n't there the spells do n't work. But when something really powerful happens the smell occurs. Has this ever happened to you?
I feel like this thing gave me a piece of my self back. Magick fills my life, guides and protects me. I am so grateful for it. Magick is music and love. Magick is powerful words and beautiful energies, magick is colors and friends. It is the sun and the moon. The Goddess and the God. Magick is the divine inside us. Magick is my premonitions but also a great food i managed to make from scratch. Magick is candles and cauldrons but also the forest and the clouds. Magick is the smile of a child,the kiss of a teenage couple. Magick is me and you.
I hope wherever you are you will have a magickal day. Brightest blessings and love to you all.


Ramblings about blogging and stuff..

So i have been reading your blogs as usualsand found a new blog i wanted to follow. Then i pushed the dashboard button and it said: You are currently not following any blogs. I fricked out! I refreshed the page and everything came back to normal. But those ten seconds were really scary. Which showed me how attached i have become to you my blogger family.
I just want to inform Sue from the ramblings of me that i can't leave her any comments for quite some time now. And i would like to welcome you all to check out Hibiscus Moon 's new Etsy store. She has some beautiful crystalls there. I am sure you will love it. But also visit Sage's Moonstone blog "Enchanted garden studio" to vote for her so she can win this contest in Etsy. I am not sure what she will win but it will make her really happy. I hope Soraya is okay because she has n't posted for a couple of the days and this is n't like her. I also want to thank Autumn forest for the great information. She told me that what i have had experienced was sleep paralysis and i read a lot about it. It is very common. But what is very weird is that most people who experience dream paralysis, see these evil figures that try to heart them. I hope everyone will enjoy the full moon tonight and have a beautiful Esbat. Blessings .


Dream of hell

Today i am going to tell you of something i have experienced in the past. It was back when i used to live with my parents. One afternoon i was very tired and i went for a nap. Although i do not do it everyday, if i am really tired i sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I am very open to feeling energies and sensing things but there was nothing weird abou that afternoon.
Just after i fell asleep i started dreaming. But this dream felt very different of all the other dreams i had. It felt very..real. In my dream i opened my eyes and i was in bed. But there was a dark shadow over me that was some things laughing at me, telling me i was trapped, and i would never wake up. My stress level kept rising and i could n;t move. I was completely paralysed and more afraid than i have ever been. I could see myself i think from like a meter above covered with blankets,absolutely still. I felt some things like jolts that i was certain that those things caused and i kept trying to wake up. I was saying to myself WAKE UP and i could nt. And then suddenly i woke up totally aware of that dream-experience, frightened and not able to stay for a second in my room in case the came back.
That night i was so afraid to fall asleep and several nights later. I remember that dream so vividly as if it has just happened. I know you think it was just a dream but it felt nothing like one. Those things were real. I have never said that to anyone except P. but if you think i am crazy feel free to say it. I wont hold a grudge.

Being on track...

A friend told me today that i am on track. He did n't say it as a bad thing. But there are times that i feel like i have lost huge chunks of myself in the process of growing up. I guess that is no news. I guess it happens to everyone. But days like this when P. is home only to sleep for weeks because he is recording i feel a little weird. And then the most useless of all emotions kick in, quilt. I feel so quilty because i could be more understanding, because i do all this negative thoughts, because my mind wonders of to my ex. Do not get me wrong. I do not have feelings for him and i am deeply in love with P. But, my ex reminds me of a person i used to be. It seems like a different lifetime and i quess if i saw myself then i would nt recognise it.
Living alone, working,being in a serious relationship, sorting out friendships and most of all soulsearching has got me to a place that i did nt know i wanted to be. I worry about health insurance for crying out loud! It feels like i am having a middle age crisis in the age of 24! But now i have to stand on my own. There is a cost in being worry free. Someone else has to take care of you. So, why do i feel sad that if i wanted i could n;t pick up and leave? I am attached to my home, my plants, my pets, my job, my whole life. Since all this make me happy, why do i feel nostalgic of who i used to be? I used to be neurotic, self centered, insecure. I would nt go back even if you paid me. But along with all that i was more open to people and more social, more crazy, more spontanious and of course care free. I could never see myself worrying about homeowner's meetings back then. I would have a sarcastic comment for that person and i would advise it to get a life. Have you ever felt like you have grown up too fast?
Maybe i feel this way because everyone in my age i know is still living with their parents,still trying to get a degree and find out what they want to do with their lives. Not that i think i have everything sorted out. I do not. But i have goals, and i try to be practical. I have been lucky and blessed to have had some very good experiences and some awful ones that have changed me in a very young age and turned me into the person i am. I do not go clubbing anymore cause i do not like it. I do not go to spring breaks. Instead i check my budget to see if i can go on vacations and pay the bills. I guess i am on track. And i am just in a different fase than my friends. But i am happy and that is what matters.
I still want to do some crazy stuff though! For example i have never done pot and i want to try that(have you ever tried?). I want to go budgy jumping. I want to summon the dead... But most of all i want to have many more romantic dinners, laughs with Petros, s e x , maybe a new pet and some day babies.
Middle age crisis over. Hopefully i will revisit the subject in my fifties. Damn! Blogging is so much better than therapy. I hope i did n't bore you!
Brightest blessings to all.


Some peace and quiet...

Greetings to all. First of all i want to welcome my new followers. And then i have an announcement to make... I made it to Parnitha mountain. To those who do not know or remember i have a weird phobia of driving to places i am not sure how to go to. Today i actually went to the mountain and i found my special place, that i wanted so much. During winter there is a little pond right there but now it is filled with some beautiful plants with a light green color that seem so soft. The branches make a magickal "ceiling"that make some spots bright and some dark and the place seems enchanted , there are frogs, and birds, and insects.. And last but not least there is a beautiful bench for me to sit and meditate. I wrote something while i was there. I will try to translate it.
I am here to travel in your ancient ways. To reach new hights for one more time. I missed myself i lost along with the white dove.
You have to dance in the "tweens" to enter the other worlds. Where the lost souls lead and those who "know" get lost. Where your heart still beats under my hand and we still exist. Where i still exist.
I did n;t get a chance to meditate though because Phoebe was barking like crazy to another cute little dog but that's ok. Because now i will be going there quit often.
Blessings to all. Have a great day.


To keep silent..

The witch's pyramid.
Some qualities that are supposed to be a part of every witch.
To know.
To will.
To dare.
To keep silent.
To go.
I should have kept silent but i did n;t. Usually i immediately understand why people approach me. But i have been fooled and i gave some very powerful tools to a person that misused them and will probably keep doing it. So, i quess now i know.
Usually i am careful.Usually i do not give important pieces of my family tradition to people i just met. But she seemed so nice and eager to learn, she seemed sensire. But i was mistaken. I should have seen her intentions right away. And now she makes people pay her. And it is all my fault. Well, apparently she casted spells for money long before she met me,but this is not the point. She lied to me. I was so excited to connect with another witch that i failed to see that she obviously wanted to exploid me. I feel completely humiliated. I learned that she is "helping" to break up a marriage. I mean who does that?? And i told her about the box of ashes, i gave her spells,potions, of course not for something bad(although unfortunatelly my family tradition has some parts that are n't wiccan at all!), i am not a total idiot.
How could i be so wrong?
Some people say that keeping silent is the most important quality of a witch. Now i understand why they believe that. Knowledge is power and power in the wrong hands could be catastrophic!
As witches, as much as persons we learn by making mistakes. And this one is definitely an opportunity to learn, one that i will make sure to take. But right now i am feeling like this is the biggest mistake i have ever made as a witch(actually it is the second biggest. Once in highschool i have casted a spell for my best friend to break up with his girlfriend because i was in love with him, but i was only 16 and stupid, and of course it came back to bite me in the a..). But now i am supposed to be older and wiser.Hah!
Weirdly enough, i am not angry at her at all. It makes me sad that she was n;t who i thought she was but i am glad i see the truth now. So i can learn and grow(as soon as i stop kicking myself!)
That 's all folks.


Happy Lammas

Happy Lammas to all with wishes of prosperity,health and joy.
Brihtest blessings.