The element of air and virgo energies

Dear blogfriends,
A week passed by and because of me being constantly busy i did n't have any time to analyse it and i feel like i missed it. Yesterday though, and the day before the wind was blowing hard while the sun's warmth could be felt. It was beautiful to be outside. Well it was for me, not for anyone else i know. But i thought it was majestic. The power of the wind was spectacular and it felt great to sit on my balcony and meditate. It energised and rejuvenated me. The element of air at its best.
Ostara is just around the corner and Beltaine is following and i have n't done any preparations for my handfasting. I keep changing my mind on what i want to wear(maybe i should buy something instead of custom made dress), who is going to perform the ceremony(mayube noone, but me and P), who else is going to be there(also maybe noone). Amd there is one thing that i know i want to do and i have n't yet convienced my parents(to let me use the summerhouse for a huge party, with lots of loud music, and tons of alcohol). It is not a conventional wedding but i have to put some things in order and make a few crucial decisions asap! I am in serious need for some Virgo energy, so all of you Virgos out there send me thoughts, energies and organisational skills! I have Aphrodite in Virgo and although this means a lot of bad things, it also means i can handle it. Now that i have convienced you, i have to convience me.
I need lists and notebooks with things scratched out on them.
So, keep me in your thoughts and hearts and of course i welcome all ideas.
Brightest blessings.


Anonymous said...

I helped my bfff plan her handfasting and the first thing we did was get a special "handfasting" notebook. This is great for two reasons. One for organization, two for a handwritten memory of your Ritual.

In the notebook we wrote everything and I mean everything. The location, date, time, dress, the actual ceremony and people in the ceremony, tools needed and words to be spoken.....music to be played and food to be eaten. It was fun and made her life so much easier to just open up that book with the tab "food" or "ceremony" and know what she needed.

Best witches to you and your love!

mxtodis123 said...

Your handfasting is going to be wonderful, loud music or not. I'd love to be there. Please make sure to share some pics.

Me said...

Thanks for the kind words sweetheart. Its good to know Im not alone because a lot of the time, I just feel . . "strange"

I bet you would look heavenly in a vintage dress . .

Rue said...

As a Virgo, I send you much "organizational energy!" Lol - just beware - it sometimes turns into an obsession with us!

Best wishes on your planning!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Why is aphrodite in virgo a bad thing? In my secret heart, I sometimes believe that Virgo is actually ruled by Aprhodite!

Bitsa Lit said...

hey! good luch with everything..and I may not be a virgo, but ill still send over my thoughts and the awesome scorpio brand of energy...(youll be so stubborn, everything will just bend to your almighty scorpio will :P) lol!

Im so envious that you are able to sit outside and meditate though...its still crappy here lol...but ill get over it eventually!
blessings and luck!!

Anonymous said...
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jaz@octoberfarm said...

teddy was born on april 9th. 5 years ago. your package should be there soon! at least i hope it will be! it is snowing like crazy here right now!! i love it!!

Bridgett said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what you decide for your handfasting. I'll have to live vicariously through you. I would love to have a vowel renewal with my husband and have a handfasting ceremony...but he's not Pagan, so he's not really on board. Boo!

Love you!

Amanda said...

Ditto the "get a notebook" comment. The very best thing to organize your thoughts and get every idea capture (even if you throw it out later). We did more of a traditional wedding with handfasting vows and components. My favorite part was our decision to "jump the broom" after the "kissing the bride" part and before walking back up the aisle. Such a simple act, but felt really symbolic.

Bitsa Lit said...

Hey!! I just read your comment on my blog...like...right now! and I had to post back!
I would love a co-journey/adventurer on this rollarcoaster! If you want the job, its yours!!
I also am quite connected to this blog...It has always been one of my favs and firsts lol!! I love it and many times find myself checking to see if you've written another post (in class no less XD ) lol! I bet if we keep talking about it and supporting each other,we can get through the 'sizes' together :D
Im ready! Bring on the lunges!

Bitsa Lit said...

yup, in class! when im stuck in a rut or bored out of my mind, what is there better to do than read a great blog that always makes me feel better lol! Besides.... most of the classes im taking right now suck the big one!
Im glad that you were motivated though!! half an hour is better than nothing at all! :D

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