A bit of happy rambling and a protection spell

This is an extremely peculiar time for me, peculiar but in a good way. I realised yesterday that some of my darkest thoughts no longer dwel in my consciousness. Some of my greatest fears seem to no longer affect me. And although the pain of the past is not to be forgotten so this tiny victory is not to be misinterpreted or ignored.
There were times that i thought i could n't make it, that i was neither strong nor patient enough to prevail. I am so thankful for the magick in my life,for those who love me and whom i love, for the Goddess and those who guided me through what seemed as an endless night. I know the fight is not over yet. There are still obstacles ahead. But now i know i can do it. Now i can have faith again, faith to myself and to my future.
Tears are burning my eyes. Happy tears, tears of relief. All these overwhelming emotions are welcome. Such power those emotions have, that i feel i should put it in good use. As a thank you to all my wonderful readers and followers here goes one of my favourite protection spells for the home. You will only need a glass, a spoon, water and some salt.
Mix the water and the salt in the glass until the water seems clear.
Go to the room in the East side of your home and say this chant over the glass.
Water and Earth wherever you are,
no curse could ever be held,
in the home where i reside,
i have the Goddess(or God) 's blessings
Νερο και χωμα οπου βρεθει
καμια καταρα δεν κρατα,
στο σπιτι οπου ζω εγω
εχω την ευλογια απο τη Θεα.
Make sure to cast the spell in every single room of your house as you move clockwise. When you are finished a proctective circle is casted. Leave the glass outside, either to a balcony, or to your garden, but hide it from the evil eye. It is not to be seen by anyone but your family. It will protect your home for as long as there is water in the glass. When it is gone you can do it again. Works better on a New or a Full moon.
Be blessed and love yourselves for who you are.


Rue said...

I am glad you are not having a hard time with fears and negativity anymore! What a great way to go into our new year this Samhain!

Thanks for sharing your spell! Blessing to you.

Bitsa Lit said...

It is great to hear that you are feeling better. (in the post below). I have to say that...well i just started a BOS ( I hate calling it that though...it seemes to make it feel fake to me i guess)...and in it I have written my favorite herbs and different remedies and such. I think it looks great and I tend to center around a few herbs so it dosnt get too un organized.
Good Luck with the BOS!
Im also glad to hear that your getting rid of a lot of negativity and such, It always helps life flow when were not so down all the time!
Well, Blessings! and Happy Autumn!

Sharon Day said...

That was a wonderful spell. I know just what you mean about the dark places now filled with light. It happens over time and you don't even realize it, but the more good days you have, the more new experiences, the more trust you put into people and find them worthy, the more the darkness recedes and everything is cast in the light of wisdom and experience. It's a part of seasoning and becoming mature. You begin to realize that every drama is temporary and nothing stays forever so you let things go. I'm so happy for you. You bring tears to my eyes to hear someone else express the same feelings I went through some time ago.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it would be strange to see one of those houses in greece!!! i live in an old victorian and i just love them even with all the problems. i love the architecture in new england and can't wait to post it. i am so tired from driving that i didn't do a very good job on my posts but hopefully they will get better after a long sleep.

the wandering broom said...

i am soo happy that you have conquered some of your fears, even if it is a small step. i feel the same way on many days...that i don't have the courage to push through but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it seems small and dim right now.

i performed a similar protection spell on my parents' house many years ago but i did not keep the glass. i put the water and salt in a regular dish and after the spell was done, washed the dish and put it back with the others. i don't have a garden right now b/c i live in the city but i should do another protection spell again soon.

Shadow said...

oh how i know that wonderful feeling of relief that you describe here. it's exhilarating. and thank you for your spell. just waiting for the new moon....

Bridgett said...

Well this is good news! I'm so glad you're feeling more positive. :)

And thank you for that spell...I'm going to do it the next full moon.


Unknown said...

I make my buttons using Photoshop.