Candles, intention, faith and spellcasting

Today is Sunday. Traditionally it is ruled by the Sun and so the colour yellow is moslty used along with gold. I love gold candles for issues like health and well being and of course money and silver for emotional spells(and all things Moon represents). It is hard to find those candles this time of the year. But i usually "stock up" during Christmas when you see them everywhere you look. I have a gold candle with some beautiful patterns carved on it that i use when i am not very energetic or down with something and a very simple silver one that i use when i am seeking for answers and enlightment. Although during Candlemas i make my own candles that are also blessed by the Sabbat and made for specific reasons i can not make gold and silver ones. Do you know what i can use? I was thinking maybe glitter, but i am not sure about the result!
Tools in magick are helpful but not necessary. But although there have been times that i spontaniously casted a spell or had a ritual without tools they are very helpful. For others it is their athame, for others it is a cauldron for me it is the candles that are very important to me. When i look into the flame of a burning candle something deeply into my subsconcious makes me instantly connect with a higher power. Red is associated with Mars and so passion. Green with Aphrodite and so love. But there are times that i just take a small white candle infront of me and i focus on what i want. From my experience those two things that are essential in magick are the intention and the faith. The desire is the power and the faith is the way.
This is linked to the Law of attraction(although the law works in more general terms, like karma does). I have a very good example of how this works. A couple of years ago there was a play i wanted to see very much but it was sold out. A friend of mine was also bumped because it was a beautiful opera with a great cast and i told him:"Come with me and you ll see. We will find tickets." He came despite his disbelief. We waited and waited in a huge line with people like us that hoped for a cancellation. It was beyond hope and i drove him crazy by saying that we will definitelly get two tickets. Abut five minutes before it begins a nice man came towards us and said. Hey, kids are you waiting for tickets? He was very well dressed and we had about 50 euro each and there were seats that cost around 100. So we asked(very embarassed) how much the tickets worthed. And he said:"No. Take them. Our friends won't be coming and we do not need them." I was shocked. I mean i expected to find tickets one way or another but that was...surreal!And the seats turned out to be great too. My friend could n't believe our luck and he still calls me a witch although he does n't know i am. I think... I strongly believe that it was not just the desire that made it happen. I had faith as well. This is important. In Greek magick the spells not always rhyme. But they are always written in a present tense(although you are working on a future event). They go something like this : "As the moon is growing my strenth grows", or "Like the flame of the candle the negative energy is burnt", or "Every man wants me". They are based in the strong belief that they are true and happening in the very moment you chan. Of course the visualisation gets more intense that way.
When i write a spell it almost always rhymes. It may include the elements, the cardinal points, the herbs i am using and of course what i want. How do you write your spells?


Anonymous said...

Something like that happened to me lately - I was at a store opening where we thought we would be getting free groceries (the first 50 people to show up would). Unfortunately we didn't make it in time, but we had driven so far away that we stayed anyway and put a few things into the basket. There were SO many people there, and I had my two babies with me, so it was very demoralizing. After we had stood in line for more than 45 minutes without even being halfway to the front of the store, I started sending out messages to the universe that it'd be darn nice if we got some free food anyway. Almost immediately, a store employee came and took me and an older lady aside and said that our food was on us, and have a few canvas bags as well. It was absolutely awesome! Sometimes the universe really listens and takes requests!

Anyway, I hope you are doing well with the fires. When we heard the news stories I thought of you and hoped you are not affected!

Sharon Day said...

Some call it karma, others coincidence, and some say it's divine intervention. I believe in the law of attraction. Good sticks to good. Pure sticks to pure.

Hey, I heard about the fires in Athens, hope everything is okay. Here in the desert, we know what that can be like. Sending positive energy for the area.

Bridgett said...

Aww...love it!

And like you, I'm very much into candles in my practice. I have a blue/purplish one lit beside me right now. :)


Tavin said...

That was beautiful....I try and write my spells with the very intent of what I need or want. Usually always ryhms. I wrote one down to help with money for my 13.1 mile walk and I got a donation check in the mail yesterday!

the wandering broom said...

Visualization is essential. The will triumphs above all other ingredients. Sometimes when something doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to, I blame it on the spell but secretly I know it's because I didn't try hard enough, I didn't want it hard enough, I didn't put 110% of my being into making it happen. I know this b/c the times I do, it turns out correctly. But this is easier said than done and sometimes it can't be helped but this isn't the place to discuss that since comments are supposed to be short!

Btw, I really love the candles in that photo. And you look lovely as well!

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.