I go through your blogs and you are all one way or another gathering items for your fall decorations and some of you even for Halloween! The change of the season is evident even in your words. Some of you are so filled with enthusiasm that the fall is coming that you are actually worried about not living in the moment. But i strongly believe this is living in the moment. Because the change is everywhere. This is the best part of summer. It is full of contradictions. While you are enjoying every single ray of sunshine you can not wait to see the autumn colours in nature.
Autumn is my favourite season. I love the air, the smell of rain, the colours of the sky, all the visible signs that the fall is here, and the nostalgic feeling it gives me. The fall is a reminder of simplier times, when all we cared about was that we will see our classmates again and wanting to buy new fancy pencils. And even those times are far behind us and never coming back there is still this distinct sensation deep down your stomach that can only be described as longing for something unknown and because of that unattainable.
My soul, my body, my spirit they are all affected. The intensity busts my creativity and an urgent desire to write occurs. As i listen to the wind feelings are transformed into words. As i watch the leaves dance under the touch of the autumn breeze i have to sing.
Now i know there are not many skepticals following my blog and reading this, but if that is not magick what is it? With those who might claim this is a chemical reaction, a natural phenomenon i will not disagree. Magick is an aspect of nature. It is ot the mechanics that matter to me, it is the result. If this distinguished experience is susceptible to scientific description or explanation is the least of my concern. I sense the Goddess in every sound of my wind chimes. I feel the God in my regained strenth. And i worship them and thank them for it.


Sharon Day said...

You know, I like to think of fall as the evening. If summer is total chaos and activity, chores, work, and cooking dinner and cleaning dishes, then fall is that lazy time before bed when you can sit back and watch TV, curl up and get you back scratched, read a good book. It's cool-down, slow-down, appreciate life time.

Bridgett said...

Beautifully written. Autumn is my favorite season, as well. Hence my daughter's name. :)

the wandering broom said...

Yes, everyone seems to be saying "I can feel Autumn coming!" Well, I can't!!! It still seems far away...everything is still green and the days are still hot.