I am sad!As simple as that.

Today i am trying to stay on top of things. Not freaking out is a major task along with not hyperventilating! My dad did some tests and he has some serious kindey problems. His kidneys are failing and there is not a medicine for reversing that. He is also diabetic and has heart problems. So to help the kidneys they are cutting him off his heart medication. Right now i am searching the web for herbs that could help out. I know everything is going to be okay. And everything happens for a reason. But i am still sad and worried.
This is not the day i thought i was waking up into. I thought i had the day for myself. I have a massage scheduled and i was going to meditate, drink herbal teas and detox. Maybe hit the gym. And in a split second everything changed. My dad is sick. He is really sick. How do you cope with that? And why in Goddess's name i feel guilty for crying? Earlier in the phone i was trying to sound cheeper(it was kinda scary!). It is okay to be sad. It is okay to be scared. I do not want it to be true but it is. It is not a matter of perception. Which ever way i choose to see it he is still sick.
If you know any herbs that could help please tell me.
Love and blessings to all.


greekwitch said...

Ooops! I screwed up a lil

Bridgett said...

Yay! Your comments are working now. I couldn't get them to work earlier.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Have the mentioned dialysis or anything like that?

Definitely sending healing energies to your family, and in particular, your father.

Love & Light,

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

My suggestion to you would be to find the best nephrologist, if you haven't already.

My father in law has lived with diabetes all his life, he's had bypass surgery, two strokes, bladder cancer and I'm probably forgetting some other medical issues, but what I haven't forgotten is that he's 83 years old.

He's your Dad. You have every reason to be both sad and frightened...just don't give up hope.

Both you and your Dad are in my thoughts!



Bitsa Lit said...

My thoughts are with you and your family. If I learn of anything that can help I will let you know asap.
Just remember not to let yourself get too run down or you will be the next one sick and that wont help anybody!

The Traveler said...

Just make sure whatever herbs you use are ok for the medicine he does have to take. Check with a trained herbalist would be my suggestion that way you are as safe as possible.

Lyon said...

*hugs* my thoughts are with you. I agree with Tracy - try to stay positive, and don't give up hope. I'm really sorry to hear he is so sick.