100th post

Today it has been raining all morning. Since i did n't have to work until three pm i could sleep as late as i wanted. So around 9 am i decided to sleep some more and finally woke up at 12 o' clock. It was still raining and i spent some time in bed watching the rain through the window and listening to the sounds of the storm. Beautiful feelings. Now almost three hours later, the sun is out and the street, the leaves, the trees, everything is glowing under the light. Everything is more beautiful after the rain.
This is my centennial post. When i started blogging i never thought it would come that far. And now with a coffee on my hand(one of those that have more calories than your lunch and smell like hazelnut) i feel like celebrating. I am so thankful for blogging. I really am. Although i do not hide my spiritual practices in real life and i am definitely out of the broom closet i do not have people around i can share experiences, thoughts and feelings.
A new moon is coming this Sunday, so it is time to get rid off some unwanted energies and cleanse our homes from negativity. So you could use the salt water potion i posted or smudge the house around. Of course most of you know that you begin at the East and end North so you can cast a protective circle, but i just mention it anyway. The most usual smudges are sage and rosemary. But these are n't the only herbs you can makes smudges of. You can use lavender for serenity and peace if there have been fights lately in your family. You can use eucalyptus for healing physical or emotional wounds or damiana that induces euphoria(it is said that it has a similar but milder effect with cannabis if smoked) and is also an afrodisiac as a tea. You can use lemon verbena smudges for health, beauty and lust, which is a great herb. The tea of lemon verbena helps you release the toxins and helps you to manage your weight by enhancing and stimulating your metabolism. I had drunk a cup a day for a week and i went down half a size without changing anything in my diet(although i should!). Plus it tastes great! I will start drinking it again. Other herbs that help with weight loss are flaxseed and anise.
I am considering of writing the physical information of herbs and plants in my BOS as well as their magickal attributes. Sometimes the natural and magickal attributes of a plant are alike. This happens in the case of eucalyptus. Breathing the steams of eucalyptus helps with asthma and colds. In magick eucalyptus has healing powers.
I think i have collected all the herbs i need for the section in my Book so i should begin writing them down.
Blessings to all...


Unknown said...

I know one old indian woman who uses bleachat the 4 corners of her property..

It doesn't really matter whether its sage, bleach, myrrh, rosemary or cat shit....but the former sure smell less offensive. Hmmm....maybe the cat shit would ward off negative people. :-)

Sharon Day said...

Now that you've done 100 posts, you should consider doing something that becomes permanent on your site, like a recipe file for smudging and health-inducing teas and such. I used to grow my own healing tea garden and made teas for my friends, but fireants in the desert went nuts when I planted lemon verbena and catnip and such. I did smudge with eucalyptus before and it works amazingly well. I think we all felt quite happy and giddy for weeks. Of course, it helps that we have 3 of those trees in our yard. We also have mesquite. I'd be curious to find out what that does. I know some people burn the wood in their fireplaces and it's sought after for the taste it leaves in foods when smoked with it... I'll have to look that up. See the domino effect of being in the blog world? You send out thought out and like the wings of a butterfly, it changes everything. I'm so glad you decided to blog. Oh, and please send some rain this way--we haven't seen any since probably August.

Bridgett said...

You always have such wonderful information! I didn't know much about lemon verbena. I have lemon balm, but no verbena, unfortunately.

Congratulations on reaching your 100th post!!! Yay!

I'll be on my 1000th in the next few months. I'm around 900 right now. Of course, I've been blogging for 6 years on October 26.


Anonymous said...

I really need to do a cleansing of negativity in my house. This place is so heavy with it. It really weighs you down as soon as you walk in the door.