I have to admit that there are times i am afraid you are getting tired of my blogging about spirituality. But today i had a wonderful time reading your blogs about the divine, the ways of the Goddess and love. And i understood that no matter how much we think about those things, no matter how much we talk about them, and although they are ancient they never get old. Because they are not just random topics, things we chit chat about. This is not just an attempt to spend our time. This is our way to understand those things that are meant only to be felt. This is a way to embrasse the divine and squizze it into our every day life.
I recently read(in another great blog) that most withes do not live in the forests, isolated, stirring potions in huge caulrons anymore. Most witches live in big or small cities, trying to deal with traffic jams and tax rates. Most witches try to touch the divine while dealing with a flawed society that worships the meaningless and laughs at the meaningful. Unfortunately this is true. It is true for me and if you are reading this, it is true for you also.
Is it wrong to have a quick ritual in the living room before picking up groceries? Being Wiccan should be close to being Amish? Is it that our times are just not spiritual friendly? Are we doomed?
I believe not. Everything is a matter of perception. There are people that in the calmness of pure nature feel lonesome and the lack of the divine. They look upon the stars and fear that there is nothing out there. And there are also people who feel their homes are sacred places, their own individual temples. I am not saying that it does n't take a lot of work. Staying positive always does. But when you become able to transform your apartment into a huge pendant that wards off negativity, happiness is yours for the taking. It is a matter of half full-half empty glass. You either choose to focus on what you do n't have or see the abundance into your life.
Now i am not saying that there is n't a picture stuck into my head from the Mists of Avalon,where a young girl is raising her hands in a wooden boat in the middle of a foggy and peaceful lake. I want to be that girl and feel the connection with the Great Mother in a beautiful place like this. And i will try it many times. I will enjoy my time between the trees, the birds and the ancient Gods. But i will also enjoy the great pleasures of our times, wireless internet connection, hot coffee and blow dryers!
And at this point i have a confession to make. Last week i made rose petal powder using a blender. And it was great. Although there is something deeply magical with a wooden hand press.
Brightest blessings to all.


Autumnforest said...

Those were really insightful points. I think of my backyard as my place of worship and my home as sacred. The thing I love about that too is that as a ghost hunter and believer in emotions being imprinted in places, I feel safer that way. In a church, there can be strangers gathered together and each with different frustrations, angers, sickness, and bad thoughts. Putting the powers together in one room makes it feel sort of "canceled" out. I don't want my intentions and spirit to be touched by others. I want it to be me and nature and the divine. I think that's why most pagans are solitary worshippers. The concept of handing one's spirituality to another who now has power is really frightening. Keep the power for yourself and know that everything you touch with your own positive intentions powers it up, from your sofa to your cabinets, to your bed, and even those around you. You create a residual haunting of your living spirit.

Shadow said...

my home is my home, and that is where i create the space that leaves me feeling comforted and safe. society has changed, but some things do not have to change, just alter a little bit...

Lyon said...

I couldn't agree with you more. There's no reason and truly, very little way to hide away from the world. Our practice should be of the world in my mind, and it really is a matter of how you choose to see it.

so hard to remember some days, but so important.

Very nice post. =)

greekwitch said...

I am so glad you guys fell this way too.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to join you on that boat parting the mists!! Take me with you.

In the meantime I shall continue to clean my little house where we live three bocks away from the hospital in the middle of a crowded city typing this response on my PC as I sip my Dunkin Donuts coffee. =)

Bright Blessings!

ellen abbott said...

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for joining me on my journey.

Rue said...

I agree with you - you can be just as much of a witch in the city or the country. It's all about your finding a way to incorporate your practice into your life situation. I think you do a wonderful job in your apartment with your blender!

Bridgett said...

Tired of your spiritual, magickal posts? Never!

I absolutely loved your words. And it's true. Modern witches must adapt to modern society and standards.

Using a blender is great, I think. :)