Coming back to reality and a few more pictures...

In Ioannina the energies were wonderful. It is a city with a big university and so the majority of the people who live there are very young. Although it is a city it is pretty small. The time slows down there. People seem and are calmer. There are landscapes that are so perfect you can hardly believe they are natural. Old trees and great food. Really great food. Even a simple tomato tastes like heaven. There is a castle with small houses in it that people actually live in there. How cool would it be to live in a castle? And also i have a stong metaphysical connection to that place. It is where i was firstly accepted in college, it is where Petros's dad is from and i have loved it before i even saw it. You see when i was in highschool i had an imaginary boyfriend. His name was Petros, he had two brothers, he played basketball, he was great with computers and his dad was from Ioannina(all those things are true for the real one). The creepy thing is that i have never met the real Petros by then. I thought i was imagining all those stuff, but what a coincidence! The thing is that when i was telling the story of the fake boyfriend i have never been to Ioannina. The connection was alive. So naturally the desire of leaving Athens grew inside of me. Every second i were there i though how much i want to just pick up and go live there. Knowing that i can not do that, i thought that returning to the mundane reality would be a bit frustrating. But i was so wrong.
Since i came back it is like a big fiesta.I cook all the time(trying to recreate some of the delicious things we ate there) friends are always here, my clients are happy to have me back and of course Phoebe(the dog) and Tsitsini(the cat) are as always a delight. I have made two small herbal pillows for me and P for beautiful dreams, i have redecorated my office and P and I spend the evenings watching "Friends". It has been three very creative days. Although the vacations were short and actually pretty full and tiring i feel so much more relaxed and energetic. I guess i needed a break more than i knew. I should keep that in mind. The last time i took a vacation was three years ago. I did n't feel i was missing out on something but i understand now that it is more important than i thought.


Sharon Day said...

You so deserved a vacation and a reconnect with nature. It looks glorious! I adore Greek food (my favorite) and their culture--they're so spontaneous and adorably lovable and happy. When I'm on vacation, I always tell my hubby I'm going Greek. He knows what I mean--food, fun, wine, and probably a naked moonlight swim. Lucky girl!

Shadow said...

you sound completely recharged.

Bridgett said...

That's pretty amazing about your imaginary Petros and the real one. Incredible!

And this city sounds so wonderful. I want to go too. :)

I'm thrilled you're feeling so good and managed to recharge. Sometimes, that's just what we need.