Greetings to all the blogland.
As the nights grow longer, this is the time of the year we all enjoy sleep more than usual. I love everything about sleep.
I love the bed, the sheets, the covers, layers and layers of them, the fluffy pillows. I love warming my feet on P. and hugging him in the brief moments i wake up during the night. I love our bodies searching one another as pieces of a puzzle. I love all three of our pets on the bed, laying on our feet, leaving us no room to move. I love looking outside my window the yellow lights on the street, especially on a rainy night, before i close my eyes. I love looking at the big pine tree outside my window, especially on a foggy day, when i wake up. I love my dream catcher above my head rescuing me from the evil nightmares, but allowing all the beautiful dreams to fall through the feathers. And of course i love staying in bed as late as i want.
I believe we have great power in our sleeping state. Except for the obvious relaxation and recharging, we embrasse our unconscious and solve problems without even being aware of it. We work through our issues and heal. We travel between the worlds and around them. We have visits from spirits that once loved us. We are warned of dangers of the future so we can prepare ourselves. We are free of moral,social and physical constrains.
So it is only natural that i like every possible spell and ritual that has to do with sleep. I have done them all. Dream pillows, dream potions, love crystalls, sleep insences. But today i am just going to give you a herbal sleep remedy in case you suffer from insomnia or you just want to relax. For a cup of tea, you will just need one teaspoon valerian root, one teaspoon chamomile and one teaspoon of honey. If you like milk in your tea feel free to add some because it also helps induce sleep. If you drink this around half an hour before bed time you will enjoy a better and deeper sleep. Valerian root especially can provide you with vivid dreams, help with anxiety and -thankfully for me- menstrual cramps also.
So have a nice sleep dear bloggers because Halloween is only a breath away and we will need all our strength to celebrate.
Blessings and nighty night.


Sharon Day said...

I so agree! I have the cocooning instinct too. That's probably why living in the desert drives me nuts. It's so few months of the year that I can curl up under the blankets. I think all women enjoy a cold bedroom and lots of blankets. I sleep so good when it's cold and my dreams are more vivid, well, you know they are. :-)

Lyon said...

Awesome post. =) You described loving sleep so well and it's so early in the morning here you almost convinced me to crawl back into bed. ;-)

Shadow said...

mmmmm, i feel the need for a nap..... i so love sleeping.

Bitsa Lit said...

oh glorious sleep!
I need to use that tea soon before I die from sleep deprivation...

I agree with you though. it is very important to the spiritual, mental and physical well being of everyone...

For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud ~ Albus Dumbledore (HP:POA)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to get a good nights sleep but I haven't had one in over two years.

ξι said...

I dodn't know if i have told you so, but I love the way you write and express yourself. Especially now that you are describing a favourite habit of yours. It might be because we are sharing the same opinion!
Anyway, I love the way you express yourself!
Have a perfect weekend!

Wikked Wit said...

My sleep is interrupted by my new lil man, Emery. I call him the Little Meatloaf. He's just 2 mths old.

I went to Athens 2 years ago. It was so beautiful. The food was amazing..our speeding taxi driver, scary. :) I loved bying wine from the farmers as we drove around the countryside. Yummmm!!!

Bridgett said...

You make sleep sound so absolutely wonderful. :)

I've snagged your button, btw.