I hate hospitals!

Greetings to all you beautiful blogfriends. I can not believe that my followers are now 101. Welcome friends, i hope you will have a great time over here.
Today it has been a very intense day. First of all i went to visit my mom to the hospital and we found out she is perfectly fine besides her recent discomfort. I only stayed with her for four hours but it seemed like a week! I hate hospitals. Okay i know that everybody hates hospitals but i really hate them. I once did n't fix a broken toe because of these emotions.
As you all know i am a psychic and amongst psychics it is very common to dislike hospitals and clinics. Those places are filled with pain(not to mention death), stress and fear. I can feel it even when i am passing by a hospital. This is why i deeply respect nurses, doctors and hospital staff. They deal with those energies every single day. Whenever i have to visit someone in a hospital i buy huge,beautiful bouqeuts that i keep close to me for as long as i stay there and i focus on them. Despite my best efforts to stay positive and ground myself, i am a wreck. I have a headache and i feel like someone has drained my life force out of me. But i am here, with my love and everything will be okay once i get some food in me. I have n't really taken care of myself today.
I am going now to stay by the fire and recharge. Brightest blessings with love and light to all of you.


mxtodis123 said...

I have spent a lot of time at hospitals with my husband, and I know exactly how you are feeling. I dislike everything there is about hospitals--the smells, the cold, sterile atmosphere. I am glad to hear that your mom is doing okay. Go get yourself some rest and take care of you. I am going to try to do the same.

Autumnforest said...

I worked in an emergency room for several years. It was extremely draining, especially since the hospital handled all the child sexual abuse cases and rapes. Yikes! I now type up the medical reports from home, but even in that remotely removed place, I still feel it all. I have come to let things flow in and out of me and I feel like I'm part of the flow of life because life is not all happiness, health, and bliss, and I want to feel all the parts of it. I think the idea of bringing flowers to the hospital is a really really good one! When I've had to stay in the hospital, the lack of "home" depressed me the most. I need to be with nature all the time or I'm unhappy. One time, I worked my way to a chair near the window just to feel the sunlight. It made my pain go away.

Lilly said...

Me too, it's funny i did the exact same thing, broke my pink to and refused to go to the hospital (i'm sure they couldn't do much for my toe anyway). I alway seem to pick up others feelings of Anxiety when i'm in a hospital. With my old job i would have to wait with people in the emergency room for upto 14hours. It was horrible.

The Lunar Gazette said...

I am sorry to hear you had to visit the hospital today--but I am glad to hear that your mother is fine.

Nurses are absolutely incredible people, and as a psychic, I know that feeling you get in the hospital!

I hope you can relax tonight, and find something to soothe you and charge you up for a brighter and wonderful day tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by my place and stay in touch (send us submissions too!)!

Shadow said...

i'm glad your mom's okay. and hospitals? no thank you! another thing i can't handle, is passing an accident. how can people stop and look, it's not like they have no intention or skills in helping the hurt, yet they do it. i close my eyes and pass as quickly as i can. my nerves are in an instant tangle.

Lyon said...

I am glad to hear your mothers is doing alright! I agree with you, hospitals are horrible places. It only takes a minute of being in one before I feel the very strong urge to run and get sick.

Soraya said...

Hey there :)
Glad that you mom's alright, always good news.
I find it so interesting the affect hospitals have on you. I'm wondering if that's a little something as to what went wrong with me when I was in the hospital.
How did you find out about your being psychic? I'm curious.
And also, could you stop by my blog soon, I think I might be in need of your help and it'd probably be easier for you to go visit my blog. Thank you so much!
Brightest Blessings!

Soraya said...

thank you thank you thank you SOOOO much!!!! for the spell, what do I have to do with it?

And for psychic, is that like.. intuitive and stuff? Because I know what people are going to say to me before they say it... I knew my boyfriend was going to dump me, i knew he was going to tell me something else... I knew my mom was going to tell me she lost her job... It's weird.


GreenWheel said...
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GreenWheel said...

Hey sweetie

I know how you feel. Not to your same extent. But like most I do not like hospital for energy reasons and other reasons not appropriate for this post.

I wonder if this Mantra formula might help you the next time you are in the hospital or similar situation. Just repeat this mantra in conjunction with focusing on the flowers until you feel calm and say it again if you start to feel a wreck again.

My guide is (your matron or patron deity of choice or say The Goddess or The God, whatever feels right to you) as I ride through this time, (he/she) is here with me.

My guide is the Goddess as I ride through this time, she is here with me.

Or leave off the last bit:
My guide is the Goddess as I ride through this time.

Or replace time with whatever is going on:
My guide is the Goddess as I ride through this hospital stay.


My guide, the Goddess is with me, I can do this.

And so on

Hope this helps

Bridgett said...

I know how you feel. I'm a nurse, and after 7 years of working, I was an emotional wreck. It was just too much, after awhile.

I'm glad your mom is doing well and I hope you're taking good care of your precious self.


Anonymous said...

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