Since i am the non smoker of the family, everybody seem to take from me my lighters(steal is kinda harsh word hah?) and i can not have my ritual. This is the second time this week.For the love of Goddess, what 's a girl to do? Bang rocks together? It is a shame too, because i have picked up like a million pine needles to burn!
By the way we have a new government. Lets hope to some big changes in every single thing, and less corruption. Crossed fingers for this wish!
I sprung my ankle. You can say this is not my week! I knew that my box of ashes on the floor was a bad omen! In our whole garden there is a teeny tiny hole and of course, i stepped into it! If I was n't in pain i would kick myself in the a..! How clumplsy can a person be?
Petros has my lighter-s and i can not have my ritual(i wish i have figured it out before decorating the whole frigging living room with a limp!). So instead i will write my wish on a leaf and let it fly to the wind, because by the time he is back i will be sleeping! Do you have any idea of how i could celebrate without fire? I have done the leaf spell in the past and it was beautiful, but still, there were candles burning. I can not operate ike that people! Woooo! I am pissed off! Inhaling happy thoughts exhaling negativity, anger, frustration, need to swear, need to yell. Oh the list is big.
Happy Esbat to all of you who have a lighter around!


Sharon Day said...

You are going to have to find a secret place for hide lighters for rituals that no one knows about, maybe where you store something no one wants to touch, like you ceremonial things. I am looking forward to the Harvest Moon tonight. Last night, I was out swimming in the chilly pool and took a bunch of pictures of the moon. I'm going to hopefully post them soon. With the Halloween stuff in my garden, it looked pretty scary.

LMA said...

I hope you found a lighter!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your honesty and encouragement. You helped me think twice about my fears of wishing for abundance and while it will take time for a complete change, it is a starting point.

Blessed Esbat.

Anonymous said...

People are constantly taking my lighters and matches, too. It's so annoying!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your sprained ankle! I hope you get better soon.

Shadow said...

a wish on a leaf? how delightul is that!

Lyon said...

I wish I would have seen this last night, but the moon will still be technically full tonight as well.

Sometimes we have to think on our feet, dear lady! ;-) Let the moon be your candle light. All you need to do your ritual is your own imagination and your hands. Don't have a candle? Let the full moon be your flame. Or if you can't get outside, visualize your own flame. Candles, crystals, etc. are all only props anyway - the process of raising energy and sending it to your intent happens inside of you and is the same regardless of what physical items you are using. And we certainly don't need them to commune with the divine, which dwells within and around us always.

I hope your luck gets better poor thing! You certainly had a rough week last week. Here's to a better one starting now!

Bridgett said...

Oh my! It sure hasn't been your week, has it?

You need to buy some lighters and hide them! LOL

I hope your esbat was a happy one despite all the inconveniences. And I'm sending my magickal 'mommy boo boo' kisses your way to heal that ankle. :)


Soraya said...

What about matches? from my experiences, smokers dont steal those because they're inconvenient and such.
I Hope your ankle feels better soon.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Just wanted to say that most of the giveaways are open to international readers! Unless it says "only open to US", please feel free to participate!!