I am back!

Greetings to all the blogland! How is everybody? I missed you. Due to technical difficulties and lack of internet connection i missed your blogs the last couple of days. Since i am following a loooot of blogs and most of you are very busy bees it will take me some time to catch up, but i am on a mission. I will read them all!
Just a quick update on my life, my cell phone is down(broken,can't be fixed), P bought a new battery for my car but it was n't the right one and then lost the reciept(!), as i mentioned already the internet was also down, so it is safe to say that the demon of technology is screwing with me. I shall conquer him!
No, i have n't lost it...yet! Although i am getting closer by the moment as all those minor disasters are pilling up. But, to be honest, despite everything, i am not overwhelmed by the problems of the mundane, everyday life. Since we are healthy and happy and loved nothing else matters. I know it is just a fase and that i have n't grown up that much, but i 'll take what i get! If for a brief moment a get to be care free and relaxed then so be it. Even my money problems do not seem to affect me! It will sort itself out, like it always does and now i get to be more aware of my financial situation and responsibilities. I know i have to work harder and make my job my first priority, if i want to be care-free and not care-less!
Lately i have been spending lots of time with my beautiful pets. Shadow is growing up really fast. If he keeps up at this pace in the next four months i will have to feed him with live chicken! Sorry for the visual!
The last week the weather was very cold and the wind was actually screaming winter, but today we were blessed with a beautiful day, full of light. The sun was invigorating and gave me a sense of strenth and spiritual power. We are are heading towards Yule and the Great Mother is preparing Herself for the process of death and rebirth. And in the mean time she is generously showing to us Her beauty.
I hope you will have the opportunity to take a long walk and see for yourselves.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude towards life!

Rue said...

Good to have you back - too bad about the connection problems.

Glad everyone is healthy and happy - including Shadow!

Anonymous said...

First of all. I just want to comment that your blog looks great!

And second, it seems that last month was not an easy month. For some reason, there was something in the air that things didn't go as simple. Financial problems, car problems and dog problems, to say the least. Like you, we will over come the obstacle and sit back and relax and just let things sort it out for themselves instead of worrying. I'm positive that this month will get better;)


Unknown said...

Welcome back! Love the new layout.

Sharon Day said...

So happy to hear you back on the blog-o-sphere. You always paint the world with such an artistic viewpoint, it's just refreshing to hear what you're up to. Give Shadow a pat for me. I love kitties, but am horribly allergic (frown). :-)

Margaret said...

The sights and sounds of nature are healing and uplifting.
A miracle in every step.

Wendy said...

Ick, not the technology gremlins! I hope everything turns around.

Enjoy your time with the pets. This time of year seems like the perfect one to spend extra time connecting with ourselves, our loved ones (including pets!), and our guides.

Shadow said...

hey sweet girl. i've missed you. and i'm glad to hear you're taking it all in your stride...

Lyon said...

lol when it rains sometimes it pours and it seems like someone or something is definitely trying to turn your focus inward by sabotaging your modes of communication! It's good to see you shrugging it off though and continuing to be grateful for what you do have. I love that positivity in you. =)

Bridgett said...

Wow...I'm sorry to hear about the technology issues. We seem to be there too, as one after another, out computers seem to be falling to hard drive crashes and viruses. Bah.

You have a wonderful attitude though. :)


Changing Girl said...

Great to have you back. I got lazy, but now I am back too. Updated 360º is a Circle. Updated my main blog too. Great that you are taking it in stride.