Greetings to all the blogland! The pc is back so i can finally blog again. I know it has n't been that long since the last time i posted but i really felt lonely without reading your blogs! You have become a big part of my life and i feel very lucky to have you guys. At this point i want to welcome all my new readers and followers. Thank you for your nice words, i am glad that i can share my thoughts with all of you.
Two days ago was mine and Petros 's 6th anniversary and we went shopping instead of buying each other presents or going out. We bought a new tv furniture, and a new chair for my office along with many mainly useless things but we had a lot of fun and that is what matters! I made a blessing bottle(like the ones i wrote about in a previous post) for the both of us for protection. Instead of sea salt i used sugar because this bottle was about love, and it also had layers of rose petals powder, cardamum seeds and rosemary. The piece of paper that i put in the bottle asked the Goddess for protection of our love, abundance and lust(you can't have too much of it can you?). I read it to Petros and he liked the spell a lot. Before i put the cork on the bottle to seal it, i dropped inside sandalwood essential oil(which is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love). So i think the bottle was very harmonic and in tune with the loving vibes i wanted it to bless us with.
Tommorow begins a new week that seems like it is going to be pretty hectic, full of mundane chores, dentist appointments and a visit to my school that i have ignored for a long time. I hope i will find a way to not just have spiritual breaks of self awareness but make every moment more spiritual. I will tell you how it goes.
I have to make a sad announcement at this point. Charmed spin off is not going to air. They were just rumours and my wishful thinking fell for them. So i took down the post. I am sorry i have misinformed you. To make it up to you i found a charmed spin off site that you can read. The url is www.lexicharmed.proboards.com (lame me, still can't insert a link!). I think you will find it pretty satisfying!
Although i thought i d hate it, i ended up loving the new tv series "eastwick". And i also found out that the vampire diaries have enough magic in them to satisfy my needs. If you have n't yet watched them give them a shot!
Now i have to leave you to go to my bff's birthday party! She is the last of us to turn twenty five! We grow up so fast. I would like to pause for a while! It feels like everything is spinning(no, i haven't started drinking on my own!). It feels like we all dance in the ways of the spiral and back out, only to end up where we first started(i swear i am not smoking anything illegal!).
Brightest blessings to all. Have a wonderful week and a great Monday tomorrow. Let your life be as magical as possible!


Autumnforest said...

Happy anniversary! That's impressive! I like your spell bottle. That's a great idea. I do something similar inside of seashells sometimes and leave them out around the house. Unfortunately, I kept knocking them over and their contents would spill. I liked the idea of them being open to the air and able to sort of float their messages around the earth. Now, I place them in candleholders. Have a good time at your friend's birthday.

Bridgett said...

Awww...happy 6th anniversary to you and Petros. How wonderful!

Your love bottle sounds exquisite. Well done, love! :)


Shadow said...

happy anniversary. we do the same on ours, go shopping for something together. and i'm glad to hear from you again, was wondering...

Lyon said...

Welcome back, I missed you - and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! May all your anniversaries be happy and full of love!

I have watched Vampire Diaries but I like the books better. Have you watched Supernatural? That and True Blood are my favorite shows.

the wandering broom said...

Happy Anniversary!

By the way, Eastwick is canceled. They will continue to air the remaining episodes but they will not create any more. I was so sad to hear this news too.