Blog award

First of all i would like to thank a new blogger friend Aewynne Redwolf for an award she gave me. You should check out her blog "Asomatous transformation" at http://geekstress.blogspot.com/ . I will pass it on to Autumn Forest Of "Ghost hunting theories" because she is the hell of a crafter and she is making a bunch of halloween crazy stuff by herself.
Now i want to thank you all for your positive thoughts and your great advice. Although, i do not keep the cats separate during the day, i keep them in different rooms at night. I am still trying to find a home for it but if i can't i am keeping it. The baby kitten scratched Tsitsini on the ear because she hissed him, but i think they are actually getting along much better.
I am sorry i missed your posts yesterday but it has been hectic over here with all these. I am about to start my day early for once(it is 8.30) and i have done a million things already. Blessings to all of you.


Shadow said...

congratulations on your award! and i'm glad the kitties are relaxing a bit. nothing a bit of time will cure, i'm sure!

Sharon Day said...

Thanks! That's really sweet. I'm totally rigging this stuff together, but I find a fantastic challenge in recycling and reusing things. I don't like to think anything has lost its purpose. Some day I'll be old too and I'd hope no one would think I lost my purpose--just that my purpose changed. I'm glad to hear the cats are figuring each other out. I really feel like the more time they have together without human intervention at first, the closer they'll grow. The established cat should take the little one under her wing and act like a parent. Keep us posted!

Bridgett said...

Great news!!

And congratulations on your award. :)