It is getting crazier by the moment..

Greetings blogfriends,
Shadow is growing up so fast. He is now flirting with my coffee. A few minutes earlier he was trying to catch the mouse point on the screen and when it was not visible anymore he checked behind the screen to find it. I laughed so hard. I am trying not to overfeed him but it is a pretty hard task. When he is done with his food he steals from the others. The first couple of days i got so scared, he ate twice his body weight. He is beginning to trust me and to know that there will always be food and he does not have to eat like a maniac. He is already a part of our small family. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. I believe you contributed in his staying.
Yesterday i had my first class of the year in the conservatory. It was fun. I missed singing. I told them i will take a break from my harmony classes. I was kind of dissapointed when i did that but it also has been a relief. I wanted for so much time to prioritise my life and i finally did it.
I have some great news. I will buy some crystalls from Hibiscus moon. I am thrilled. I now can see that me losing my crystalls was for the best. It made me motivated enough to go through with the whole internet purchase that i was so afraid of.
On a magickal note, the Friday full moon was so beautiful. The sky was clear and She was magnificent. I was in my summer house and i had a ritual outdoors. This gave me the freedom to use as much incense as i wanted. The result was thick clouds of smoke, that on some points mada my eyes water a little. The flame of the candle surrounded by the smoke was mystical. I introduced Shadow to the Goddess. He is a very magickal kitten. He is contantly rubbing against magickal items, my bell, my box of ashes, my incense burner, my tarot cards.. I can tell he is going to be a great familiar.
Autumn is definitely here. The wind is colder, there have been a couple of storms, the sky has this grey colour painted all over it. And i have butterflies in my stomach, as always.. The only downside is that i have to bring out some warmer clothes,and buy some wood for the fireplace before it soaks in water and i am lazy!
Brightest blessings.


Shadow said...

the rays of the full moon have certainly touched your life. sending a little ear scratch to shadow...

Sharon Day said...

You have a very magical life and I suspect you attract all kinds of positive energy. The kitten is just one facet of that and the coming autumn is another. Enjoy yourself. This is a very golden time for you. I suspect you will be in for a lot of surprise pleasures in the year to come. :-)

Anna said...

Sounds like Shadow is getting along well :-)


the wandering broom said...

I can finally "feel" Autumn too. Finally.

I'm so glad Shadow is now part of the family. My cat also chases after the mouse cursor and looks behind the computer when it disappears. My cat is gray. :-)

I think it's wonderful that you sing. I can't sing to save my life! And if I try, my throat gets very painful and sore. Sometimes this happens when I talk for a long period of time too. Maybe I'm not using my voice correctly. Hmmm.

Bridgett said...

Awww...I am so glad Shadow has become an integral part of your family and a familiar for you. That's wonderful.

And you're right...the Harvest moon was spectacular.

I plan on ordering from Hibiscus Moon too! :)


Anonymous said...

Howdy all, I just registered on this wonderful community forum and wanted to say gday! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

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