The Esbat and some protection tools..

Good morning. Happy Esbat to all. I hope that we will all have tonight the opportunity to celebrate and admire Her beauty. Here we have elections and the whole country is hoping for better days to come. I am optimistic. The election day falls on a full moon. It must mean something.
Today i woke up with a horrible headache. Aspirin's effect has n't kicked in yet. So celebrating will start as soon as i stop seeing dots. I am probably not doing the best possible thing by "inhaling" coffee since i woke up, but i can't help it, i need my coffee. Maybe on the new moon i will wish for the end of this addiction, but screw it! It is too good!
As i already told you we have elections here. What i have n't told you is that because i keep postponing to bring my papers closer to home i have to do a road trip today. I am trying so hard to see the bright side here, but the roads today will be crazy full and traffic jams with headaches don't mix very well. Although, i have n't left the house since i came down with the cold, so hopefully i will have a good time.
The weirdest thing has happened yesterday. When i walked into my office i saw my box of ashes lying on the floor face down. It creeped me out since my fur babies did not have access to it(door was closed) and even if they did they could not reach it(my altar is a shelf on my bookcase, and the box was behind the other items, but the only thing down on the floor was the box.If up there, which is pretty hard, he would have to drop everything else first) . I am trying to find a reasonable explanation, but i can't. No matter what happened my family heritage on the floor could not be a good sign. So although tonight i was planning for a prosperity spell, i will dedicate my ritual to protection. For incense i will use rosemary, thyme and sage. Instead of gold candles that i was originally going to use, i will burn red ones. And a great spell that translates something like
We are light, our love is stronger than you, you can not hurt us, darkness go away from our home, not even shadows can live here.
For those of you who can read greek here it is:
"Ειμαστε φως
ΕΙμαστε πολυ δυνατοι για εσενα
Δεν εχεις πως
να μας κανεις κακο κανενα
Γυρνα πισω αναμεσα στις σκιες που ανηκεις
Εδω ειναι αγαπη δεν εχεις ελπιδα νικης"
In greek sounds so much better. For starters it rhymes.
Anyhooo, if you want to protect your home the best tools are rosemary and sage for smudges or incense. Plant common rue in a pot and keep it on a balcony of your home. It drains all the negative energy from a house and the intense smell is supposed to keep away malevolant spirits. On the other hand, bay leaves are great for protection, but also enhances the power of your other herbs, like mandric root does. Mandric root and ginger make great protection potions if you boil them with water. But do not ever drink it, cause mandric root is toxic! Just keep it in a small bottle on a window, or bury it in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one. Last but not least red candles are very powerful, but they are ruled by Mars, so be extra careful what you wish for. If you have not mastered yet your visualising skills prefer white candles.
Have a blessed Esbat.


Bridgett said...

I hope your day trip wasn't too awful.

And I hope your esbat ritual was a huge success!


Shadow said...

thank so for all the little tips you leave along the way... i greedily gobble them up...