Making hard decisions...

Today i had to let the cleaning lady go. Actually my mom did it. I was busy trying not to cry. Her name is Camelia. She is not very good in what she does. She used to come three times a week for 25 euro per time. She is the same lady that threw my crystalls away, washed the straws(not the reusable kind) and talked to herself...a lot! Every time after she left i always had to do some clean up myself. The last drop was when i figured out that she did not wash properly the dishes and kitchen counter. I know it was the right thing to do but she was crying while leaving and looking at me with obvious hope that i will stop her and take it back. She is having a rough month. Her boyfriend hit her and threw her out of her home. And now she lost the only job she had. She was not working for anyone else.Well, for a good reason.
I could deal with my crystalls thrown away, house messed up and clean straws... but unsanitary dishes is too much. I feel so horrible, but this had to be done. She spent huge amounts of water, and chlorine. She did not understand recycling, she used way to much cleaning products, so you can say she was not enviromentally friendly. On the other hand i was giving her 300 euros per month(which is a lot to me) to do the job myself. I need help with the house, so it can look decent and have appointments with clients at any time. All those are valid and good reasons but my heart breaks for her. I hope she will be okay. I have to stop crying. It is getting ridiculous! This had to be done! That's it!


Shadow said...

you did the right thing. but doing the right things isn't necessarily easy... i feel for you.

Sharon Day said...

I believe that if you led her to believe her job was worth what you were paying her, she would continue to do it poorly. This was a wake-up call for her to realize she needs to change. Between her man and her job, she might just finally get that change is good. I believe that everything bad that happens is countered by something good. It's universally impossible for it not to. Some folks point out 9-11 to me, but then I say, "do you remember a time in America in your lifetime when people were grieving together? Being kind to each other? Feeding firefighters on the streets of New York and pasting flags on their car windows? Not to mention that we finally got tight on our airplane flights, something we took for granted in America as always being safe." She'll grow from this, and so will you. You're listening to your instincts that this isn't right and you need to change it.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry lady! What a bummer :( But you did the right thing and I also hope she will be okay. I'm sure that after this, she will try much harder at her next job.

Bridgett said...

Oh love. Sometimes what is right doesn't FEEL right. But you can't keep paying somebody who isn't doing their job.

You did the right thing, don't doubt it.

Thinking of you and sending you a big hug!