Do you know anything about birds?

I have found a dove. A cat was tormented it, i scared the cat away and took the dove home. She is in a very bad shape but she is also a fighter. I used betadin on her wounds(i feel it is a she!) and then rapped her broken wing with toilet paper and scotch tape. I made her a nest in a beautiful wooden chest with some pine needles and some dried leaves that i had for my craft. And i put her a small cup of water infront of her and some whole grain bread and a few grapes. I have shut the light so she can sleep and used a drum stick of Petros to hold the chest half open. She is resting now. Tsitsini and Phoebe saw her and Tsitsini(the cat) smelled her for some time and then lost interest. Tommorow morning i will take her to the vet. But made i could do something more. Do you know anything about birds? Is there anything i should be doing?


Sharon Day said...

It sounds like you have it covered. What a kind and tender heart you have. Saving the earth, one creature at a time. Keep us posted on her progress.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I read a few things and seems like you are doing the right things. The only thing I saw that you might try is putting a hot water bottle in with the dove to keep it warm.

Bridgett said...

You are very sweet.
And I agree with Mrs. B.

Something to keep her warm would probably be ideal.