Magical rose petals are not a reason for immediate hospitalisation!

Magical rose pedals are the first magical thing i ever made. I was alone in my home, so my mother's magical cabinet was mine to break into. I found rose petals, essential oils, red candles and plenty other amazing things. Amongst them there was also an ingredient that is used a lot in our family's magical recipes. It is called candio and is made of sugar cane. It is pink and smells wonderful. When burnt, it releases thick white fumes. So i started mixing things and burning things and suddenly i came up with the idea of making instant incenses that i could carry around. You see at that age i was n't aloud to use magic unsupervised, so when i wanted to cast a spell i went out! I mixed rosemary needles and candio with white musk oil. I dropped the rose petals in hot wax and before they became solid i run them through the candio mix. Then i let each rose petal dry separately so they do not stick together.
As years went by i made the wax petals a lot. Some times as charms, some times as amulets and others as incense. I used different oils, different herbs, different colours of wax but the basic ingredients stayed the same: wax, rose petals, candio.
Today i was sorting some things out and i found some burnt down gold candles that i had left out since Mabon. I melted them in a pot and thought it would be great to make some wax petals for money. I used the money dust i made during the full moon, candio and red glitter(gold would be better but i was out). I made a whole bunch of them and used them as decorations around some candles and oranges. I will burn them when the time is right after the new moon.
When i was making them it felt good. It felt natural. I was happy. Shadow, who has turned into a great familiar that enjoys everything magical(just like me), was purring into my lap. Not even the pain of my burnt fingertips spoiled the fun. I was glowing with glitter all over, my hair had wax on them but i was full of absolute contentment and satisfaction.
Later this afternoon a friend came over and she tried to explain to me that my life has become too metaphysical and that i did n't spend much time to the physical world. Of course she was saying it as a bad thing, she is a therapist and very worried about me. But it did n't sound to me that bad. I feel i am where i belong. I prefer having a tarot reading in my home or a walk in the woods rather than drinking coffee in a noisy place full of strangers, So what? Every now and then i will go to the local cafe to see my friends. But i will do it, because i want to hang out with them, not because i like the place. There is nothing wrong with it. It is quieter than the usual coffee places and it has lovely decorations and a wide variety of herbal teas. But there are things i enjoy more. Like making wax petals... My friends do not get it. Petros is amused by the ways i enjoy myself, but he does n't get it either(today he kissed me and said ohh like i was a toddler playing with clay, when he saw how happy i was with my pot of wax). But i bet you get it. Do n't you? Do n't you think magic brightens our lives in ways that are often beyond the conceptions of non practitoners? Has n't Wicca(or paganism in general) brought joy in various occasions in your life, that other people don't get?
In any case, have a marvelous Saturday and a beautiful Sunday! Brightest blessings to all the blog world!


Rue said...

Many of my friends and family call my practices and beliefs "that woo-woo stuff." It used to offend me, but it doesn't anymore.

I get out plenty, but I like my quiet time too. Meditation, reading, study, and ritual. They may never understand, but they aren't nasty about it - so I let them roll their eyes. It doesn't bother me.

Autumnforest said...

First of all--I love your blog layout--it's beautiful!

As to the metaphysical, I think if you did spells instead of seeing a doctor when you're really sick or you do spells instead of working on ways to make more money in your life, it would be like any other religion where people develop a God/child syndrome where they depend on their God to take care of everything and exert no responsibility, but I can tell you obviously have your life intact and understand your on control over your life from finances to work to relationships, so what you do enhances all of that. You can't deny who you are. I grew up in beautiful formal gardens and the woods and if I don't have the outdoors in my life, I wither and die. Which is probably why I hate the desert so very very much. I need my trees and grass and I've been known to collect things and bring them home to make stuff out of pinecones and needles and twigs. My house has geods, stones, shells, pinecones, bare branches from trees, all kinds of nature things around. They enhance my life and are in sync with who I am. If, however, I let my personal life and professional life go in order to collect these things from the woods, I'd probably be on the deep end. You most obviously are not. Your influences run deep for a reason, they're sentimental, their passed down through your lineage, and they're some of the earliest moments that you felt independent and confident. You must keep them in your life.

GreenWheel said...

I think your wax petals are wonderful!! I especially like: "I was glowing with glitter all over, my hair had wax on them but i was full of absolute contentment and satisfaction."

Lyon said...

*hugs you tight* As long as you are happy and healthy and you do not find that other areas of your life are falling into decay, let people say what they will. This is a beautiful post, and the title is practically genius. I saw it and went oooooh what?? lol

I want to try making these wax petals, it has never occurred to me, so thank you for sharing that as well.

Bridgett said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your preferences...we ALL need that alone time. And if you need it more than your friends, it's perfectly okay.

Your waxy rose petals sound delightful!


In My Sepia Studio said...

Check you out!! Your blog is looking professional these days~
Your waxy rose petals sound intriguing!!

His Precious said...

Okay, I've read this post and I think it's truly awesome! Now, about "candio" can you give me some information on this? I tried googling it...and got nothing. It's something i am not familiar with. You can email me directly at mysilkgarden@yahoo.com.

Robin @ Pagan In The Rough

Magaly Guerrero said...

This post made my heart glow. I can see why it is one of your favorites. There is nothing like celebrating the magic of being a Witch, even if others don't get it. Not too long ago a good friend asked me why I spent to much time "alone, cooked up in my house or in parks". I told him that I don't feel alone. When I'm home I burn my lavender and dragonsblood and dance for the Gods in the middle of the smoky goodness. When I run in the woods, even just in parks where there are a lot of trees, I feel at home. Like if the greatness of the Old Powers are running with me and caress my soul. Not many people get this, but I know you would. You don't have to explain the wonder of feeling magic running through your skin and bones to a Witch.

Blessings my Wicked Darling!