Lammas is getting closer..

I am a little behind on my Lammas preparations, so today i am trying to catch up. I am making my Lammas oil for which i will be using olive oil as a base(because it is a harvest Sabbat) and also almond essential oil. For my fire , that instead of outdoors i will be having it in my fireplace, i have collected pine needles. I am also going to make a herbal mix- lots of rose petals,rosemary,thyme, some leaves to welcome the new season that is approaching and lavender. I will also be using a dust that i have made with mandrake powder, rosepetals and gold dust to represent the Sun. And of course yesterdy i went to the store and bought all the ingredients i need for my Lammas food. I have decided i will make apple pie and bread.
I have to go now so i can continue with all the preps!
Brightest blessings.


Tavin said...

How honey thank you so much it means the world to me. I tried to send you a pot the other day but not sure if it worked. I feel truly blessed I have had the opportunity to get to know you better. You are a wonderful beautiful person inside and out. If you ever just want to chat email me at 2laceylee@gmail.com
Bright Blessings to you!

Bridgett said...

Wow...you sound so prepared.

I'm trying...but I feel a little lost. :)

Blessed be!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Sounds like the plans for a very blessed sabbat!