Psychobabble about enlightment...

It is hard not to be tighed to the physical world. And it is hard to get rid of all the unnessesary binds to it, without discrediting it. We can not stay alive in the physical world without the physical world! But how one person can maintain perspective? How can we be in this world but not of this world?
It has always fascinated me that to get in touch with another realm the first step is always to ground yourself, feel the connection with the earth and feel the power of the elements. Also amazing is the fact that to get in another state of consciousness first you have to empty your mind and pull yourself away from your thoughts and feelings. Although there are contradictions between those processes, there are no inconsistancies. To get to one place you have to first be in another.
So, the question remains. How do we brake the binds? It is not the tools that are hard to understand. Meditation is always a way to connect. You can connect your body with your soul, your soul with another soul, and even your world to another. Mental activities, psychic exercises, music and arts are also tools. The thing hard to understand, the most elusive concept, is in fact the journey.
There may be many paths to what we seek but they all share some common ground. So, if our goal is enlightment being respectful towards all things is a part of the path. Getting rid of your matterialism is another crossroad. But how can you achieve that, without turning into a hermit? Many say it is an impossible task. I believe otherwise. We can withdrawn ourselves mentally without withdrawing ourselves physically. (Of course some alone time will indeed be needed!)
So, is it buying a crystal fairie for my altar a step back to my spiritual journey? Are my shoes holding me back? No. Only if i feel i need those things, they will get in my way! So, worrying about my job and my financial state is not a failure! Being obssesed with persian rugs might be a problem, but wanting to provide for me, my family and my community is noble. How can one tell the difference? It is not practical. You can not mesure it scientifically. There might be someone with no money extremely materialistic and someone with tons of them in an opposite state of mind and by subversa. The only way you can know, is listening to your thoughts. And if your thoughts are n't what you wished it does n't mean you are failing. Do not let obstacles discouradge you. Do not let yourself undermine and discredit what you have accomplished, either if your goal is enlightment, or making your cat take her medicine.
Some late night psychobabble from your greek witch. Excuse my wordyness. When i leave the pc i am going to bed, and i do not want to(the ten year old inside me revolts!) Good night everybody.


Sharon Day said...

I've always thought the loss of ego is really important to becoming whole. You quite giving things judgment and standards. Things are what they are. People are what they are. The weather is what the weather is. It shouldn't "have to" be anything we expect. If a person can strive not to rate everything around them including their own looks, performance, and possessions, and simply accept what actually "is" and not what it "should be," then I think we transcend. Even people who are irritating to me are endearing. They offer comic relief at times and new skills in my ability to deal twists and turns. If everyone spend a period of the day not expecting anything from anyone or anything and simply look at the world without categorizing, judging, rating, or berating, they would discover the world that transcends the physical.

greekwitch said...

I do not believe that. Human desire is a powerful force, one that motivates us. Different desires sends us to different places. Wanting something makes you work towards it. It has nothing to do with standards i set. It is simple my view on things.

Skye said...

I agree with a lot of what you said here.

I think that a lot of life needs to be balanced, however. If you're too "saintly" then life, in my opinion, isn't going to be as satisfying as if you indulge yourself every once in a while.

Thanks for the follow.


Tavin said...

I feel so lucky I have found you here also. It is amazing to find someone that it on the other side of the world! If you ever want to chat email me at 2laceylee@gmail.com. Talk to you soon
Blessed be

deb famularo said...

I really love reading your blog posts. I appreciate you visitig my blog- if you ever decide to take the plunge and scrapbook, hit me up an I'll take care of you! xOxO deb