Merry meet everybody! I am sorry i have been a little off lately! I am trying to catch up with all your posts i missed!
It seems like i am going on vacations. It is just on my summer house, which as i already told you brings back some bad memories but i am optimistic that we will have fun. It is totally unexpected that we are going to have a whole five days to ourselves, since because of the handfasting next year we are trying to save some money. It is not a conventional wedding, but it is still expensive for us! So i am very excited and kind of surprised that we will do that! Just the two of us with the sun, the sea and the wind. We will finally have some time for each other. So new underwear is in order! MMhmmm!I can not wait!
Today i am finally through with all the doctors appointments and it seems that except of the fact i am a bit anemic because of all the long lasting periods i am healthy as a horse. Which means that my period problems were stress enduced! At least that is what they told me after billions of exams that left me broke although i have insurance!
I just had the most ridiculous of all accidents. I was going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and my foot got stuck in a wire and i had a pretty impressive fall! To top it all my cat that never moves thought i was playing and she jumped me. I am now cover in scratches and bruises!Well just the scratch is just one but still! How weird was that? I always complain that my cat never plays with me just with Phoebe and for the first time she attacked me! I will go fetch some ice now.Blessings!