Natural remedies, anyone???

Apparently i was the last person on Earth not knowing about the benefits of olive oil treatment for the hair. I have tried it a couple of times and i am hooked!!!! My hair looks healthier.
I know i have talked a lot about hair in the past here. But this is n't about it. It is about natural remedies. Yesterday, i made a facial treatment out of yogurt and honey! My skin afterwards was really soft. It is like Autumn forest has said in the past, what we need the Earth provides. I feel more grounded now that i am trying to use less chemicals and more organic products. Only thing left is to manufacture a shampoo out of milk! I am just kidding..sort of! If you know any natural remedies that you think i should try please elaborate..
In a more witchy note,what are your plans for Lammas??Mrs B had some great ideas,so if you need inspiration visit her blog. I am actually looking forward to make a corn doll. I have never done it before. Lammas is my favourite Sabbat. It is only a week before my birthday and it is a big welcome to autumn. The weather usually at this time of the year is fantastic. The fields are golden.
I am planning to celebrate alone so i can be more focused on the ritual and the day. I will not work that day. But i still have some time to decide.


Hibiscus Moon said...

I love using natural items for beauty treatments whenever possible. I also use olive oil for an eye make up remover.

Skye said...

I've been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar in place of shampoo and conditioner for the longest time, but I haven't gotten around to using to much in the ways of other natural beauty products. I love oatmeal in general. It's great for soft skin in the bath (in a clean sock or cheesecloth) or as a face scrub. I used to use honey and salt with a bit of vanilla for a face scrub, as well.

Not sure what I'm going to be doing for Lammas, I just moved away from my family and in with my boyfriend... I might make his family a meal.

Hibiscus, I've never heard of olive oil for an eye make up remover. Sounds interesting... Not sure how I'd like having the oil near my eyes though.


Tracy said...

i have actually never used organic beauty products before. i think i might try it after your mention of it.

Soraya said...

About this Olive Oil treatment... do tell. I've never heard of it :-p

The only natural thing I know of is if you put lemon juice in your hair and go outside it will lighten it up. I ended up with a head full of blonde hair one summer because I did that :-p

For Lammas I have NO clue... I apparently need to go find Mrs. B's blog so I can get ideas.
Blessed Be@

Bridgett said...

I have a little planned for Lammas....but it's my first one, so I'm playing it by ear.

I'm also interested in the olive oil on the hair. Does it make it oily? Please, do tell how you use it.

My hair, like my skin, is so sensitive to big changes. I have been buying organic products though..but haven't been using what is in my kitchen cabinets...which I should.

I do know avocado is a great facial rub. :)

Anonymous said...

Another treatment for the hair and this also applies to men who might be going bald ;) is to use eggs and baby shampoo. Mix both ingredients, then apply, leave on for a couple of minutes (make sure to get to the root of hair) and rinse with COLD water. (You'll smell like cooked eggs if you wash it with hot). It's great nutrient for the hair.

Also, I've read a while back that you had low iron? All you have to do is eat spinach. My sister and I eat spinach every week and when she donated blood, they told her she had high iron.