A new potion!

A huge storm just ended. I am talking lightening bolts and loud noises and rivers that used to be roads! That gave me the opportunity to gather some rain water. Which of course lead to an inspiration of a potion. As i already told you i am a bit anemic and take all sorts of medication for this. It is nothing serious but the last week i noticed some hair loss. Nothing extreme but i am a leo and i have a thing for my hair.
I put the rain water in a pot along with some tap water and let it boil. I added chamomile for shine, thyme, rosemary, laurel leaves for strenth and 2 lemons which i read somewhere it is good for the hair. I also put in there one hair of mine and i swirled it clockwise, east to west(it made feel really witchy!). Then i made a spell which i can not give you because it is in greek,i focused on the elements the moon and the way of the sun.After all that i washed my hair with it(no shampoo or anything, just the potion) and now they smell amazing.
I love spontaneous magick, the way it makes me feel and how natural it comes and fits in my life. How a simple meal is turned into a magickal way to promote health! How love making becomes a ritual of love. How gardening becomes part of spells of growth or otherwise. Be blessed!


Soraya said...

Let me know how it works. I might want to give that a try, the stress i've gone through has hair coming out everytime I touch my head :-p
Glad that you could come up with something though, sounds very positive.
Blessed be!

Sharon Day said...

When I used to visit my mother's home in West Virginia, she had rain water collection for use in the showers and baths. I have never had such great feeling hair and skin. I wish it rained enough in the desert to make that do-able, but the water here is so full of minerals, it's very very hard. We use a water softener and it makes everything wonderful. In the summertime, I like to spritz my wavy hair with a saltwater mix (when I lived in California, I used real sea water) and it makes my curls go nuts. The earth provides.

Soraya said...

Hey there! Firstly, I want to make sure that everything is ok, I worry when people tell me they have health issues.
Secondly, Thank you SO much, for both the compliments on the dancing and the blessing. Today was actually a decent day so I'm definately believing that its working.
I hope all is well with you.
Thank you so much
Brightest Blessings,

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