24 going on 100!

I feel like a really old woman. I have to take every daay tons of different pills. Although they are not for something serious i have to take them at the right time with or without food and it is often confusing. Like for instanse my thyrormones i have to take them first thing in the morning without food or liquid. Then i have to wait four hours before my iron pills that i am not supposed to eat anything with lactose but i have to drink it with a glass of juice. Then 3 hours have to pass before i take my cystines which i have to drink them before lunch. In the morning i have to take one pill for my period and also one in the evening. There are more but you get the point. I constantly ask myself did i take this or that... It is frustrating. Of course i am thankfull of western medicine but i have to tell you it is so tempting to quit taking them all and switch to homeopathic remedies!
I am now drinking a huge glass of lipton white tea and it has in it so much ice that it makes my teeth hurt! But it is so worth it! I love that tea. If you have n't tasted it yet, hurry up! It is amazing!
On a magick note, i am waiting for the full moon to collect my herbs. They have grown so much and i am growing them in pots. If they were in a garden they would be huge! I am so proud of them. Yes that is right i am proud of my plants! I also talk to them, sing to them and even pet them. You should see how my neighbours react during those demonstrations of love!
As i already told you i am trying to save some money so instead of taking Phoebe to the vet for a haircut which would cost me 25 euro i did it myself! She looks so funny! But at least she is not under all this fur during that hooooot weather! I have a new cellphone that takes some good pictures, so i will try to post them(with P 's help of course). Wish me luck cause you all know how technologicaly challenged i am. Blessings to all!


Sharon Day said...

Taking your med's at the right times of the day in the right ways is a pain, but I always remind myself of the other things I could have that would be worse like a nasty disease that's debilitating or a terminal illness or a missing limb. Those are challenges, your's is really just a nuisance. If you reframe it, it makes it much more tolerable. Like I've been working out 90 minutes every day to lose some weight and I tell myself "it's not my burden, it's my blessing" because by trying to lose weight, I'm also making myself healthier. It's not about losing things (foods I like and lay-around time), it's about gaining things (flexibility, health, disease resistance).

I love herb growing too. Here in Arizona, it's usually in the fall/winter time when we can grow them and early spring. Summer--everything dies. I like to tie them up by rubber bands and hang bunches overhead in the kitchen. It smells so good.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Sorry about all thos pills. I know that can be verry confusing. Is this something you need to do for life or temporarily? Oh good! I can't wait to see your photos. Is Phoebe a dog or cat? Our dog, Krypto, needs a shave too.

Soraya said...

Hey there, I just wanted to say THANKYOU for all of your kind words in my blog. And Of course I am ok with you sending me some healing energy. I need all the help I can get. My mind is so boggled I just don't know what to do...
BUT i just figured out why they named the one game Boggle. ... ok sorry. lol
I havn't tried the lipton white tea, but I tried something interesting today... My boyfriend took me to the mall and we went to the "House of Boba"... So they made Milk Tea... I got Jasmine Green Tea and Lavendar, with Boba in the bottom... and Boba is like Tapioca balls... if you didn't know. It was all so new to me... definately a fun experience, but I dont think I can handle having too much Boba. My stomach got a little iffy after it.

Can't wait to see the pictures :-p
Blessed Be