Screw the bad memories!!!

Greetings to all. Today has been one of those days. I had a fight with a courier, i got stressed over a bill that i had already paid...you know, things like that. And unfortunately all the stress of the past few days made an awful habbit to reapper. I bite my nails again! These are all small problems of course and i am trying to quit being constantly on edge by focusing on the ppositive side of things. Like the fact that i have kept the receit of the bill payment, i did n't resolve to violence with the mailman, and that i had in the past stopped biting my nails , so i will again. Once again i am rambling here. But blogging has transformed into a coping mechanism, one that actually works!
Of course, now that i am starting to get back on track, i can begin meditating again( i have been slacking off lately on that subject!). I want to feel again centered and grounded, actually it is more a need than a desire. I have to work again with my aura, because that is where all those psychosomatic problems come from. And next thing on my list is to find time for some vacations, if only to reattain the lost sensation of attunment with Nature. And because money is short(as always) i ll be going to my summerhouse, so screw the bad memories! Yeap! That is right!
I am wishing you to find harmony, peace and enlightment!
Brightest blessings!


Sharon Day said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. I spent the last 19 years running an anxiety self-help group, counseling others, and writing articles on the subject. I'm pretty much an expert on the subject. Got over my own panic attacks 19 years ago. It's never the things that happen to us in a day that cause this upset in us. The truth is, the same things can happen to someone else and they have completely different reactions. Where we go wrong is what we tell ourselves about these events. If you're saying things like "this is unfair" and "this isn't right" and "it should be this way" then you're having unrealistic expectations. The world will give you everything that isn't fair, everything that isn't as it should be, and it's up to you to say "time to learn another lesson." If you didn't have these glitches in your day, you wouldn't learn important skills about how to handle resolution. I always tell my son, "thank the bad drivers on the road, they keep you on your toes, your reaction times fast, and your attention alert." We need them. And, we need the stupid asses who screw up our days because they teach us to protect ourselves, keep good records, and assert ourselves. I have come to thank everyone and everything that causes me to have to be sharper, smarter, and more assertive. The nail biting will stop when you make it second nature to say "why shouldn't the day turn out this way?" instead of "my day shouldn't be like this." It sounds like you're progressing quite well and are extremely self aware. I'm about to post an article about something similar on my blog. Hope you catch it. I think it's one of those subjects everyone can relate to...how to be present in the moment. If you ever need to talk more, I'm always up for helping more anxiety-ridden folks. I really believe in turning around and pulling others up to join you in recovery. psychic62@hotmail.com

Bridgett said...

Anxiety. It's a bad word, for sure. :)

Hope you're feeling better!