Some help here people..... I can not make up my mind!

Hello everybody! I hope everybody is okay and did n;t suffer because of the eclipse! I have had a bit of a problem with my breathing and some panic attacks and it was a horrible, horrible week! I am better now.
But i think i need some advice. The thing is that every time someone asks me if they should go live in the same building with in laws my answer is a big no-no!And here i am baring the same question. What should i do? I live in a beautiful little appartment where i have my office. It is a bit noisy here and although it is technically the suburbs every day it seems more like the center ofthe city. I am not complaining of course. I love my home and i feel blessed to have it. But.. P 's parents offer us an appartment in their building. You see their place has a garden(that they do not use and that i can make it into a forest!)Their place is in a very quiet neibhorhood and the only reason i am even thinking of it is because they are very weird people(his father did n't even visit us once and his mom only came once the three years we live here!). They do not want to get involved in our lives and they really quiet and peaceful. Now if i go there i will have my own garden! Phoebe will be able to run free all day long and we can actually sleep with our windows open, while we hear the peace and quiet and smell the clear air! Of course if i change my mind i can always come back.
On the other hand where i live is much more reachable for my clients! And there are no in laws. I have a lot of time to decide but i would love to see your input in this!


Sharon Day said...

When my hubby and I moved from California to AZ, we did so because we were having a baby and we wanted to be near the family so he could grow up with relatives nearby and housing was much less expensive. Very practical reasons, but I did set some limits. I wasn't going to live in the same city as the in-laws. I grew up with loud, huggy, demonstrative people and his family is very, well, GERMAN. They have little sense of humor, are consumed with details and OCD, and have no affection whatsoever. I've known them forever but know nothing about them. That kind of people. Well, I didn't want them to have free access to drop in any time they wanted and take over my house and child and life. We would have had a nicer neighborhood, house, and yard if we lived near them, but we would have been slaves to unexpected drop-in's. We're far enough away now that they have to call to be sure we're here. It has made all the difference in the world. Since work is already a stressful thing for most folks, I say stay near your work and make your every day easier. You might not have the garden but you'll have your peace of mind. I hate living in the desert and am a garden, so I determined to make one small part of the yard very green, very lush, lots of watering, and left the rest to be desert so I don't feel guilty about water. You might consider hanging planters in your windows and space and distance. Good luck.

Hibiscus Moon said...

No, no, no...don't do it. If you don't have to do it, don't. Listen to your own advice.

Grammy said...

I would do what your heart tells you to. You need the clients to make a living. Stand in both places and see what feels like home.

ξι said...

Yo diría: que vayas inmediatamente y que me alquiles a mí tu casita!
Bueno, no. Diría que hicieras lo que consultas a los otros. Porque tú también eres "los otros" para los otros. Lo más oportuno para ti y P.

I would say: go immediately and let me your house!
Well, no. I would say you´d better dο what you advise the others. Because you are "the others" for the others. The most appropriate for you and P.


Soraya said...

That's tough. Part of me would say go with what you're comfortable with. I'm going to sound corny but.. Listen to your heart. Where does it tell you to go.
Is it possible for you to keep both places? If so, you could keep your apartment now and use that for business. You can also use it as an escape from the In laws if they start to drive you crazy.
The only thing that sounds sketchy to me is because you say they never have tried to be involved with the both of you and now all of a sudden here's this big offer. I'm a bit of a pessimist mixed with Optimist so I see two sides to this:
1. My Pessimistic Side: They want something and that involves the two of you being close by. Or... someone's sick and that's why.
2. They're trying to make ammends and are trying to get more involved with you two.

If you can bring yourself to go, I'd say go for it. If you can just go back to your old place, it works out. It's all about opportunities. don't let one door go unknocked. See how the water is, if it's nice, stay... if It's not.. go back to where you were.

I do hope this all makes sense. Ever since my sunburn and sun poisoning i've been a little skatter brained.

I do hope all works out well for you though :)
Blessed Be! and Good Luck!

Bitsa Lit said...

oh man! I posted a comment a few days ago on this one and I guess it didnt actually post :(
I said that you should stick with where you are because I know that living with or near relatives will always be a pain in the but. I think where you are already so close to customers and such that moving might throw them off and hurt business for you.
Well, I hope it all goes well and I'm glad to have got a comment from you!
Blessings and Good Luck! :)