The best of the natural treatments i gathered..

Hello there blogfriends. Saddly, TipToeChick is no longer a part of our blogfamily. We will miss her but she seems happy and on a new journey. I wish her all the luck and happiness.
Today i went shopping. I bought two beautiful fairy figurines for my fairy world, many bells that jingle with the air for my balconies and essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, chamomile, sandalwood,honeysuckle and jasmine. I am so happy that i bought things that i wanted for so long.
As you all know lately i was kind of obsessed with natural treatments. I gathered a lot of information from some of you guys and of course the net. This is it:
-olive oil ,it works best if you leave it for 20-30 minutes on your hair and if you put your head in a plastic bag, to increase the blood circulation, before shampooing.
-rosemary essential oil, you can mix it with the olive oil or your shamppo and even your conditioner
-tea tree essential oil, it helps stop the excessive hair loss along with healthy diet and normal stress levels(yeah, right)
-apple sider vinegar, rinse your hair with it for a natural shine
-baking soda, instead of shampoo- have n't done it yet but it is supposed to work
-4-5 lemons sliced and 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary on a pan filled with water, let it boil, then cool and put it in a vaporiser for styling instead of hair spray and mousse-it can last in the fridge for about a week
-3 tblspoons of sugar in a cup of boiling water, also for styling after it cools and also in a vaporiser
-coconut milk, rinse the hair and it is great for conditioning
-lemon can give natural highlights
-sugar with water, to gently exfoliate
-yogurt with honey as a mask
-olive oil, to take off make up from eyes
-olive oil with vitamin E, for stretch marks
-avocado,as a scrub
-pumpkin, honey and milk for a great facial
-heavy cream and honey, as a moisturiser
All those natural ingredients cost so little that you can use them for the whole body, not just your face.
Right now a beautiful breeze made my bells jingle. What a lovely sound!
Brightest blessings to all.


Sharon Day said...

Fantastic! I used to grow a tea garden and made herbal concoctions. My PMS tea was a favorite amongst my friends. I love healthy options. Tea tree oil is a great thing to rub into your nails--makes them strong and shiny and keeps away fungus. I like to use witch hazel too--great for super cleaning your skin and on sunburns.

Bridgett said...

Thank you for this list! Do you mind if I share it with some friends?

And congratulations on all your wonderful purchases. There are so many things I need...I'll get them someday. :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am such a fan of wind chimes. i have them all through my gardens. i LOVE it when a storm is coming and the wind is blowing and my chimes are chiming away!!!