There is a word in Greek that i love. It is "aeriko" and it means fairy-like creature but it comes from the word "aeras" which is the air. In this elaborate way it links wind with the supernatural. Although i have a strong connection to fire, when it comes to magick i am very close to air. As an element it helps me connect, feel, relax, see and hear things beyond our world. I love the moment before the storm, that the wind smells like rain. I love watching the leaves dance under the touch of the wind. I love it when i wear a long dress and the air makes it move constantly. And how amazing is it to leave something really light from your hand and watch it travel far far away? Air is definitely my favourite element! What is yours?


Sharon Day said...

Oh, that's a hard one. I'm a Virgo and that should make me earth and since I do love gardening and digging my hands in the earth, I am actually most happy in water. I love to be wet--rain, snow, swimming, lake, stream, mists, fog...I just adore it. I drink it all the time. I play in it. Every night before bed, I play in the pool and watch the stars and moon and then come in and have the best night's sleep! Moisture is everything to me even in cloud form. Yeah, I'd say I'm earthbound, but I am most soothed by water on my body, in my lungs when I breathe humid air, and when it's rainy and my hair curls even more!

Tracy said...

i agree with the above post. this is definatly a hard decision. i love the earth but i am a water baby at heart! i love to swim and my favorite animal happens to be a dolphin.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi greekwitch! the icing is easy. just put the softened butter in a mixing bowl and beat it with the vanilla and the milk. then gradually add the 1 pound of confectioners sugar. this is a simple recipe so maybe a good one to try!

Tavin said...

I am pisces so love water, but I feel really contacted to earth, infact my mahor is in environmental science!
Thanks for sharing
blessed be!

Bridgett said...

I definitely have an affinity to the Earth with air being a close second.