The best of the natural treatments i gathered..

Hello there blogfriends. Saddly, TipToeChick is no longer a part of our blogfamily. We will miss her but she seems happy and on a new journey. I wish her all the luck and happiness.
Today i went shopping. I bought two beautiful fairy figurines for my fairy world, many bells that jingle with the air for my balconies and essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, chamomile, sandalwood,honeysuckle and jasmine. I am so happy that i bought things that i wanted for so long.
As you all know lately i was kind of obsessed with natural treatments. I gathered a lot of information from some of you guys and of course the net. This is it:
-olive oil ,it works best if you leave it for 20-30 minutes on your hair and if you put your head in a plastic bag, to increase the blood circulation, before shampooing.
-rosemary essential oil, you can mix it with the olive oil or your shamppo and even your conditioner
-tea tree essential oil, it helps stop the excessive hair loss along with healthy diet and normal stress levels(yeah, right)
-apple sider vinegar, rinse your hair with it for a natural shine
-baking soda, instead of shampoo- have n't done it yet but it is supposed to work
-4-5 lemons sliced and 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary on a pan filled with water, let it boil, then cool and put it in a vaporiser for styling instead of hair spray and mousse-it can last in the fridge for about a week
-3 tblspoons of sugar in a cup of boiling water, also for styling after it cools and also in a vaporiser
-coconut milk, rinse the hair and it is great for conditioning
-lemon can give natural highlights
-sugar with water, to gently exfoliate
-yogurt with honey as a mask
-olive oil, to take off make up from eyes
-olive oil with vitamin E, for stretch marks
-avocado,as a scrub
-pumpkin, honey and milk for a great facial
-heavy cream and honey, as a moisturiser
All those natural ingredients cost so little that you can use them for the whole body, not just your face.
Right now a beautiful breeze made my bells jingle. What a lovely sound!
Brightest blessings to all.


With a smile...

I just came home after a full day. Although we left late, around 17.30, we went to visit Petros 's parents, we went for a walk in the woods, we had dinner. But the most amazing experience of all was that while P was driving i was standing in the car after we put the top down. It felt like flying. Now we will watch a movie. It feels like vacations!


Lammas is getting closer..

I am a little behind on my Lammas preparations, so today i am trying to catch up. I am making my Lammas oil for which i will be using olive oil as a base(because it is a harvest Sabbat) and also almond essential oil. For my fire , that instead of outdoors i will be having it in my fireplace, i have collected pine needles. I am also going to make a herbal mix- lots of rose petals,rosemary,thyme, some leaves to welcome the new season that is approaching and lavender. I will also be using a dust that i have made with mandrake powder, rosepetals and gold dust to represent the Sun. And of course yesterdy i went to the store and bought all the ingredients i need for my Lammas food. I have decided i will make apple pie and bread.
I have to go now so i can continue with all the preps!
Brightest blessings.


The weirdest of dreams!

I had the most weird dream ever! It was the whole cast of Charmed on new adventures. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Wyatt, Chris and Leo along with baby Chris and Wyatt. The were fighting some demons that came from the future!! When i woke up i tried to fall back to sleep and dream the rest of it but i could n't. It was so cool.
Has anything like that ever happened to you? Weird!


Natural remedies, anyone???

Apparently i was the last person on Earth not knowing about the benefits of olive oil treatment for the hair. I have tried it a couple of times and i am hooked!!!! My hair looks healthier.
I know i have talked a lot about hair in the past here. But this is n't about it. It is about natural remedies. Yesterday, i made a facial treatment out of yogurt and honey! My skin afterwards was really soft. It is like Autumn forest has said in the past, what we need the Earth provides. I feel more grounded now that i am trying to use less chemicals and more organic products. Only thing left is to manufacture a shampoo out of milk! I am just kidding..sort of! If you know any natural remedies that you think i should try please elaborate..
In a more witchy note,what are your plans for Lammas??Mrs B had some great ideas,so if you need inspiration visit her blog. I am actually looking forward to make a corn doll. I have never done it before. Lammas is my favourite Sabbat. It is only a week before my birthday and it is a big welcome to autumn. The weather usually at this time of the year is fantastic. The fields are golden.
I am planning to celebrate alone so i can be more focused on the ritual and the day. I will not work that day. But i still have some time to decide.


Adventures and fears..

A new adventure on the horizon!!! I am searching for a small place full of trees and flowers close to my home that i can go and escape. The catch is that it can not be a park( not that there are many around) it has to be kind of isolated. The fact that i have a car should make it a lot easier. There is a mountain(Parnitha) not many miles away from here but i do not know how to get there. Pathetic hah? I have been there many times but always someone else was driving.
I have an irrational fear of getting lost while driving alone. So, i do not go to places i am not sure i know how to get there. I am telling you all this so i can find the strenth to overcome thaat silly fear, that because of it i am missing out so much. My magickal place awaits me. I shall not allow my fears to hold me back.
It is funny the things we are afraid of. We can be so brave in the face of true danger and yet freeze in panic when a teeny-tiny bee gets into our car. There are common fears. The darkness, hights, love and failure. So many people are afraid of love. Mostly, those who have had their hearts broken. In the same way i do not try to find my natural escape in case i get lost, so many people run away from love in case they get heart broken.
On the other hand, i believe the fear of failure is a phenomenon of our times. Not that it is a novelty. It has always been around. But more and more people do not try something because they might fail. What a paradox! I must admit that i am one of those people when it comes to music. I am terrified of failing, so i do not grab chances and chase opportunities. I hide behind my perfectionism so i can delay everything. Yes, indeed, it is funny the things we fear.
Well, one thing at a time. First, i will find my "escape", and then i will try to ovrcome greatest fears.
Be blessed and be brave.


Psychobabble about enlightment...

It is hard not to be tighed to the physical world. And it is hard to get rid of all the unnessesary binds to it, without discrediting it. We can not stay alive in the physical world without the physical world! But how one person can maintain perspective? How can we be in this world but not of this world?
It has always fascinated me that to get in touch with another realm the first step is always to ground yourself, feel the connection with the earth and feel the power of the elements. Also amazing is the fact that to get in another state of consciousness first you have to empty your mind and pull yourself away from your thoughts and feelings. Although there are contradictions between those processes, there are no inconsistancies. To get to one place you have to first be in another.
So, the question remains. How do we brake the binds? It is not the tools that are hard to understand. Meditation is always a way to connect. You can connect your body with your soul, your soul with another soul, and even your world to another. Mental activities, psychic exercises, music and arts are also tools. The thing hard to understand, the most elusive concept, is in fact the journey.
There may be many paths to what we seek but they all share some common ground. So, if our goal is enlightment being respectful towards all things is a part of the path. Getting rid of your matterialism is another crossroad. But how can you achieve that, without turning into a hermit? Many say it is an impossible task. I believe otherwise. We can withdrawn ourselves mentally without withdrawing ourselves physically. (Of course some alone time will indeed be needed!)
So, is it buying a crystal fairie for my altar a step back to my spiritual journey? Are my shoes holding me back? No. Only if i feel i need those things, they will get in my way! So, worrying about my job and my financial state is not a failure! Being obssesed with persian rugs might be a problem, but wanting to provide for me, my family and my community is noble. How can one tell the difference? It is not practical. You can not mesure it scientifically. There might be someone with no money extremely materialistic and someone with tons of them in an opposite state of mind and by subversa. The only way you can know, is listening to your thoughts. And if your thoughts are n't what you wished it does n't mean you are failing. Do not let obstacles discouradge you. Do not let yourself undermine and discredit what you have accomplished, either if your goal is enlightment, or making your cat take her medicine.
Some late night psychobabble from your greek witch. Excuse my wordyness. When i leave the pc i am going to bed, and i do not want to(the ten year old inside me revolts!) Good night everybody.


Screw the bad memories!!!

Greetings to all. Today has been one of those days. I had a fight with a courier, i got stressed over a bill that i had already paid...you know, things like that. And unfortunately all the stress of the past few days made an awful habbit to reapper. I bite my nails again! These are all small problems of course and i am trying to quit being constantly on edge by focusing on the ppositive side of things. Like the fact that i have kept the receit of the bill payment, i did n't resolve to violence with the mailman, and that i had in the past stopped biting my nails , so i will again. Once again i am rambling here. But blogging has transformed into a coping mechanism, one that actually works!
Of course, now that i am starting to get back on track, i can begin meditating again( i have been slacking off lately on that subject!). I want to feel again centered and grounded, actually it is more a need than a desire. I have to work again with my aura, because that is where all those psychosomatic problems come from. And next thing on my list is to find time for some vacations, if only to reattain the lost sensation of attunment with Nature. And because money is short(as always) i ll be going to my summerhouse, so screw the bad memories! Yeap! That is right!
I am wishing you to find harmony, peace and enlightment!
Brightest blessings!



There is a word in Greek that i love. It is "aeriko" and it means fairy-like creature but it comes from the word "aeras" which is the air. In this elaborate way it links wind with the supernatural. Although i have a strong connection to fire, when it comes to magick i am very close to air. As an element it helps me connect, feel, relax, see and hear things beyond our world. I love the moment before the storm, that the wind smells like rain. I love watching the leaves dance under the touch of the wind. I love it when i wear a long dress and the air makes it move constantly. And how amazing is it to leave something really light from your hand and watch it travel far far away? Air is definitely my favourite element! What is yours?

This is one of my favourite songs and while i was listening to it in YOUTUBE i found this wonderful translation.
It is called August

Why does the song always have to be sad
like it fell right off my heart
and at this very moment, that I am full of joy
It climbed up to my lips
and smothered me

I love you, but I have no voice to tell you,
and this is an unbearable pain (longing),
I melt in pain, because I feel myself,
that the way we are going is pathless,
and you will tell me to hold it till the end

How can I forget her loose hair
the sand, that was showering me, like a waterfall,
as she was getting close to me, thousands of kisses,
diamonds, she was generously giving to me,
I 'll go, even if it 's for the bad

On what kind of ecstasy, on what kind of magic dance,
such a creature was born (or conceived)
from which distant star the light is coming,
that went to hide in her eyes,
and I am the lucky one who saw it

In her sight a tiny little sky
lightens, clouds, and folds,
but when the night comes, it overflows with light
the August moon rises
and the prison shines from the inside.

How can I forget her loose hair
the sand, that was showering me, like a waterfall,
as she was getting close to me, thousands of kisses,
diamonds, she was generously giving to me,
I 'll go, even if it 's for the bad


Back to normal!

I am sorry i have n't been posting a lot lately! My thoughts were all over the place! I want to thank everybody for the advice, although it was n't what i wanted to hear it was in fact what i needed to hear!
Lately i had to do some decision making. Like dropping harmony from the conservatory because it was adding way to much stress into my life and the decision to finish school and get my degree and focusing on singing, you know, stuff like that. I have the bad habbit to take on way to many projects than i can handle and it was time to leave on behind. I prioritised and now i feel i am back again. Now that my life is more balanced, the panic attacks stopped and my breathing is back to normal. I quess i had to make some choices and find out what is that i want from my life, so i can work towards it.
Yesterday i started feeling a lot better so i went out to the real world. I had dinner with my best friend and we had some laughs. Later that night i discovered 12 puppies that were abandoned in a forest near by. Who does that? Now i am trying to find a home for them. They are so cute! And so many of them! Boy, am i in trouble???
Magicwise lately i had to cleanse my home and to cast a protection spell because everything seemed to go wrong. For the first time i used salt to cast my circle and the energy was beautiful. But i also had a problem that i have never had in the past. Grounding was n't easy to do. Since i started practising my craft this was the easy part. It probably was so hard because i was so unbalanced for so long but it was disturbing. After the ritual i felt completely drained of power and dizzy. I actually had to sit down for a while and although i ate something and drunk water(things that i never had to do in the past) it took me a while until i was back to normal. Has this ever happened to you or something similar?
Brightest blessings to all of you!


Some help here people..... I can not make up my mind!

Hello everybody! I hope everybody is okay and did n;t suffer because of the eclipse! I have had a bit of a problem with my breathing and some panic attacks and it was a horrible, horrible week! I am better now.
But i think i need some advice. The thing is that every time someone asks me if they should go live in the same building with in laws my answer is a big no-no!And here i am baring the same question. What should i do? I live in a beautiful little appartment where i have my office. It is a bit noisy here and although it is technically the suburbs every day it seems more like the center ofthe city. I am not complaining of course. I love my home and i feel blessed to have it. But.. P 's parents offer us an appartment in their building. You see their place has a garden(that they do not use and that i can make it into a forest!)Their place is in a very quiet neibhorhood and the only reason i am even thinking of it is because they are very weird people(his father did n't even visit us once and his mom only came once the three years we live here!). They do not want to get involved in our lives and they really quiet and peaceful. Now if i go there i will have my own garden! Phoebe will be able to run free all day long and we can actually sleep with our windows open, while we hear the peace and quiet and smell the clear air! Of course if i change my mind i can always come back.
On the other hand where i live is much more reachable for my clients! And there are no in laws. I have a lot of time to decide but i would love to see your input in this!


A new potion!

A huge storm just ended. I am talking lightening bolts and loud noises and rivers that used to be roads! That gave me the opportunity to gather some rain water. Which of course lead to an inspiration of a potion. As i already told you i am a bit anemic and take all sorts of medication for this. It is nothing serious but the last week i noticed some hair loss. Nothing extreme but i am a leo and i have a thing for my hair.
I put the rain water in a pot along with some tap water and let it boil. I added chamomile for shine, thyme, rosemary, laurel leaves for strenth and 2 lemons which i read somewhere it is good for the hair. I also put in there one hair of mine and i swirled it clockwise, east to west(it made feel really witchy!). Then i made a spell which i can not give you because it is in greek,i focused on the elements the moon and the way of the sun.After all that i washed my hair with it(no shampoo or anything, just the potion) and now they smell amazing.
I love spontaneous magick, the way it makes me feel and how natural it comes and fits in my life. How a simple meal is turned into a magickal way to promote health! How love making becomes a ritual of love. How gardening becomes part of spells of growth or otherwise. Be blessed!


24 going on 100!

I feel like a really old woman. I have to take every daay tons of different pills. Although they are not for something serious i have to take them at the right time with or without food and it is often confusing. Like for instanse my thyrormones i have to take them first thing in the morning without food or liquid. Then i have to wait four hours before my iron pills that i am not supposed to eat anything with lactose but i have to drink it with a glass of juice. Then 3 hours have to pass before i take my cystines which i have to drink them before lunch. In the morning i have to take one pill for my period and also one in the evening. There are more but you get the point. I constantly ask myself did i take this or that... It is frustrating. Of course i am thankfull of western medicine but i have to tell you it is so tempting to quit taking them all and switch to homeopathic remedies!
I am now drinking a huge glass of lipton white tea and it has in it so much ice that it makes my teeth hurt! But it is so worth it! I love that tea. If you have n't tasted it yet, hurry up! It is amazing!
On a magick note, i am waiting for the full moon to collect my herbs. They have grown so much and i am growing them in pots. If they were in a garden they would be huge! I am so proud of them. Yes that is right i am proud of my plants! I also talk to them, sing to them and even pet them. You should see how my neighbours react during those demonstrations of love!
As i already told you i am trying to save some money so instead of taking Phoebe to the vet for a haircut which would cost me 25 euro i did it myself! She looks so funny! But at least she is not under all this fur during that hooooot weather! I have a new cellphone that takes some good pictures, so i will try to post them(with P 's help of course). Wish me luck cause you all know how technologicaly challenged i am. Blessings to all!



Merry meet everybody! I am sorry i have been a little off lately! I am trying to catch up with all your posts i missed!
It seems like i am going on vacations. It is just on my summer house, which as i already told you brings back some bad memories but i am optimistic that we will have fun. It is totally unexpected that we are going to have a whole five days to ourselves, since because of the handfasting next year we are trying to save some money. It is not a conventional wedding, but it is still expensive for us! So i am very excited and kind of surprised that we will do that! Just the two of us with the sun, the sea and the wind. We will finally have some time for each other. So new underwear is in order! MMhmmm!I can not wait!
Today i am finally through with all the doctors appointments and it seems that except of the fact i am a bit anemic because of all the long lasting periods i am healthy as a horse. Which means that my period problems were stress enduced! At least that is what they told me after billions of exams that left me broke although i have insurance!
I just had the most ridiculous of all accidents. I was going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and my foot got stuck in a wire and i had a pretty impressive fall! To top it all my cat that never moves thought i was playing and she jumped me. I am now cover in scratches and bruises!Well just the scratch is just one but still! How weird was that? I always complain that my cat never plays with me just with Phoebe and for the first time she attacked me! I will go fetch some ice now.Blessings!