Spring cleaning- Imbolc

Hey blogpeople!! Don't you just love it when the Sun shines brightly and kicks you in the ass and off the sofa? Right now, i am typing this from a sofa but that is not the point. Since i bacame preggers and doc told me i had to rest, all the chores i was in charge of, became part of poor Petros's never ending to do list. Now if he was a woman he would end up over stressed, sleep deprived with a fully accomplished to do list.
Since he is a man, he was stress free, well rested and  with a full room of clolthes that need washing, that he probably figured out i will get on to as soon as i have the baby. You probably think i am exaggerating about a room full of clothes and for that reason i am very sorry i did n't take a before picture!  Just imagine that at some point my wonderful husband went out and bought himself some new clothes. If it was n't for clean underwear and my constant nagging he would n't have used the washing mashine at all these months. Well, to actually get to my point, last Friday the Sun shined brightly and the weather was n't as horrible as it was before, so reluctantly i begun washing clothes and towels, sheets and blankets and various other things. I pulled my back, a stomach muscle and a nerve in my arm, and although it is Tuesday and the poor washer did n't have a break yet, i still have a lot to go. I have clothes drying in the most weird of places and the whole house looks like a refuggee camp, but i am happy. I also cleaned up the kitchen, and went through most of our stuff, with an ending result of bags full of things to donate, recycle and throw away. Of course, as it always happens in those cases the house looks much worse than it did before, and i look like i was hit by a train, but i feel so much calmer.
Imbolc came with the promise of spring. Not just the promise of a better weather but an actual openness in our hearts and souls. I could feel the energies shifting, as they always do inside me and changing course from an introvert spiral to an extrovert one. That being said, since i was so busy, i did n't see any of my friends yet.  But i decluttered not just my house but my soul as well. If i could just stop eating i would feel perfect. Imbolc came and i thought it would be nice to celebrate with a pudding(since it is dairy) which i ate(inhaled) and i have n't stopped eating since. My ever expanding belly is growing in an unnatural way. I look like i am ready to pop and i am only in my 6th month. But i loved celebrating this holiday while pregnant. The feeling of my baby kicking while i am in the middle of a ritual is undescribable. Although, it is sometimes surprisingly difficult to center or ground yourself, because of all the new energies, it is wonderful to do anything magical in this condition. You have so much more love to give and you care more deeply than before for everything around you and when this transforms into magical energies, it is a fantastic sensation.
I did a lot of cleansing. I used all the elements and casted various spells , because it was much needed. There is still one more to do but i am waiting for the new moon. It is a three day spell of cleansing and protection , in the form of return to sender spells. I do not do spells like that often, but when an injustice has occured those sorts of spells are the only ones that can rid you of these energies. Someone stole from my wallet. It was only 50 euros, but nothing brings bad luck as if when someone steals from you. I always thought that was not fair, but it is the universe's way to alarm you to protect yourself. I am not being vindictive although when i first realised it i was pretty pissed, but we are all responsible for our actions and the energies we release into the cosmos.
Be blessed my loves, be happy and feel the Spring coming towards us.


Diandra said...

Ack, guys and household chores. What is wrong with them? Last week I was sick flat on my back, with a fever and ooze coming from all kinds of weird places. And I swear, not a single thing got cleaned while I was sleeping the virus off. The BF is a wonderful caretaker in that he brings you tea and listens and lets you whine and makes sure you take your medication, but cleaning? Not in his radar... The first day I could stand up straight, I did three loads of laundry and cleaned the complete kitchen. No surprise the next day I was sick again...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love your description of celebrating Imbolc and feeling the baby kick -- the meaning of Imbolc personified!

mxtodis123 said...

Ah, the wonderful miracle of spring. It seems to bring us all alive, doesn't it?

Dede said...

I can so relate to not being physically able to clean the house and the feeling that you get when you are. It feels so awesome! So happy for you!

A friend and I were talking about why is it that we always seem to wait to protect ourselves until something has happened? Then we are good about it for a few months and then, well you know the cycle. I guess one day we will learn to protect before we have to. LOL


angela said...

All this cleansing and Decluttering is also a form of nesting. It get really bad when you are getting ready to go into labour. Just take your time and pace yourself.

Hindustanka said...

Hi! I'm gad to know you are in a good mood and feeling happy no. I;m sure this new month and those which are coming, will bring you even more positive energy and inspiration!
Spring is here too, and I inhale its freshness and feel good.
Men are men..lol:)
Have a great day!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I, too, can feel the energies shifting. I'm starting seeds each week for my gardens and dreaming of spring.

As for men … they're lucky they're so damned cute!

Diandra said...

The book on curses was "Utterly wicked" by Dorothy Morrison. Very useful. And hilarious to read!