Love potion!

Greetings dear blogfriends! How are you? I am surviving this day so far just fine. You see i am sugar free for some time now and a big chocolate junkie so this day was supposed to be hard. But till now neither my husband or any friends caused a chocolate invasion, so everything is manageable!
Down to business. There is a love potion that i think i have n't shared with you already that my great grandmom showed my mom. It is like a mulled wine recipe.
You will put in a pot two glasses of red wine, two teaspoons of honey, two cloves, two cinnamon sticks, two nutmegs and the peel of an orange in two pieces. You will stir while you visualise an ideal(hot!) moment between you and the person you want. When it comes to a boil you withdraw it from the fire. And here comes the grewsome part, but feel free to skip it. You take a long needle and you pierce your left  index finger and  let two drops of blood fall into the wine, while you chant, we share now the blood of my heart(for like a gazillion times!). You then drain the liquid and put it in the refrigerator to cool. You can serve it like a sangria with apple cubes.
This is supposed to be made under the full moon and given to the object of your love on the same night(each person drinks its own glass of course).  But hell it is Vday and this stuff is yummy so go ahead and have some. It has afrodisiac qualities. It brings mostly lust and passion, excellent for a cold February night, don't you think?
Have lots of (safe) fun tonight!


Hindustanka said...

hi, dear Greekwitch!
Happy Valentine's day! All lovers day :)
When I read the post's name it was like a real Harry Potter moment for me :) Love Potion..sounds sexy!The ingredients are all what I like...but you know I already found my love, so we will just indulge ourselves in loving each other today and always!
Love blessings your side!

Diandra said...

And since we have a waxing moon, it should work just fine. ^^

Anonymous said...

I never felt right about doing a love spell. I always thought it was like if you do one, it's like trying to control the actions of another person. With my former boyfriend in Korea, I simply sent him a blessing with the dressings of a love spell. Do you think it's more "ok" to do one without a specific person in mind- ie, more a "general", "find me someone" spell?

Dede said...

Good Morning my friend! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Wishing you a day full of flowers!


Magaly Guerrero said...

You know, this would make an EXCELLENT brew for an engagement. I always stay off 'love potions,' they are so freaking dangerous, but brewing this with someone who has given you his/her heart and for whom you've done the same, sounds lovely. Powerful. And sexy, too ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day. Stay strong, and if you can't be and have to eat a little chocolate... heck, it's Valentine's Day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Any day is a good day for a love potion! Happy Valentines Day!

angela said...

Greek girls don't need potions we have magic of our own. Lol I'm glad you had a nice valentines day