I am ready for Spring already!

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? I am trying to focus on the positive of this cold and hard winter. I hate cold and i love summer. The hotter the weather the happier i am, which i know it is not something you find often in people. But the winter is almost coming to its end there are a few things that we still get to enjoy. So, i will focus on them.
I love the hot steaming teas and coffees( although to be completely honest i prefer the iced versions of them!). I love the warm clothes and the accesories. I love that i get to hug my husband for long periods of times and spoon with him under the covers. We do not do it as the weather gets hot because he has a very fast metabolism and although he is skinny he sweats like a pig. Even now in the middle of the winter, i hug him and he is often  covered in sweat while i am shivering.
I  love the mist that covers everything in the night. I love watching the wood burning in the fireplace and listen to the sounds of it. I love watching the trees while they dance to the wind. I love eating food hot from the stove. I love watching my cats sleeping in front of the fire, and putting the pink fluffy coat to my dog, so she can enjoy her walk(she hates the cold too, dreads rain and can't stand snow).
But most importantly i love that the winter is ending!
How about you? What is your favourite thing about winter?


Urban Earthworm said...

I love when the seasons change. Every seasonal change is like a little promise, and I love them all. Like you, though, I will take hot over cold any day. I love all the cold weather things you listed, but I don't like being cold.

I think my favorite things about winter are hot drinks and cozy family time.

Anonymous said...

I like watching big snowflakes when they slowly descend from the sky, but as for cold weather, I prefer when it's warmer.

Dede said...

Winter seems to bring the family closer together, more dinners. Or maybe it isn't more dinners, but the fact we are all inside in close quaters together instead of outside spread out in the yard doing the BBQ. I too love the warm fuzzy clothes. Love me some new sweats, oh that feeling is so sweet. However, I too am looking very much so to the summer.
Wishing you a warm weekend!


Rue said...

The snow here in British Columbia is really gorgeous. But I tire of it by February. Luckily it seems to be melting now.

We also have about 30-60 swans that overwinter here each year. November through Feb/March are the only time we see them in this area - so that's something special about Winter.

Glad you are staying warm. Hope spring comes soon!

angela said...

I love toasty warm fires, and hot comfort food. I love snuggling under the blanket on the couch watching tv. I love watching the rain while I'm warm and dry inside. I love the smell of the neighbourhood wood fires and listening to the storms rage while we are safe inside. I love dressing in layers and wearing my boots. Scarfs and hats. I just love winter, I don't do well in the heat xxx

Leanna said...

Sorry for late comment dear. I love the snow and rain. Curling up on the sofa with a nice hot cup of tea and some saltine crackers with a little plum jam on them. I love the warm clothes I can wear and the cold nights that I can snuggle with the sexy beast/husband in a nice soft warm bed. The quietness of the snow falling and the slight tinkling sound of ice crystals when they fall on a cold night.

I miss all of that now because I live in the southern middle of Texas. It RARELY snows here, if ever. But I really miss it so much.

Judy said...

I love the feeling in the air as the snow falls. I love walking in deep snow and watching it roll in front of my boots. I love watching the snow fly in the wind.
Winter is great. But since spring is coming, I'll enjoy that when it comes.

Grammy said...

You r post put a smile on my face. :) thank you. I see you have spring fever too. I have learned to ward off winter blues too. And it is so much better to find things you like about the sessions. I love spring. My soul wakes up. And joy abounds. Fresh air and sunshine. Sending you a warm hug.and many blessings to you my friends.

Akashic Cosmic Creations said...

Me too, I love spring. I love visiting Yemaya and cleansing. A great time for charging too.

misty boston said...

haha I love winter so much!!! I am like your husband, I get hot really fast and my husband complains about it in the summer but loves to spoon me in the winter! :)