Solomon's Seal

Good morning blogland. I want to thank everybody yesterday for all the help. I managed to delete over 40 blogs. I checked most of them but in case i deleted any blog of your own that is indeed active please let me know because i did by mistake. I am very happy that i can find now over 40 new blogfriends. I love to hunt down new blogs to love and people to stalk! Anyone scared yet?
New moon is coming in 3 days(February 10) and i can not wait for that. There is a lot of cleansing to be done and then 4 pieces of Solomon 's Seal(polygonatum)  will be put in the four corners of the house, to replace the old ones. I have n't done that in over two years, maybe more. This will protect the house, but  before the pieces are put in place, the house must be clean and cleansed. After that it feels like a protective bubble. When people come into my house they do not want to leave. They feel serene and calm and many have described the feeling like being in a small church. Especially for my clients that i see in my office, it is a time to breath freely and regroup. I like the fact that people feel so nice here, but sometimes i have hard time to stay within the limits of time of each appointment, and see everyone in time.
One of the reasons that my house needs all this cleansing is the amount of people that come in it. Everyone enters here with a specific set of problems and sorrows, things to fix, relationships to mend and emotions to release. Although energies are supposed to be exchanged it is important that they do not get stuck in my place, and that both the home and i are protected. So, i do a lot of smudging, water spells, salt spells, rituals, prayers and i burn various incenses. It seems excessive but it is really not.
So, if you feel the need to protect your home or even workspace, smudge while chanting an incantation you prefer for cleansing and then set four pieces of Solomon's Seal on the four corners of your place. Go deosil starting from the East, and hide the first piece there, somewhere that it is not in danger of being thrown away, vaccumed, or seen( it does n't matter if it a bit in the South side, or in the North. It is not easy to make a perfact square in a house. Then put the second in the South, the next in the West(or West-ish) and the last in the North corner of the house. Solomon's seal can also be a part of powerful talismans and it has great protective qualities. If you are not familiar with it yet, find some. I am sure you will love it.
Be blessed, be lucky , be smart and be charmed!
Love ya!!


Hindustanka said...

I always enjoy reading how modern witches perform rituals or simple actions ;) Sounds somehow similar to what I do at home, when burning incense or aroma oils.May be I will do more of it as I don't feel very good in our house these days.
have a fabulous day!
Hugs and blessings,

Danni said...

I love how simple, yet effective that sort of cleansing and protection is. I'm glad you figured out how to manage your blog feed - I was wondering how to do that recently as well!


Hindustanka said...

Hi, dear! I didn't expect you would actually reply with such concern, thanks a lot! See, it's not a bad feeling, it's more like enclosure, yea..also I feel very tired and even can't get up in the morning easily, and feel very sleepy afterwards, though it was never a problem for me.I myself try to analyze all these, and feel that its my workplace and work itself which affects me. I'm searching for a change, so let's see.
I know you are at such stage in your life which is anyway stressful , but you still helping people, it's rewarding.:)
Take care!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've heard of Solomon's Seal (love that name) but have never actually seen any, to the best of my knowledge.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Testing, testing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That mysterious comment I left was just to see if Blogger was going to dick me around again. Blogger ate two previous comments, which said: I have heard of Solomon's Seal (love the name) but have never actually seen any, to the best of my knowledge.

angela said...

I have not heard of Solomon seal I will have to research it. I have been doing my cleaning and cleansing ready to go within as the autumn energy starts to come in. Time to rest and recharge. Reflect and restore. I love the winter months

Hindustanka said...

Debra, now there are THREE of your comments :)Great! :)hehe
Dear, Georgina! Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I will try to follow :) Already feel batter after reading about stones! I do love them :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I feel better about the fact that I seem to have deleted most of my Twitter followers. I'm not sure how I did it, but most of them are gone *sigh* I guess the internet goblins are doing their own clean up.

Salomon's Seal makes me think of a book I read recently...

Dede said...

I hope that you were able to get some Chinese for lunch. LOL I love your ways of protection for your home and I think I will give it a try with the Salomon's Seal. Usually I just smudge and burn loads of incense. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a terrific weekend!


Anne said...

Hello, my Dear! This is so interesting...I LOVE Solomon's Seal, and have it in several spots in my garden...it will be a couple of months (well, 6 weeks anyway)before it is up...can this be done at any time?? Thank you so much for visiting me as always, my Dear, and for all your sweet comments (passed on the bean pot info to my daughter, who says "Thank you!"!

Anne said...

P.S. ...Now following you...I thought I already was!! (Embarrassed!) ♥

Hindustanka said...

* did I actually write "batter" instead of "better"? yea, may be this describes how I feel these days :)lol.