Big whining baby!

Hi blogfriends! This week did not start the best way possible! I will spare you the details( you are thankful for that trust me!) but i will tell you that i am sick and sort of disgusting! And today i have a very full day work wise and i am trying to get into a functional state. Goddess bless chamomile and honey! This soothes all the things that need soothing in my body right now. Being sick while pregnant gives a  whole new meaning into the word miserable. I can't wait to take a shower. Yesterday i could n't because i was shivering.
My husband just asked me if i was telling everybody that i am sick. And i responded that i am whining in an international level. Sorry for that by the way. This sort of negativity does not go well with Monday mornings.
Wish me a fast recovery, plpease, i need your healing enrgies!


Hindustanka said...

Hi, dear!
I'm sending you all the wishes of good health for you and your baby! I wish so so much that your pain and feeling of sickness would go away. You have to be strong,our dear Greekwitch :)
Loads of warmness your side!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Sweetie, I've always said that only mothers-to-be, old people, babies, and my dad get to whine as much as they want to and I still love them. So go for it, whine away! But remember that not everybody gets such a precious gift at the end of the misery.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, having a blog platform puts you in the whining big leagues, LOL! I hope you feel better soon.

Dede said...

You poor thing....I can't imagine morning sickness, never had it. Had a friend that did and she couldn't be around any kind of smell. But the reward is a blessing. Be kind to yourself and remember it won't last long.


Leanna said...

Oh sweetie, being sick is no fun carnival ride I can tell ya. I will light a candle and send some healing magic your way. Love you much.