What is wrong with the world?

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are and when you are reading this. I am sorry yesterday i messed up with the comments while changing the template. I am much better now, able to enjoy the beautiful Sunday. This day is megnificent. I should be out breathing in some sunlight but i have an appointment in half an hour. My usual problem with my period is back, so i feel a lack of energy since this time is lasting more than two weeks and keeps going. I know i have to check it out in a medical way and fix it, but i can not deny that there is something spiritual behind it.
Our period is the core of our womanhood, even the severity of premenstrual syndrome is sometimes a warning bell. It means it is time to ask ourselves "am i taking good care of myself?", "Do i supress my female side?". Most of us have to, so we can stay on top of things. And most of us are made to because we are bombarded with insane, unnatural information of the way we should be and we should act.
Yesterday i watched an episode of "Who 's the most smartest top model". They had a challenge. If the model answered a question wrong he or she had to eat something with a lot of calories like a piece of chocolate cake or a twinkie. The reactions of the models were similar with the guys in Fear Factor when they had to eat worms or scorpions. They were gagging. A girl denied to do it. Another one kept saying it is too sweet. And a guy afterwards said he was feeling lightheaded and nautious. I swear! After a piece of chocolate cake (that looked yammy by the way). One of the guys there, had a bit of a belly(meaning he was n't as skinny as the others) and he cried! For Pit's shake it is a cake!!! One girl was told she is too thin and she worries the judges and she seemed as thin(as ready to collapse) to me as the rest of them!
We all know that the Media do not promote a healthy body image, but when a piece of cake raises similar reactions with worms, i think there is a bigger problem there. Anorexia and bulimia are tearing apart the youth of the world and every single one of us gets scared in the process. Even if we put logic first, and analyse it as a social phenomenon we are still affected. Those images are being imprinted in our subconscious. I had a weird dream-nightmare that i had to eat a candy last night for the love of Goddess.
With food we nurture ourselves. We learn food is bad. We learn to hate ourselves for needing it. As simple as that. The economy is fueled by low self estim. Pharmaceutical companies, weight loss centers, gyms it is a list never ending. They benefit from this while we lose ourselves, our identities until we are all made to look alike. There is no room for being different. And in the meanwhile the western civilisation grows fatter and fatter. The guilt and shame force us to overeat. The controversies become stronger and more obvious. People do not feel fit enough to go to the gym or to order healthy food as if they are judged!
Men go through that too but women are more affected by this situation.
Feel good in your skin. Love yourself the way you are.


Jennifer said...

Last time my period lasted for more than a week... I was pregnant and having a miscarriage without my knowledge. You better get to the doctors, because prolonged bleeding sometimes signifies internal bleeding!

Sharon Day said...

You are totally right about it. I used to model and do beauty pageants and the women around me did the most horrible things to stay skinny--even eat a tapeworm! I was the only one who didn't smoke, gag myself, starve myself, or do drugs. They wanted to know my secret. My secret was that I had a very busy life and never stopped to eat food, but instead would eat sweets to keep going. I was like a hummingbird. Of course, all those years of not eating real food caught up to me in my late 30s. I started gaining weight and finding it hard to get off. The problem is, I ruined my metabolism. Every time I see a young woman starving herself, I think...boy, that's going to catch up to her later on in a big way. Your body never lets you forget you starved it and it becomes a hoarder! Great post!

the wandering broom said...

Oh no, I hope your father will be okay. I know he will. I will send positive thoughts your way!

And regarding negative body image - OH HOW I KNOW THIS WELL! I live in NYC! The epicenter of fashion, beauty, and thinness! Sometimes I walk around and I feel like I am among skeletons.

The smartest model show aired here a couple of years ago but it soon got canceled. I also remember those question sessions where they were forced to eat cake if they got it wrong and it was just awful to see how their faces would scrunch up in fear at the sight of something over 100 calories. And then you would see them exercising intensely afterwards. UGHHHH.

I am "average size" but in NYC I am considered fat. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.
I used to be very self consious about my body when I was younger. I guess I still am but not as much. We should all love ourselves the way we are.

Wendy said...

Very well said! Models, for the most part, don't look like healthy women to me. They look like skeletons. And they look miserable.

Shadow said...

outstanding post. yes, people worry about how much they eat instead of what they eat. and being healthy does mean not being stick thin for some, so what, everyone cannot be a supermodel. make the best of what you have. but this is the fault of the media... everyone wants to look like the model on the cover who eats a lettuce leaf a day...

Lyon said...

I am horrified, I've never heard of this show before. The mind boggles! I say bring on the cake. lol

ξι said...

Go to the doc.!
Ωραίο κείμενο!
Ωραίο template! (Το καλύτερο απ'όλα, νομίζω)
Δεν σε βρίσκω στο τηλ.!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Sorry about your menstrual issues; I feel your pain. No, really I do, I've been feeling them for a couple of days now as my time of the month approaches. It's funny that you talked about exercise and fitness because my cure for my menstrual cramps is usually a combination of exercise and ginger tea. It does wonder for me.

On the other hand, I do understand your worries. People seem to have forgotten how to enjoy themselves; how to partake in the wonders The Great Mother blesses you with. I exercise quite a bit. I like looking and feeling my best. But dear lady I eat enough chocolate, fried foods and ice cream to support an army of sugar junkies.

I believe that life is about balance. You know, work hard play just as hard kind of mentality. But it is wrong to stop living just to look good in the mirror.

Bridgett said...


If only more people could think like this.

Every size and shape is beautiful...

But please do take a few hours and get yourself checked out, love.