My Book Of Shadows!

Hello everybody! Did you miss me? I am sorry i have n't posted for a while something that had n't to do with child abuse! What an adventure though! With all that going on i forgot to mention that i bought a new book of shadows! My previous one was very pretty, a beautiful notebook, small, but cute! I wanted to make one to pass on to my children for a long time! So i visited Istar a new occult shop, which i fell in love with and there it was! It called out to me! It costed 50 euros and it is handmade, decorated with leaves and a triquetra and it has about 150 pages! I love it! I made an entry with a spell of initiation, which i think suits the first page. And the second page i filled it with information about the Box of Ashes, that i already told you about! I decided that i will not divide it into issues like spells, potions, divination etc. I think the Book of Shadows is meant to be a part of a witch's life. It grows as she grows and it follows the needs of her. So i guess it is going to be a mess, because i am a mess! But that's okay! I also want to decorate the entries i make with pictures! But i can not draw!And that is an understatement! I am awful! I hope i will have a child one day that can draw so the book will be beautiful. I tried to make a pentacle in the first page but do not worry i used a pencil!
I also have some new crystalls that i am waiting till Sunday to charge! A new Esbat is coming! Do you have the feeling that time flies and we are just trying to catch on? It has been a month since the last full moon and it felt like a second! So i am going to celebrate this Esbat the best i can! Last month my plans were destroyed by a huge fight with P. But it was tough astrological for almost everybody, Mercury retrograde, Full moon in Scorpio.. What did you expect? Sanity? Not in this house!
I also made an Esthir! It is a potion (more like a cream) that brings lust! I have a friend that she was feeling selfconscious lately and i made it for her! I tried it on me also! That was fun! P. loved it! I definitely loved it! I tried it on an other friend and she got a date and some good comments! Now we will have to wait and see how it will work on the person that i made it for!
Blessings to all of you, my beautiful, beautiful friends!


KrisMrsBBradley said...

If you don't feel comfortable drawing in your book, don't forget about stickers and scrapbook type things and making collages! When I started my book, I did not feel like I could draw anything worthy of the pages, so I used lots of Halloween stickers and I think they came out really cute :O)

Soraya said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on my wand :)
You BOS sounds beautiful. I, too, and attempting to decorated mine with pictures but it's a little sloppy because I attempted to do calligraphy... and that didnt work too well. Pictures though... as long as I have something to go off of... then I'm alright. :-p
Congrats on your book :)