Okay thanks to everybody i managed at last to send the report! Unfortunately i send also a report for myself! Hopefully they will understand i did it by mistake! Or else.. at least black and white stripes are slimming! I am finally calmer! I strongly believe that blogger was the right way to go.
I fricked out! You hear about those things, but you never expect to witness something like that!For once more i felt that this online community is real and like a family! Thank you everybody for the support. I want to write here the url adress for the contact that disturbed me so the rest of you can file reports! Maybe it will help. So here it is: http://sexkhmer.blogspot.com.
I have a horrible headache! I am going to drink a chamomile tea to help me with my nerves!I did not want to stress you but i turned to all of you because i trust you!Once again thank you!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you Flagged yourself. I should have been more explicit! But I have to admit, that I laughed when I read what you did. Soooo sorry!!!

Don't worry as they will see what was going on through your posts. This is definitely a lesson for all.


KeKe said...

Please, take the award I have at my blog for yourself!!

Okay, Did you get the matter resolved? I hope so. I can't believe someone would put a baby in harms way like that. I'm glad someone told you about the flagging. I didn't even know that you could do that. other than try to report it to Blogger itself, I dont know what else you can do?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am so sorry you had to go through all of that. i hope you are feeling better now. and as concerned about how you get married...do exactly what feels right for the 2 of you! that is what marriage is about. you are starting a new life together so you two get to set the rules. i have no family and missed that a lot in my life. but the difference between me and everyone else is that i lived by no family rules! this is what you can change and teach your own children!

Soraya said...

I'm glad that you finally were able to come up with what to do :) At least you can relax now and it's in the hands of people who can go above and beyond now.. and hopefully they will. ^.^
Thank you so much for the info on the basil. Once we get the backyard fixed up I want to try growing my own herbs. So hopefully that will turn out the way that i want it :-p
For now, we have a really pretty wreath with a bunch of different herbs in it (it smells divine) so.. that'll work for me :-p I have yet to smudge but now that I have some extra stress off my shoulders I shall be doing so.
And thanks for the compliment :) '
Alright, I'll end my novel of a comment :-p
Blessed Be!

Georgina at Doggeanie said...

Hello! Hope you are feeling better now. Also congrats on your wedding, your idea sounds lovely. Much happiness to the two of you!

Georgina at Doggeanie said...

I have a question about the Witches Rune, please can I email you privately, lost your email addy you gave me, so sorry!

Tavin said...

Yea! congrats on signing up for class, I promise you'll do great. I signed up literaly the last possible day to sign up (a week after classes had started) and I still got in. Right now I think there are approx 50 people in my class. I am in the beginning Wicca class and you can be as private or out spoken as you want to be. I personally don't share to much with my class mates, I share more of my work with you guys then anybody else.
As for Raccoons, they are cute but not usually very nice.