Merry meet my friends. I am in a great mood today and i want to thank you for the support and feedback. I also want to welcome you all to visit Sarah 's new blog: dancingsoraya.blogspot.com .Although, i have to notify you Sarah honey, i can not leave a comment. By the way, i 've been there done that.. searching in the middle of the night for an animal needing saving! We are one of the craziest blog communities and we take great pride of that!
Today i want to make an ice tea. I am going to use spearmint and honey. I have never tried that tea cold, but i think it will be tasteful. We 'll see!
Midsummer is getting closer and closer and i am torn. I can not decide whether i should have an intimate ceremony indoors, or an outdoors ceremony which in Greece you need a permit for, one that is impossible to get( i have done it illegally in the past many times). On the other hand we have door number three. I could go in my summer house and have an outdoors ceremony in my garden. But this place brings back some bad memories and i do not visit it very often. Hopefully i will create some new happier ones that will bring positive vibes.
I may not know where i will be but i know i will be making some pies, that it will be colorful and that i will be decorating my altar with fruits and flowers. There will be music and it will be lots of fun. What about you? What are your plans for the Sabbat? Are you going to celebrate by yourselves or with your family, or a group? I want to hear all about it. Till then..Brightest blessings!


Soraya said...

Thanks for notifying me :) I'll have to research it. Bloggers not being the friendliest thing to me :-p
For the sabbat, I'd definately say go to the summer house. I'm big with facing things... Bringing new positive memories into something that has bad memories in it. Maybe do a smudging or something, banish the negativity. :)
As for me, This is my first year around so I'm unknowing as to what to do for the sabbats. Chances are, if all goes well, Might go and celebrate with My Sister... Will be the day after my recital so I can find a way to add a celebration there :-p

Soraya said...

Alas, It should HOPEFULLY be fixed. Blogger is against me or something :-p But I think i have it working now...

Hibiscus Moon said...

I love your new layout. Gorgeous.

I was going to vote for option 3 until you mentioned that it had bad memories, but perhps you can do as you said and make new ahppy ones.

I know you don't like to do pictures, but if you do get around to it, I would love to see your altar. It sounds like it will be lovely!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i think it would be great to celebrate in the sumer house and banish the bad memories and start to create new ones. burn some lovely incense and have good music and drive the demons away!

Soraya said...

Hi there, Thankyou sooo much for the info :) I feel bad for asking things like that :-p
And I think that that's the only way that you can leave comments is for it to go to a different page, but... it's better than nothing:-p I feel more... complete with it like that so. :-p
thank again, and good luck with the smudging if you do decide to do that :)

Soraya said...

See, that's the thing is... In my comp 2 class, I had to do a research paper, and naturally I did it on Wicca... And just while doing the paper I learned so much about it, and It made me feel like I am on the right path.
I've always been fascinated with Wicca... And with Native American Practices, so My friend (I call her my sister :-p) told me that she wanted to look into wicca and I was like... Sweet, lets go! So I definately feel like it's the right path. I feel so connected with nature and everything...

The thing that I definately wish I could have is like... a teacher. When I do things Solitary, I don't start off well. I need guidance. It's the same with my belly dance... In the beginning I could only do the simple things... But it grew and became second nature to me...Now I've put together a solo veil dance that I'm very excited to do and I've been spending money galore on Costumes :-p
I grew up in a Catholic house so to me it's like going from fire to ice :-p So different and yet... It's similar in some ways as well.
/ end rant :-p