I did good.

Hello everyone! Summer vacations are here! I just returned from my concervatory and i did great! It was a teeny tiny bit stressful but i am proud of how i did!I sang an arie antique, one Mozart and one Schubert. Last couple of days in my readings for myself something bad seems to be coming. Thank Goddess it was n't my exam! I hope it is nothing serious and just another mood swing!
My delivery just arrived. It is a steak with mash potatoes and grilled veggies and a quesadilla! My stomach was tighed up all day and now i am relaxed and can eat.Although i have to admit i was much calmer than other times. Before going i drunk a camomile tea and did some deep breathing and it actually worked.
Now i can concentrate on my Midsummer preparations!
Be blessed everybody!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a relief to have it over and know how good you did!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! what do you do now for the rest of the summer? what is your major?

Hibiscus Moon said...

Great to hear you did well on your exams. You must be so glad that's behind you now. :D

KeKe said...

Congratulations!! For your good grades and for winning my give away!!! I will need you to e-mail me with your address so I can send your surprise out to you.

E-mail me at kellykeyser@yahoo.com


Mhairead said...

well done you were singing?? I didnt know..anyway it sounds like it all went well and now you can kick back..Great news xx

Mhairead said...

did my comment make it ..?