Celtic woman,being eclectic,being solitairy, i do not self harm.If you can come up with a better title i am open to suggestions!

Right now with my second coffee at hand i listen to celtic woman 's beautiful voices! I am so thankful for internet. I can watch any time i want those amazing ladies perform into castles. It is a magickal world.
Everything is magickal these days! I am completely taken over by magick! What an amazing feeling that is! That everything is possible and that i am capable of anything.
I have never told you about my beliefs, weirdly enough! What being eclectic means to me. I am Wiccan as far as it harm none. I believe in Summerland of some sort. But although the truth of the Goddess and the God lives inside my soul, i do not name them. I do not use deities in my craft. I believe that every god of every religion is empowered by the collective love given to it by people. I believe that every god and goddess is an aspect of the God and the Goddess. But i do not feel the need to name them. Sometimes i call them Lady and Lord but that is it. And although i acknowledge their dark aspects, the ones that bring end and loss into our process of development i do not consider those dark aspects as their evil parts. I am saying this because i know there are some people that consider the God and the Goddess no good nor evil. I find light in their core. I also believe that some malevolent entities exist in our and/or other planes. I have felt such beings and i know they have nothing to do with the life force i devote myself to.
That being told i am a Witch,i follow the old ways and i celebrate life as much as i celebrate death, as death is to me the beginning and not the end. I have the need to talk to people with similar beliefs and there have been times i was n't alone in a ritual, but i am solitairy because my rituals are intimate and i am kind of shy and i have n't met yet people that i feel i can trust that much. Maybe further down my path some of those things will change. Maybe one day i will be part of a coven. This is something i wish actually. That i will find someones i trust that much. But right now i am not ready for such a thing.
As i said before these days are full of magick. The day before yesterday i burnt my hand while making some tea. The shape of the wound is a waning moon. I know this will sound a little weird but i hope it leaves a mark. I love marks on my body, even stretchmarks. It is like a diary. At this point i have to let you know that i do not cut or burn myself on purpose for any of you wondering how come i am not in a psychiatric clinic!
Blessings to all!


Mhairead said...

I am having trouble leaving comments here again :( xx ist teh greek thing but Ialso seem to get signed out sometimes grr..x

Mhairead said...

last try re comments...its tricky as I am having probs lol x

Anonymous said...

Eveyone has different paths to follow and there's nothing wrong in sharing your belief. I was brought up catholic but I no longer practice that religion. At the time, it introduced me to God and so forth and I will be forever grateful to having a stepping stone. Later in years, I questioned alot of the faith and it didn't fit the mold that I was believing. I consider to be a very spiritual person embracing all religions. Every thing in life has a truth and who am I to say my way is the only way? I believe in sycronicities, signs, numerology, tarot, Mother God, Father God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides and these are just a few example. This is what I go by: Love Yourself, Love Others and Love God. In other words, Be true to yourself, Do good in Life, help others in the process, and then go home.

I have to say, the burn on your hand is probably a sign. I laughed when you mentioned about the clinic, but aren't we ALL crazy ayway?

Love the Celtic Women, have all their CD's ;)
Have a great weekend.


Hibiscus Moon said...

I am very similar to you, GreekWithc, in that way. I don't honor specific deities. I don't really subscribe to that. I am more about the Universe as an all encompassing collective consciousness. Of course, I have no problem with anyone who does, to each his own. That's why althought I love the Sabbats and rituals, I consider myself plainly Pagan and not wiccan.

About your wound, I hope it heals up as you wish.