I want an athame!

I love my country(Greece) but when it comes to wicca it can let you down.
I have n't found yet a decent occult shop in Athens. Don't get me wrong there are a couple of them, but they are creepy and i can't help it but shiver at the entrance. You can find there -when your eyes get used to no light at all- animal parts (iou!), books of black magic, pictures and dolls of demons. I think those shops are making a stereotype by themselves!
And i also hate the whole situation because i do not want my ingredients to carry that kind of energy. I grow some herbs by my self but we all know that this is not enough. Essence oils, candles or ingredients to make them, herbs you can't grow or don't have enough, you have to buy them from somewhere. So i choose to ignore those facts and get what i need for my craft.
But there is one thing that i can not convience my self to buy from one of those annoying places and i really do not think i should. This is my athame. It is such a big deal that i have considered giving a lot(!) of money that i do not have to a jewellery store to have it hand made, or simply buying a dagger but it seems lame! Until i find a satisfying solution i am using a beautiful paper knife that unfortunately is not very sharp.
If you have any ideas about what i can do please feel free to elaborate.
I wish to all of you a great sunday evening and an even better and more creative new week!
Blessed be*


Hibiscus Moon said...

How about buying one online? I have purchased many of my craft items this way, and sometimes at a better price than my local occult shop.

Tara Maya said...

I was going to say the same thing. Shipping might be a problem. Otherwise, you could look online for a wicca-friendly shop in a neighboring country and take a train there. Make an adventure of it -- making a quest to find the perfect athame will invest it with the right spirit and make it very special.